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Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, West Virginia Volunteers. (search)
tion through Logan and Cabell Counties April 3-6. Mud River April 5. Lewisburg May 2. West Union May 6. Summerville May 12 Fayetteville May 18-20. Scout on Big and Little Coal Rivers June 18-19. Loup Creek June 26 (Cos. B and I ). Raleigh July 4. Expedition from Fayetteville to Wytheville July 13-25. Shady Springs July 14. Wytheville July 18-19. Fayetteville July 28. Cold Springs Gap August 5 (Detachment). Scouts from Camp Piatt September 11-13. Smythe County September 14. Scout to Boone Court House October 21-22. Expedition from Charlestown to Lewisburg November 3-13. Little Sewell Mountain November 6. Capture of Lewisburg November 7. Muddy Creek November 7. Near Union November 8. Scammon's Demonstration from the Kanawha Valley December 8-25. Meadow Bluff December 11. Lewisburg and Greenbrier River December 12. Scout in Cabell and Wayne Counties March 16-18, 1864. Averill's Raid on Virginia & Tennessee Railro
J. William Jones, Christ in the camp, or religion in Lee's army, Chapter 5: Bible and colportage work. (search)
ave not been in vain here, for two of the young men have professed to be converted. I have circulated a great many copies of sermons which were given to me, and they have been read with unusual interest, so much so that numbers inquire of me as soon as I go among them: Have you any more of those sermons? My sales have been considerable; they buy Bibles, Testaments, hymn-books, and books on almost every religious subject, though my grants are much larger than my sales. Rev. R. Lewis, Smythe county: Though my sales have been small, I have been constantly at work visiting encampments, conversing with our soldiers, holding prayer-meetings and distributing books. I sell Baxter's call, Alliene's alarm, Anxious inquirer, and many such books to soldiers. I was much pressed to stay with the companies I have visited, but am now about to start for the Abingdon encampment. I believe I can do more good among the volunteers than anywhere else. Rev. R. W. Cridlin, Matthias Point: I have d
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 16. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Diary of Major R. C. M. Page, Chief of Confederate States artillery, Department of Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee, from October, 1864, to May, 1865. (search)
tack the troops posted at Saltville, determined to pass by us on his way towards Salem to destroy the railroad, which he did. Withdrew Burroughs to Palmer's House, and the whole force moved towards Seven-Mile Ford on the principal turnpike, Smyth county, Va., to attack Stoneman in flank, if possible. Barr, King, and Sawyer were left at Saltville; Barr in command. To-day Lynch's battery, acting with Vaughan's brigade, was captured at Walter's bridge, most of the men and officers fortunately escaping. December 17th, 1864.—After marching all night over Iron (or Walker's) mountain, we arrived to-day at Marion, the county seat of Smyth county, Va., in Stoneman's rear. Thereupon he turned, and fighting—just east of Marion—began in the afternoon. While Lieutenant Graham, of Burroughs' battery, was making excellent shots with one of the captured Parrotts, it transpired that two of these guns were worthless, much to the disgust of General Cosby, who was present and saw some of his men <
Tar and Featheres. --On Monday night last an abolitionist was grabbed in Marion, Smythe county. He was tarred, feathered, and ridden on a rail, and committed to jail.
te of compensation to teachers of indigent children, to ten cents per day; by Mr. Ferrell, of releasing Wm. Anderson, Sheriff of Wetzel county, from certain fines; by Mr. Randolph, of reporting a bill for the relief of Chas. C. Davis, late Sheriff of Doddridge county; by Mr. Patterson, of allowing Joshua, a free person of color, to enslave himself to Robert Hutcheson, of Rockbridge county, without compensation; by Mr. Shannon, of reporting a bill to refund to V. S. Morgan, late Sheriff of Smyth county, a sum of money paid into the Treasury by him; by Mr. Edwards, of authorizing the County Courts to fix and regulate annually, the rates of ordinary keepers in the Commonwealth. Petitions, &c.--The following documents were presented and referred: By Mr. Morris, the remonstrance of Thos. Moore and others against the repeal of the road law of Marshall county; by Mr. Wood, the petition of the Regimental Board of the 88th Regiment of Virginia Militia praying for a more perfect organizatio
Post-Office Affairs --Appointments.--W. W. Smith, postmaster at Mountain Cave, Fayette county, Va., vice Aug. Vaughan, resigned. Wayne McMahon, postmaster at Guyandotte, Cabell county, Va., vice A. P. Chapman, resigned. John Faris, postmaster at Two-Mile Branch, Smythe county, Va., vice William Stewart, resigned. John H. Plunkett, Sr., postmaster at Spout Spring, Appomattox county, Va., vice Wm. N. Plunkett, resigned.
ckinson, of the Senate, informed the House of the passage by the Senate of a joint resolution fixing the time of final adjournment of the General Assembly on the 20th of March. Bills Reported.--For the sale of a lot near Chatham Hill, in Smythe county, and purchase of another lot and erection of a schoolhouse thereon; amending an act passed the 6th March, 1858, entitled an act to amend the 2d section of an act passed March 2d, 1858, entitled an act to organize the militia and provide for tf slaves and other property levied upon, distrained, or ordered to be sold under attachments; for the relief of Wm. S. Martin, late Sheriff of Lee county; for the relief of Washington J. Herald; for the relief of V. S. Morgan, late Sheriff of Smythe county; amending and re-enacting the 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5th sections of chapter 23d of the Code, and to increase and rearrange the divisions and brigades of the Commonwealth; amending and re-enacting the 31st section of chapter 198 of the Revised
surance Company of the State of Virginia of Richmond; to amend the act incorporating the Springfield and Deep Run Coal Mining and Manufacturing Company; in relation to printing the acts of Assembly; for the incorporation of the Home Mining and Manufacturing Company; for the relief of the securities of Ruse Browning, Sheriff of Logan county. Resolutions of Inquiry.--By Mr. Greever, to reassess the lands of the estate of William King, dec'd, and Thomas L. Preston, lying in the counties of Smyth and Washington; by Mr. Quesenberry, of authorizing the Auditor to allow Sheriffs who were delinquents in the payment of the revenue of their respective counties and cities, on the 15th day of December last, their forfeited commissions, provided such Sheriffs shall have paid such delinquencies as well as the entire amount of revenue of such counties and cities on or before the 15th March inst. Election of Major and Brigadier Generals.--Mr. Newman proposed the following joint resolution,
The Daily Dispatch: March 13, 1861., [Electronic resource], The intended evacuation of Fort Sumter. (search)
The Convention. Hon.Geo. W. Summers concluded his speech yesterday on the Peace Conference propositions, which he urged as a basis of adjustment to be submitted by Virginia to the contemplated Conference of Border Slave States. The speech, as might have been expected from the distinguished orator, was marked by high ability, with an occasional burst of eloquence which thrilled his listeners, whatever might have been their difference of opinion upon the points presented. Ex-President Tyler has the floor for to-day. A series of anti-secession resolutions, offered by Mr. Tare of Brooke county; and proceedings of public meetings in Bedford and Smyth counties, offered by Messrs. Goodin and Shoffet, were referred to the Committee on Federal Relations.
The Daily Dispatch: March 13, 1861., [Electronic resource], The intended evacuation of Fort Sumter. (search)
rch. Voice of the people. Mr. Goggin presented the proceedings of two meetings held in the county of Bedford. upon the subjects now distracting the country Both declare a purpose to resist coercion, and favor the secession of Virginia. Mr. Goggin endorsed the high character of the officers of the meetings, and asked the reference of the papers to the Committee on Federal Relations. They were so referred. Mr. Sheffey presented the proceedings of a meeting lately held in Smyth county, favoring preparation for resistance to coercion, declaring secession expedient, complimenting South Carolina, &c., and endorsing the course of their delegate in the Convention. Referred to the Committee on Federal Relations. Committee appointed. The President announced the following committee to audit expenses incurred before the organization of the Convention, under a resolution adopted yesterday: Messrs. Macfarland, Cox of Chesterfield, and Leake. Anti-secession reso
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