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Hdq's Fry's Mount'd Rangers,Richmond, may 8th, 1861. attention! Rangers.--Assemble for drill at schad's Hall, on Thursday Evening, May 9th. Roll Call at 8 o'clock. By order of Capt. Caskie. my 9--1t John Doyle, 1st Serg't.
Fry's Mounted Rangers. --We learn that this recently formed Ranger Company is nearly ready for service — a sufficient number of horses having been secured for the use of the troop. The Company will parade on Friday. It numbers seventy-two men. It is officered as follows: Captain, R. A Caskie; 1st Lieutenant. Lewie J. Hawley; 2nd Lieutenant, Wm. B. Mott; Orderly John Doyle.
Killed and wounded. --The following is a list of the killed and wounded of our forces in the engagement which took place on Tuesday, the 2d inst., six miles from Martinsburg: Killed.--George Rupe and John Farrish. Wounded.--Lawrence McNamara, Arthur D. McClure, Levi Snapp, Uriah Blond, Geo. Echol, James T. Avis, John Doyle, David Kennedy, James Peters, and Philip Maphis.
Mayor's Court. --This tribunal seems to have fallen into "sere and yellow leaf." Yesterday the few cases brought to the attention of his Honor were continued. We subjoin a list of the criminals and the offences charged against them. John H. Gatewood and C. H. Althizer, accomplices in a murder; M. La Truitte and W. Duke, having no visible means of support; Peter Kennedy, for threatening and instigating Michael Kennedy to set fire to the house of Geo. W. Graff; John Doyle, breaking open Patrick Holland's trunk and stealing $75 in bankable funds.
The Daily Dispatch: May 11, 1863., [Electronic resource], Gen. Jones's expedition to the Northwest. (search)
Arrests. --Since Saturday the police have arrested the following persons, who will be examined before the Mayor this morning, viz: Landon Shell, on the charge of beating and killing Patrick Curtis, a substitute agent; Jas. A. Perdue, for stealing four hats from Powhatan Weisiger, worth $95; Charles Johnson, by order of the Mayor, as a suspicious character; John Doyle, for stealing, by force, $51 from George, slave of John C. Hughes; Peter Allen, for drunkenness, trespassing on the premises of James Madison, and resisting the officers; Robert, slave of — Turner, for having in his possession cloth stolen from John McDonough; and John Kelley, for stealing a gold watch.
tin for receiving four pieces of gold stolen from Jacobs, knowing the same to have been stolen, was dismissed. Charles Amey was examined and sent on to be tried before Judge Lyons for stealing two boxes of tobacco from Kent & Wilson, at their factory, in Rose alley. Defendant sold the tobacco to a man named Heckler, who testified to the fact. James A. Perdue and Harrison Balley were remanded for final trial, on the charge of stealing four hats from Powhatan Weisiger. John Doyle was sent on to be tried before Judge Lyons for stealing from George, slave of John C. Hughes, $51 by force and violence. Charles Johnson was examined for stealing a horse from Edgar R Ford, and sent on for trial before Judge Lyons. Robert Burch was examined for having, on the 11th inst., broke into John F. Dabney's shoe shop, and stolen a pair of boots and two pairs shoes. The shop was located west of Brook Avenue. The proof that the prisoner broke in and took the articles was c
The Justices composing the Hustings Court, Recorder Caskie presiding, commenced their June term yesterday, and disposed of several criminal as well as civil cases. We append them as follows: George W. Farrell, robbing Jas C. Hunt of $200 in money, was heard and remanded for final trial before Judge Lyons. John Scott and John Dowdy, robbing Jas T Oliver of a gold watch and other articles, heard and sent on. Wm J Walker, stealing an overcoat of Edward Boyle, heard and sent on. John Doyle, stealing $150 from Jno C Hughes, heard and sent on. Chas Aury, breaking into Charles E Kent's factory and stealing 49 boxes of tobacco and one barrel of sugar; sent on. James Burke, stealing clothing valued at $50, from Jas E Levy, sent on Clinton James, free negro, selling liquor to be drunk at the place where sold, fined $60 and costs. John Cassello, stealing $37 from Pleasant M Bowley, was tried and acquitted.
C. S. Circuit Court, judge Halyburton presiding. --This Court met yesterday at 11 o'clock. The Grand Jury, after being sworn and charged, retired to their room for hearing the causes submitted to them. On their return they made the following report: Robert J. Graves, of North Carolina, indicted for treason; not a true bill. Sandy Jackson, a slave, indicted in three cases for felony, not true bills. Wm. H. Butrick, indicted for misdemeanor, three cases, true bills. Wm. E. Thompson indicted in two cases for misdemeanor, true bills. Wm. H. Thomas, indicted for misdemeanor, true bill. James Sexton. N. B. Kerr, Timothy O'Brien, John Doyle and Perry Moses, indicted for misdemeanor; true bills. The Grand Jury were then adjourned, to meet again on Friday next at 11 o'clock.
Stealing a watch. --John Doyle, formerly a resident of Norfolk, where he sustained an unenviable regulation for his disposition to rowdy conviviality, was brought before the Head of Police, yesterday, charged with purloining a $60 watch from John Simpson, on Wednesday. The prisoner got possession of the article by pretending a desire to purchase, and conspiring with two other cronies to use violence, if complaint was made.--After accomplishing the deed, the trio beat the owner of the watch and made their escape. Afterwards some of the military police found Boyle in the cellar of a house called the Sallor's Home, and he was arrested and handed over to the civil authorities. The theft being established, the accused was committed to jail to be tried for grand larceny. His companions have not been arrested.
--The time of this Court yesterday was mostly occupied in enquiring into the circumstances attending the death of two men belonging to an artillery battery, who are said to have been killed near Poplar street, in the Valley, about one month since, by Dick Duff, Pat O'Neal, and Dan Broderick. The Court sat in judgment, while three villainous looking reprobates appeared as offenders, four or five cyprians as witnesses, and dozens of illfavored men, and a sprinkling of equally unfavorable looking women, as spectators. The accused were sent on for trial before Judge Lyons. The following parties were also examined and sent on to the September term of Judge Lyons's Court, viz: John Doyle, for stealing John Spurgis's watch; Valentine Shriver, for receiving a stolen pistol; Philip Weber, for stealing wearing apparel from John McEvoy; Mike McLaughlin, for stealing a horse, &c., from Wm. A. Braxton; and John Guy, for stealing $2,600 in Confederate Treasury notes from Mary Haltinan.
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