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The Daily Dispatch: may 7, 1861., [Electronic resource], Flora Temple and Princess matched. (search)
The Court of Giles county has appropriated $10,000 for equipping the volunteers and the support of their families. A company of 100 Tennesseeans, and six additional Alabama companies, have arrived at Lynchburg. Governor Letcher reviewed the troops in Norfolk last Sunday.
ngage the enemy. The vote polled yesterday, which was sent you by telegraph, was a full one, when we take in consideration the absence of four military companies on duty. The Campbell county companies encamped here voted in the city, which helped to make up for our absent voters. The voting at the camps was, of course, unanimous for secession. From every section of this region of country, cropping prospects are reported to be fine, with every indication of an abundant harvest. We shall also have fruit in abundance. Our market is now well supplied with every variety of early vegetables. Farmers are pitching large crops of corn, with a diminution of the tobacco crops. The receipts of tobacco at present are moderate in comparison with the same season for last year. Lugs may be quoted from $1.75 to $4.50; leaf, from $3 to $12.50; prime, $17 to $20. The "Mountain Boomers," Captain Harvey French, from Giles county, arrived this morning on the 4½ o'clock train. O. K.
Fatal shooting --In a difficulty at the depot at Columbia, Tenn., a few days ago, W. C. Reynolds shot and killed his brother-in-law, Wm. Porter, and also killed, by an accidental shot, Mr. Burgess, a volunteer from Giles county. In the course of the unfortunate rencontre, Mr. Reynolds was wounded by a pistol shot in the shoulder, and severely beaten on the head with a stick. Reynolds has been arrested and will be brought to trial.
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.Montgomery county. Christiansburg, Va., May 29, 1861. Last evening our town had the pleasure of showing the hospitality of its good people to Capt. Eggleston's company from New River, White Sulphur, Giles county, 83 strong, and as good material as one would wish to look at for soldiers. They go to Lynchburg to-day Capt. Lybrock's company from the "State of Patrick," 88 strong, passes through our town. In both these companies Old Abe's hirelings will find some Mountain Sharp-shooters, who know how to use the rifle. Our people take great pleasure in extending the hospitalities of our town to the brave mountain boys, who go to fight for our liberties and our honor. The wheat seems to improve as it nears harvest. Corn to coming on fluely. An abundant crop may be looked for in this county. Montgomery
brought to Richmond for examination. Col. Hugh B. Frayser, the late editor of the Bowling Green (Ky.) Standard, departed this life on the 7th inst. The Western papers are successfully calling upon the people to rally to the standard of Gen. Wise. Among those killed in the recent massacre at St. Louis was Charles Cella, of Nashville, Tenn. Joe Lane, of Kansas, has been appointed a Brigadier General in the United States Army. Another Maine regiment arrived at Boston on the 18th inst., on the way to Washington. The First Congregational Church, at Toledo, O., was destroyed by fire on the 18th inst. John J. Hinton, an old citizen of Nashville, died on the 19th inst. Giles county, Va., has contributed $16,000 for war purposes. In New York, on Tuesday last, Virginia 6's sold at 40¼a41½. Col. Vossburg's funeral cost the city of New York $839 23. The wheat crop in North Carolina is abundant. They are casting splendid guns in Mobile.
Advices from Japan state that the brig-of-war Camilia, which left Hakodadi Sept. 7th, was lost in a typhoon off Kanayaka. All hands perished. James Ruggles, of Parkersburg, Va., was victimized to the extent of $35, by two sharpers, in Cincinnati, who took his money to get Missouri money for it. Thurlow Weed has been admitted a member of the Union Club, N. Y., after some political opposition from a portion of the members. Edmond Self, a lad of sixteen, has been arrested for robbing the Post-Office at Milton, N. C. He was detected in the act. Jas. E. Gibbs, Collector of the port of Beaufort, N. C., died suddenly on the 7th. The residence of Dr. Wingo, in Giles county, Va., was destroyed by fire last week. The political storm has the effect to make government clerk-shops roll fearfully.
R. Lyna, Commonwealth Attorney of Giles county, Va., died a few days since.
by Rev. J. A. Duncan of the Broad Street M. E. Church. Bills Reported.--The following bills were reported from committees, viz: A bill refunding to Matthew Warnsley, of the county of Randolph, a certain sum of money erroneously paid by him; a bill for the relief of James Scott, of Greenbrier co.; a bill authorizing the payment to Wm. G. Jackson of certain coupons; a bill refunding a license tax to Paul A Farley, of the county of Lunenburg; a bill for the relief of Enoch Atkinson, of Giles county; a bill for the relief of Nathaniel B. Harvey; a bill to incorporate the Berkeley Border Guards; a bill to incorporate the town of Cameron, in the county of Marshall; a bill authorizing a loan from the Literary Fund to the Alleghany College; a bill for the relief of Rev. J. Packard. Committee on Claims.--The Committee on Claims asked leave to be discharged from the consideration of the resolution with regard to the account of J. P. A. Entler, for services rendered to the State, Grant
bill to incorporate the Western Virginia Insurance Company. Resolutions.--The following resolutions of inquiry into expediency were read and referred; By Mr. Frost, of reporting a bill to amend the charter of the Bank of Ravenswood; by Mr. Christian, of continuing the organization of the Special Court of Appeals, and transferring to such Court for adjudication the criminal docket of the Supreme Court; by Mr. Lucas, of establishing an election precinct at the house of Wilson Bane, in Giles county; by Mr. Phelps, of releasing the securities of E. Tibbe, late Sheriff of Ritchie county, from the payment of damages imposed on them for the failure of said Sheriff to pay the revenue of said county into the treasury within the time prescribed by law; by Mr. Tomlin, of paying to James A. Bond a sum of money due for services rendered the 87th Regiment Virginia Militia; by Mr. Rutherford, of withdrawing Bill 67 of the last session, entitled, "a bill to give effect to the 19th clause of the
The Daily Dispatch: January 15, 1861., [Electronic resource], Message from the acting Governor of Kansas. (search)
Trustee's Sale of valuable Real and Personal Estate. --By virtue of two deeds of trust executed to the undersigned by Joseph Straley, to secure Jame Kent,) and of record in the Clerk's Office of Giles County Court, I shall, on the 24th of January, 1861 at the residence of said Straley the county aforesaid proceed to sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, the property embraced in the deeds, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the purposes therein named. The real estate consists of his Home Tract, and the Lands adjoining the same lying on New River, and within half a mile of New River White Sulphur Springs, containing about 1400 acres of valuable hand, a portion of it improved, and in fine condition, with a good dwelling-house and other necessary buildings; a Tract of Land lying on the waters of John's Creek, in Montgomery county, of about 1800 acres; 22 Negroes — Men, Women and Children most of them very likely and valuable. The sale will be continued
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