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ts of the rival candidates, inasmuch as the election, now so close at hand, will soon decide between them. Edward Townes, a wealthy and influential citizen, living near this place, died a few days since. A man, who has been living in Clarkesville a short time, gave utterance to sentiments rather Northern, a day or so back, and was knocked down by one of our spunky citizens. He left the next morning by the "early train." Clarkesville is as strong a secession town as Charleston. I al citizen, living near this place, died a few days since. A man, who has been living in Clarkesville a short time, gave utterance to sentiments rather Northern, a day or so back, and was knocked down by one of our spunky citizens. He left the next morning by the "early train." Clarkesville is as strong a secession town as Charleston. I have just learned that a son of Rev. Jas E. Joyner, of the Virginia Conference, died last week at Randolph Macon College, of pneumonia. Occasional.
The Hog Market. --The number of hogs shipped East from Bristol, Va., so far, is 8,000 --a large falling off from last year's shipments. At Liberty, Va., Tuesday, a drove of hogs were offered at $9 but only $6.50 was offered. At Anderson, S. C., holders are asking $7.25, but there were no buyers at that price.--In Clarkesville, Va., Tuesday, the "first of the season" sold at $8.50 per cwt.
Incendiary language. --Rufus Hendrick was arrested at Clarkesville, Va., a few days ago, for uttering insurrectionary language.--His head was partially shaved, his face blacked, and he was then carried around town a little. He was shipped for Ohio.
The Daily Dispatch: August 27, 1861., [Electronic resource], The suppression of New papers in New York. (search)
Colonel McMillan's Regiment. --We are pleased to learn, that notwithstanding the difficulties in the way, Col. Robert of Clarkesville, has succeeded in getting his regiment of sort into the . They will leave for Virginia on the
From Kentucky. Removal of the Federal forces to Madisonville--Gen. Johnson's troops withdrawn from Greene — transfer of bank Stock, &c. Nashville, Nov. 4. --We have quite a batch of rumors here to-day. An officer from Camp Cheatham, who reached here on yesterday, reports that the Federal forces at Henderson, Kentucky, had moved to Madisonville, where they were joined by others, swelling the Federal column to ten thousand men, with the intention of marching on Hopkinsville. General Johnston has withdrawn his forces from Greene, which created considerable excitement at Clarkesville, Tennessee. In consequence of these reports, the banks there sent all their specie to Nashville.
er the Tennessee river was held by 250 Federals. The work had not been injured by the enemy. They say that within two weeks they will have possession of the entire road. Nashville, Feb. 10.--Fassengers who arrived here this evening by steamboat state that our scouts report that the Federal infantry and cavalry were within four miles, of Fort Donaldson on yesterday. Other passengers say that the Federal gun-boats, were in sight of the fort on yesterday. A private dispatch from Clarkesville today says that Fort Donaldson is safe, and cannot be taken. The Federals destroyed several spans of the bridge at Florence connecting with Tuscumbia. There were six steamboats at Florence, two of which were captured. The other four were set on fire and burned by the citizens of Florence. A private dispatch received this evening from Decatur, says everything is quiet. The trains will run regularly again on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. New Orleans, Feb. 10.--Priva
he capture of Gen. Price was announced in the House of Representatives and created upioarous applause. The fire reported on the Cumberland river was caused by the burning of that Tennessee Rolling Mills by the Federals. According to the Yankee account, there were 12,000 stand of arms taken at Fort Donelson; also, 1,200 boxes of beef and other stores. There was a great number of dead unburied at Fort Donelson on the 18th inst. Dispatches from Cairo on the 19th, and from Clarkesville and St. Louis on the same date, state that Capt. Stubbs had captured Gen. Price, Col. Dorsey, Col. Cass, and Capt. Judge, of Price's staff. The companies under their command escaped. The myriads of Northern fanatics who became mad with excitement and joy at the fall of Fort Donelson, are slowly recovering their senses, after hearing of the great slaughter of the Yankees. Secretary Staunton recommends the speedy execution of Col. Amsaugel, on the charge by Gen. Lander of cowardi
erate prisoners taken at Fort Donelson.movements of Gens. Price and McCulloch.&c. &c. &c. Memphis Feb. 20. --Gov, Harris (of Tenn) has issued a proclamation calling out the militia of that State. Tennessee has now 67 regiments in the field. The Confederate Government has called for 32 more regiments. The Tennessee Legislature meets here to-day. An attack is expected on Columbus daily. Gen. Beauregard will defend it at all hazards. Federal gunboats are reported at Clarkesville this morning, on route to Nashville — It is doubtful whether a sufficient force can be collected there in time to defend Nashville. A fight in that vicinity is expected shortly. The latest advices from Col. Herbert state he was at Pratt's store, and that the Federals were between him and Kirkville, on the telegraph road, and that the Federal force was about 20,000. Heavy firing was heard at Fayetteville on the 17th inst. Generals Price and McCulloch were falling back on th
commerce of neutrals in case of maritime war. Louisville, Feb. 23.--Rumors, which cannot be traced to any reliable source, prevail here, of the evacuation of Nashville by the Confederates. Five thousand of the prisoners taken at Fort Donelson have arrived at Indianapolis, and 4,000 at Camp Douglas. Washington, Feb. 23.--In the Senate yesterday Mr. Sumner presented three petitions from Pennsylvania, praying for the general emancipation of all slaves under the war power. Clarkesville is certainly in the possession of the Federal troops. The forts and guns on Roanoke Island have been put in good order. Gen. Burnside is said to be very active in preparing to strike a decisive blow where it is least expected. New York, Feb. 28.--The Herald says that Manassas and Nashville are now two, great vital points in the rebellion. The Yankees are busily engaged in erecting batteries on the Savannah River. They have discovered several infernal machines in the river
The Daily Dispatch: March 6, 1862., [Electronic resource], The production of saltpetre — something for every man to do. (search)
From the west. Memphis, March 3. --Jonas Leibbetts, who furnished the Union flag to the Federals at Fayettsville, Ark., and who pointed out the leading Secessionists and their property in that place, has been arrested by our troops, and was brought to Van Buren in irons on Friday last. Late advices from Clarkesville state that it will be a week before there will be a fight at Boston mountain. The latest advices from New Madrid represent that the Federal army, 20,000 strong, is within two days march of that point. A agirmish occurred on Saturday with the advance Federal guard of over 1,000 cavalry, and about 200 under Gen. Jeff. Thompson. The small force under Thompson was driven in. The Federal loss was 25. The Confederates are in large force at New Madrid, and, they expect to whip the Federals there. The latest advices from Nashville represent that only three Union flags are flying in that city. The Lincoln soldiers are surprised and chagrined on accou
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