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The Daily Dispatch: February 20, 1861., [Electronic resource], Decision in the case of the fugitive murderer Anderson. (search)
Judge Lyons' Court. --The regular quarterly term of this Court commenced, in the City Hall, at 11 o'clock yesterday. The Court House was crowded — over 200 of the sovereign people, summoned as jurors, appearing at the time. The first criminal case called was that of Lorenzo W. Frazier, charged with burglariously entering the office of J. N. Davis & E. E. Orvis, on the 11th day of November last, and stealing sundry articles of wearing apparel. A jury being selected, the trial proceeded till 3 o'clock, when a recess was taken till 4. Messrs. White, Bayly, and Lucas, appeared for the accused.
Fire in Buffalo, New York. Buffalo, N. Y., Feb. 18. --The stores No. 218 and 220, in Main street, occupied by Messrs. Moores & White, boot and shoe dealers; and A. J., Mathews, druggist, were destroyed by fire last night; the stock was removed with but little damage. The third and fourth stories were occupied by Messrs. Sleight & Barnes as a billiard saloon; their loss is estimated at $7,000. The fifth story was occupied by Prof. Hadley; chemist, as a laboratory.--The building was known as Townsend's Hall block, and owned by G. R. Wilson, of Elizabeth, N. J. The building is insured for $19,000 in Eastern companies. The total loss is about $22,000.
Geary Mich'l G Garnett Dr A S Gurger Alex R Gilmer Chas H Garnett Col C F M Gray Willie H Gentry W H Gatewood Hon'l W Gaskins F Gwin W D Gary W E Granger W E McName F G McDowell S B McCasey mr McKinney Dr McMahon C McConnill N McPherson S McElroy E S McMannis T McGee Cpt J McCrery W McCallister W R McDonald Elder W R McGiffin J McBridge J McKinely J McDonald J McEhtee J McCook J P McMann T Owens Rev A O'Connel Nick Pointer S R Pierce J F Pearce Geo A Parker Geo A Waldrop P H Williams Peter White N R Wilketson N 2 Walsicoat C D Wynne C C Wingo C E Williams D Wicker E Waller E Woodward E Wicker Geo Westen Geo W Wells H C Winn H Warner H R West J S Watkins G Wingfield J S Welplolk Jerry Warden J Wisegar J H Wells J D Wood & Rixey Yateman Wm W Yarborough M Zugo J S Initials: President of Granite-Cutters' Association. fe 23--It T. B. Bigger, P. M.
Secession in Hanover. --On Tuesday, the 12th inst., the good people of old Hanover assembled at their Court-House and gave expression to their sentiments in the existing crisis, by the erection of a secession flag.--Amid the approving shouts of the crowd, Mr. James Lyons, of Henrico, in eloquent strains, addressed the people, hailing the flag as a happy omen of a purer and better feeling in Virginia. He was followed in brief speeches by Capt. George W. Bassett, St. George Tucker, Chastain White, Dr. E. S. Talley, John H. Taliaferro, and Dr. John B. Fontaine, who were present, breathing the right spirit and bearing decided testimony to the unanimity of the secession sentiment in Hanover. The glorious old county which was a pioneer in the cause of Freedom in 1776, has resolved to be among the first in asserting the rights of the South, and in a firm determination to maintain them.
Five Dollars Reward. --Ranaway from the subscriber, on 4th inst., Eliza, a slave, property of R. W. Thomasson, Esq., who is about 35 years old, of medium size, dark brown skin, has a burn or scar on one of her checks, and lisps when speaking. Eliza may probably be found at the house of her sister, Fannie. White, on 7th north of Broad street, in this city. The above reward will be promptly paid for her delivery to B. A. Cocke, at Exchange Hotel, or to Albert S. Jones. my 24--6t In Hanover County.
Cultivated taste. Wilkie Collins, in his "Woman in White," makes the following observations upon this subject. They are curious, and, we believe, true, upon the whole: "At any time, and under any circumstances of human interest, is it not strange to see how little real hold the objects of the natural world amidst which we live can gain on our hearts and minds? We go to Nature for comfort in trouble and sympathy in joy, only in books. Admiration of those beauties of the inanimate world, which modern poetry so largely and so eloquently describes, is not, even in the best of us, one of the original instincts of our nature. As children, we, none of us, possess it. No uninstructed man or woman possesses it. Those whose lives are most exclusively passed amidst the ever changing wonders of sea and land are also those most universally insensible to every aspect of Nature not directly associated with the human interest of their calling. Our capacity of appreciating the beautie
Hung Juries. --The trial of James Clendining, for grand larceny, was commenced before Judge Lyons, of the Hustings Court, yesterday. The jury, after hearing the evidence, could not agree, and were given in charge of Deputy Sergeant Harvey Dudley for the night. Orris Harrison was put on trial for stabbing Miles McJordan. Chastain White defended him. The jury not being able to agree, were taken in charge of the Sergeant and carried to the Columbian Hotel for the night. Wm. T. Cummings will be tried for bigamy to-day. Two of his wives were in Court yesterday.
Apples.--Northern $2.50@3.50; Virginia $1 to $3 per bbl; Va. Pippins $2.50 to $4. Bacon.--Sides 12¼@12½c.; Shoulders 10 ¼c.; plain Hams 12; Sugar-cured 13@13½c.; Toud's Sugar-cured Hams 15 Bags — Seamless Bags, 25; Manchester do., 12@ 23, Gunny do., 12@14 Beans,--White $1.37½@1.50 per bushel, Beeswax.--32 to 33--active. Brooms.--$2@3, according to quality. Buckets, &c.--Painted Buckets $1.8736@$2 per dozen; three hoop Painted Pails $2.25@2.50 per dozen; heavy Cedar Tubs, neat, $3.50@5 per nest; heavy Cedar Feed Buckets $6.50 per dozen. Butter.--We quote good Butter at 20 to 25; inferior 8 to 10 Candles,--Tallow 15 per lb.; Jackson's 15; Hult's 16 cts.; Adamantine 20@23; Sperm. 43; Patent Sperm 54@56 Cement.--James River $1.70@1.80 per bbl.; Northern Rosendale at $1.70@1.80. Coal.--White and Red Ash Anthracite Coal, for $6.50 per cart load of 23 bushels, per ton of 2.240 lbs. $7; Foundry do. $7 per ton of 2.240 lbs.; Luminou
the Mayor decided a complicated case between these parties on Friday, in which Fletcher was sent on to the Hustings Court for an assault upon Ferguson. Mr. Chastain White, who appeared for Ferguson, said this was an aggravated matter on the part of the complainant. Fletcher was bound over on Friday for an assault upon Fergus S. Caskie, counsel for Fletcher, opposed the motion for a continuance. He believed that an investigation would show that Fletcher was the aggrieved party. Mr. White reviewed the testimony elicited on Friday, and claimed for his client the right of possession in the house aforesaid. Mr. A. Judson Crane, who also appeared not so settle the question as to affect the claims of either; but unless he concluded the matter in his own mind he could not give an intelligent decision. Mr. White claimed that he had fully established Ferguson's claim to the house on the previous day, and that Fletcher was merely employed there; that he made nightly return
Accident. --Mrs. White, of Caroline, in passing from the residence of Mr. George Bagby to the Fredericksburg depot, early yesterday morning, accidentally slipped on the snow-covered pavement, near the corner of Broad and Sixth streets, and dislocated her hip.
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