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ington, Chas. Irish, Millard F. Isaacs, Wm. H. Killed or died in hospital. Kelly, Michael. Kelly, Patrick. Kelly, William. King, Z. Laughlin. Lemay, Peter. Longfellow, Ernest. Commissioned, later. Libby, Geo. Maine, Jno. W. Maine, Joseph. Martineau. Millett, Geo. L. Miller. Mitchell, Lawrence. Moore, Ira. Murphy, David S. Murphy, Jno. Neville, Thos. Killed or died in hospital. Parlowe, H., Commissioned, later. Philips, P. Pine, Smith. Prouty, Robt. A. Reagan, Timothy O. Record, Horace. Reddington, H. Richardson, Jno. S. Wounded. Right, Jno. Rock, Louis. Rowley, Jno. M. Sallinger, W. Schwamb, Chas. Wounded. Shannon, Edwin. Shay, G. Siddons, Geo. Siddons, Jas. Smith, Ansell. Discharged for disability. Smith, Frank B. Smith, Jno. Smith, Jno. H. Soper, Herman. Stratton, Frederic S. Stuedivant, Andrew M. White, Chas. Wilson,
Cambridge sketches (ed. Estelle M. H. Merrill), Some thynges of ye olden tyme. (search)
the cow was yeelded to Elder Frost for his owne, but her value had shrunk to 15. This is only one sign of the care which the church had for the poor, and it illustrates, also, the simplicity of the times. Here are a few records of disbursements:-- £s.d. Given to our brother Hall toward the rearing of his house that was blown down100 For the refreshing of brother Sill in time of fayntnes sent him 4 pints of sack024 Paid to my brother Cane for goinge to Salem with a message to Mr. Philips when he was about to come to us500 Payd my brother Towne for paynes taken more than ordinary in making cleane the meetinge house in the time of its repayringe0120 Payd for 9 times going to call the church together at 8d. a time060 Given to our sister Grissell in a hard time050 Sent our sister Manning a leg of mutton011 Payd Mr. Palsgrave for physic for our sister Albone 026 Payd for a goat for goody Albone to goodman Prentiss 010 Payd to John Shepheard for a fower gallon bottell to
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 15: ecclesiastical History. (search)
to my brother Cane for goinge to Salem with a message to Mr. Philips when he was about to come to us.5.0.0 Given to Elder.0.0 Payd the hyman Hoyman, or boatman. that brought Mr. Philips and for his goods bringing from Salem when he removed toents are recorded:— Payd my brother Cane for helpinge Mr. Philips at his first coming to set up his goods, 5s.0.5.0. Paydfor carying a leter to Salem (concerninge clearing about Mr. Philips) to Mr. Hawthorne.0.5.0 Payd my brother Cane for his helpe in Mr. Philips removinge to Mr. Pellams house for 1 day and 1/ Pd for a help of another to mend Mr. Pelams house for Mr. Philips. 0.1.6 These several disbursements on account of Rev. John Phillips furnish the only evidence to be foundted and consented unto by the Town, that the house which Mr. Philips built anent Charlestowne lane, with the land adjoining ao Thomas Danforth for fifty pounds, to be paid by him to Mr. Philips or his assigns in current country pay upon demand at the
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 16. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Battle of Shiloh: refutation of the so-called lost opportunity, on the evening of April 6th, 1862. (search)
eers, and had pointed out to Colonel Bowen that there the great battle of the southwest will be fought—is not one whit more historical or less imaginary than the ancient fable of the voyage of Arion to Parnassus on the back of a music-loving dolphin. I may also say that Colonel Johnston seems to aim to present his father as exercising a brawny physical power and influence upon the battle of Shiloh, not unlike that ascribed to Marlborough at the battle of Blenheim, by the English poetaster, Philips, in these lines: Churchell viewing where The violence of Tallard most prevailed, Come to oppose his slaughtering arms. With speed Precipitate he rode, urging his way O'er hills of gasping heroes and fallen steeds Rolling in death. Destruction, grim with blood, Attends his furious course. Around his head The glowing balls play innocent, while he, With due impetuous sway, deals fatal blows Among the flying Gauls. In Gallic blood He dyes his reeking sword, and strews the ground With h
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Monument to General Robert E. Lee. (search)
survey of Colonel C. P. E. Burgwyn, including the broad intersecting avenues and open area or place about the monument circle, which dedication and survey are to be parts of the deed and recorded therewith, the location and site upon the Allen property are hereby selected and determined upon for the monument to be erected to General Robert E. Lee by this association. Preparing the site. September I, 1887, an engineer of the association was employed, and a contract was awarded to Messrs. Philips & Ford for excavating and grading, at $450. The engineer was directed to correspond with Mr. Caspar Buberl, a New York sculptor, and to employ him to cut the scroll work around the plinth of the pedestal, which was done. On June 15, 1887, the treasurer reported that the funds in hand amounted to $55,972.56. The following letter was laid before the committee in December of the same year by Governor Lee: My Dear Governor,—I send you a draft on New York for $1,000 as my contribu
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
inted by Secretary of War, ‘62, to rank from June I. April 30, ‘63, 36th Alabama Regiment. Smith, William Spotswood, Assistant Surgeon. Passed Board at Chattanooga May 6, ‘63. Ordered to report to E. A. F., Medical-Director, May 28, ‘63, ordered to report to S. H. Stout. Smith, Jasper Newton, Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War Sept. 2, ‘63, to rank from June 10, ‘63, report to Medical-Director. May 31, ‘63, 4th Georgia Cavalry. shine, W. F., Surgeon. Sept. 30, ‘63, Philips' Georgia Legion. Smith, S. H., Assistant Surgeon. Sept. 30, ‘63, 10th Georgia Regiment. Spinks, J. C., Assistant Surgeon. Sept. 30, ‘63, 13th Mississippi Regiment. Spindle, T. G., contract, A. Assistant Surgeon, made Jan. 27, ‘63, at $80. Sept. 30, ‘63, 4th Tennessee Regiment. Contract terminated Dec. 10, ‘63. Smith, Henry J., Assistant Surgeon. Passed Board at Charleston Dec. 22, ‘63. Ordered to report to E. A. F. Jan. 4, ‘64. Jan 23, ‘64, ordered t
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
atthews W H 2 McKey W McFerren W R McEbiath Thos. McLary W O McCarrick Capt. P C McGowan A McCann D 2 McEvey Jno. McDonell Jas. McGowan J M McElheney J T McNamara J Nagle J P Newell J M Neff Geo. N Nance L F Nottingham W D Norment S & J Owens A O'Keef David O'Connell M O'Conners M Puarpree & Nicholson Percival W Phillips W H Perkins T P Peters S Patterson R Perkins R C Pro ettor Dan Power Dr F W Perry J B 2 Phillips J E Philips J T Russell Jas. Riddle & Mcllwaine Richeson W T Robertson W Reid Samuel V Ring Anderson Rich Geo. Smith T P 2 Smith T E F Sneed & Young Sunders T. D Scotton Stephen Sadler O Shipman Frank Stevenson-- Scruggs C C Sternwell E E Swank Frank Stratton Fred Swinger Geo. W Scott J A Strong Jno. Stanley Jas. Stevenson J R Scooler J W Shirler J R 2 Scott J L Schrabacher J Satfren Jos. Stewart Prof J Snow Jos. Stealey T J Tollefer & H
24. --At the evening proceedings, after Tremont Temple was closed last night by Mayor Wightman, at the request of the trustees, at least five thousand people gathered in the vicinity, the majority believing that the closing of the place was merely a ruse to get rid of the mob. After waiting two hours in a pelting snow storm, for the re-opening of the hall, the crowd broke into separate parties and gradually dispersed. About two hundred of the crowd visited the residence of Mr. Philips, in Essex street, and threatened to "clean him out," but Deputy Chief of Police Ham, with a squad of policemen, prevented the outrage, and made several arrests. The colored population became greatly alarmed, as threats were made by a few of the mob to visit their houses. No such demonstrations, however, were made. The police force called out to preserve the peace numbered one hundred and fifty men. It is said that Mayor Wightman was informed that an organized attack by a s
lar containing full particulars will be furnished those who may desire further information. Terms.--Patients per week, $5; less than a week, $1 per diem; but the aggregate shall not exceed the charge for a full week. Patients attending the daily examinations (not fit subjects for Hospital Confinement,) charged the regular fee adopted by the profession at large. The above charges include board, medicine, medical attendance and nursing. Surgical operations charged according to rules of other Hospitals of the city. For further information, apply to the Physician resident at the Hospital, or to either of the undersigned Physicians and Proprietors. Frs. W. Hancock, M. D., Main st., bet. 3d and 4th, or No. 130 Main st. st. Geo. Peachy, M. D., Exchange Hotel, or Grace st., bet. 5th and 6th. R. S. Vest, M. D., Franklin st., Near Ballard House, or cor. Main and 7th sts. Philips. Hancock, M. D.,. Resident Physician. J. G. Trevilian, M. D., Resident Assistant. ap 19--ly
The Daily Dispatch: February 22, 1861., [Electronic resource], Damages recovered from a Railroad Company. (search)
For Hire. --A smart Mulatto Boy, who is very handy in the dining room. he would be a very useful dining-room or house servant to a gentleman. Apply at Philips. Office, 12th st., betw. Main and Bank. fe 10--ts
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