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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Roster of the Battalion of the Georgia Military Institute Cadets (search)
1903. President of a bank. Randall, Bush, Cobb, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Redding,——. Reese,——. Robert, W. H., Lagrange, Ga. Now druggist in Denison, Texas. Roberts, Wiley. Robinson, A., Meriwether counter, Ga. Robinson, E., Meriwether county, Ga. Roddy, R. L., Forsyth, Ga. Rucker, Jeptha H., Athens, Ga. Rucker, TinsleyW., (Tinnie), Athens, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. *Ryan Lawrence T., Hawkinsville, Ga. Sapp, A. J. Sciley, B. Schley, G. Schofield, ——, Macon, Ga. Sheppard, W. T., West Point, Ga. Boston, Mass. Shumake, W., Harris county, Ga. Slappey, A. B., Marshallville, Ga. Smith, Archibald A., LaGrange, Ga. Smith, H. H. *Smith, W., Crawford county, Ga. Died in service, 1864. Solomon, W., Gordon, Ga. Spain,——. Taft, W., Charleston, S. C. Thurman, Jas. T., Atlanta, Ga. *Tilson, Mitchell, Darien, Ga. *Turnbull, J. J., Banks county, Ga. Waitzefelder, Abraham, Milledgeville, Ga. New York City. Walker, C. Walker
The Fire Brigade. --The following foremen of the different companies have been elected by the Department: Company A--Miles T. Phillips Company B--Albert Acree. Company C--John E Sheppard. Company D--(Hook and Ladder)--Wm. H. Ford. Engineer of the Steam Fire Engine — John H Wilson. In electing firemen for the new Brigade, the selections have been made exclusively from the old force.
The Tobacco Exchange. --The new Exchange was opened yesterday for business purposes, and a large number of merchants and tobacconists were in attendance. Capt. Sheppard, the salesman of the Exchange, entered upon his duties with energy, and "knocked down" the various lots offered, after which he announced the appointment of a committee to draw up a plan for the government of the trade, to go into operation on the 1st of February. The committee will report this morning. We inquired of a gentleman as to whether there was much activity in the tobacco trade at present. "Quite spirited to-day," was the reply; "the trade has something to stimulate it." The interpretation of the remark was soon made apparent. Several stalwart Africans entered, marshalled by Luck, of the Columbian, bearing the Great Blue Bowl, which has withstood both military and civilian attacks, yea, these many years, and never failed to dispense a quantum sufficit to satisfy a thirsty multitude. "The trade," and
Hy Rogannie W S Reynolds W E Rudd W S 2 Ryan Amos Rogers F O 2 Rutter T B Roberts Geo Russovel Henry Reeve Marcus Rackells L L Robertson A Reid B R Roane C J Rogers Joseph Roach Jas E Reid Col S M Redfoot John Redd Dr J H Riley Jno Ralston John Royster Jas A Ryland mast J Sanderson Jas Shore Cpt Jno Scott W F 2 Shern W J Stubbs W S 2 Studley Wash Stringfellow W H Shinnault R Sanders W H Simsley W H Smith H P Smith Dr H E Sheppard G W Shelf T A Shea Thos Sanders T D Seldner S W 2 Smith Fred Skinner Fred Snyder F H Sale R T Scott R G Swann E W Sauter E Stanley Paul Saunders Cpt P Shea Dennis Simpson Chas Swann C M Smith C M Shelley C J Swann Benj F Smith L C Swank L L Shaw A W Schaer & Co Saunders A C Snllivan Jerry Shields J W Shurn Jno Spain Jas L 2 Stoddard Jno Stremmell E E Sharp W R Sedder Jno Stubb W S Tear Jas Temple Jos Taylor Jas Taliaf
Removed. --Among the clerks removed in Washington Saturday, were W. H. C. Douglas, of Virginia, in the Paymaster General's Office, ($1,200,) and E Sheppard, of Virginia, from the Census Rurean.
that had caused great havoc among the shrubbery on the Capitol Square. Bill, slave of C. A. Rose, was ordered a whipping, for assaulting Frank Craven, a watchman at the Danville depot, whose orders he had refused to obey. He had been beaten by Craven afterwards, as well as thrashed by order of the authorities of the road, previously to being handed over to the Mayor. Jim Madison, colored, drunk, disorderly, drunk, disorderly, and trespassing on John E. Kelly's lot, and assaulting his cook, was punished both by corporeal infliction and a small term in the chain gang. Sheppard, slave of Ann Moody, charged with feloniously entering John Faudree's house and stealing 90 lbs. of bacon and a bag of meal, was acquitted. Adolph Zehle was committed for using language treasonable to the State, in whose employ he lately was. Isaac Lomax and Dan Anderson were committed for want of papers. Mary Smith alias Margaret Phalen, was committed for associating with negroes.
d: Capt Bell, Jas Rowan, D C Carr, Roland Hambertin, F C Atwood, (since dead,) H Harbin J L Hutton, J M Lewis, J B Worrall. Jno Dilley, L Hyrnthal, Moses Ingraham, W P Pritchett, H S Brannin, Robt Dilley. Company C. "Lawrence Ruffles," Captain Sheppard--Killed: T H Ham, C D Cooper. J J Golman, N J Robertson, C F Kistner, J H Perger. Wounded: Capt Sheppard, M Berwick, H Berwick, B R Jones, J W McMillan, N Roth. J M Williamson, J A Baskins, Samuel Dunn, D M Hall. J M Jett, J S Patterson,Capt Sheppard, M Berwick, H Berwick, B R Jones, J W McMillan, N Roth. J M Williamson, J A Baskins, Samuel Dunn, D M Hall. J M Jett, J S Patterson, H Brigamon J Smith. Company D "Pettus Relief," Capt Barlow. Killed: Capt Barlow, Wm Deering, T L Neal, J G Witherspoon, ring Berchain, J A T Lewis, S T Vaughn. Wounded: Lt W L Haley, L H Redus, J M Harris, W Panderson, Dan'l Brown, W G Hall, Matt Hood, W C Lewis, George Morrison, J T Ramsay, D W Stevens. C A Tallaferro, M M West, J L Ard, P B Lloyd, E P Garrett, C H Barry, Daniel Farmer, M A Haskin, G W Jones jr, Green Millsors, W H H Purser, T M Rea, N L Strong, J G Touchstone, T J Wh
h facility as anybody he had ever seen. The most confirmed toper, "or any other man," could not excel her in the practice of the art of absorption. William Allen, white, was arraigned for violently assaulting Wm. Palmer, a free negro. The case was continued till the 29th instant. Fuller, slave of Christian & Lea, was ordered twenty lashes for stealing a lot of meat and bread from the Arlington House. Henry M. Dock was arraigned for "walking arm-in-arm" with Mary, slave of Mr. Sheppard. An undue absorption of spiritous liquor had produced the eccentric conduct complained of. Both parties were discharged by the Mayor. The case of Charles Mitchell, for robbing Hugh B. Arnold, near the Central Depot, was called and continued for another hearing. Dick, slave of Robert Wilson, was ordered to be punished for making a raid on a lot of leather machine belting, and appropriating the same to his own use. The owner of the property can reclaim it, in minute pieces, by ca
The Daily Dispatch: November 2, 1863., [Electronic resource], The execution of Dr. Wright at Norfolk — further particulars. (search)
of his family, whose portraits were arranged all along the sides just above the head. He seemed to realize his awful position, though he seemed to be little dejected, and marched with a firm step. He entered his carriage in company with Capt. Sheppard. Assistant Provost Marshal, Rev. Messrs. Rodman and Overson. The procession, under command of Col. Keese, moved forwad in the following order: A small detachment of mounted men, martial corps and infantry guard, hearse, carriage containing Dhollow square around the gallows. The procession passing inside of it, Dr. Wright's carriage was halted before the scaffold, which he mounted without any apparent nervousness, assisted by Dr. Rodman and another clergyman.--From the scaffold Captain Sheppard now read the charges, finding and sentence of the court by which the condemned was tried. The order for execution was also read. The Doctor listened to them calmly, and without evincing any emotion. Dr. Rodman now offered up a prayer,
down the Valley having been captured by the guerrillas, who, according to Secretary Stanton, infest the country in Sheridan's rear. Affairs in Missouri--the Federals in a critical condition. The Federal troops occupying Pilot Knob, Missouri, under General Ewing, were, on Wednesday last, in a critical situation. Ewing had been previously ordered to withdraw his forces, but his communications were cut before he could get away. The Confederates has succeeded in planting a battery on Sheppard's Mount, which commands Ewing's position, and were throwing shells into the fort, which inflicted, as we are told, some injury to the garrison. The Federal post at Mineral Point was also attacked on Tuesday night. The commandant, Colonel Mills, is said to have repulsed the enemy; but it is also stated that he subsequently abandoned the place and retreated to De Soto. On the same evening the town of Potosi was captured by the Confederates. The headquarters of General A. J. Smith have been
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