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s of engineers, has been appointed superintendent of the West Point Military Academy. Mrs F. A. Tradewell was burned to death in Columbia, S. C., Monday night, by her dress taking fire. Donations of $2,600 have been sent to the South Carolina Government, of which $500 was contributed by a lady. The U. S. store bark Release, Lieut. Cowdy, and J. M. Frailey, arrived at New York, Wednesday, in 39 days from Gibraltar. Among the graduates at Georgetown College, D. C., are Chas. Allen, of Va., and W. H. Gardner, of North Carolina. There occurred in London, during 1860, 1,241 fires, 116 firings of chimneys, and 69 false alarms of fire. Helper, the "Impending Crisis" man, had an audience of twenty-three to hear him lecture at Dayton, Ohio, Monday night. Sunday travel has commenced on all the Middlesex, Mass., horse-railways. Mrs. Senator Douglas paid her respects to Mrs. Lincoln on Monday. President Lincoln dined with Henry Winter Davis on Monday.
New York police in Southern Cities. The Baltimore American states that Mr. Kennedy, Superintendent of the Police of New York city, candidly confesses that his detectives have been employed in Baltimore and other Cities further South, ferreting out secret organizations, attending the meetings of Southern volunteers, &c., to ascertain if any plot really existed for the assassination of the President. He confesses his disbelief of any such plot. The probability is that we have had these Black Republican spies in our own city, and perhaps a few more are left of the same sort. We trust our own police will be required to keep a good look out for these myrmidons of Lincoln, who have had the audacity already to establish a system of espionage on Southern soil, and for any willing instruments of theirs who may still be found here, ready to give aid and comfort to any scheme, however infernal, of the Helper and Jone Brown Administration.
e nature and extent of our present vassalage to the North is, we shall let a Northern writer describe, even the notorious Helper himself: "Reader ! would you understand how abjectly slaveholders themselves are enslaved to the products of Northe a proof of the immense productiveness of her slave labor, that it enables her to purchase the whole of this catalogue of Helper, together with all other like luxuries and necessaries of life, with the proceeds of that labor. What other country on eVirginia, if, by adhering to the North, she should stampede her slaves, and should continue to purchase from that section Helper's long catalogue of "gimcracks and haberdashery?"--Without her negroes she would be without revenue, without resources, f the forest, with every article of utility and attire conceivable through the whole catalogue of small wares familiar to Helper and the peddlers, to shoe-strings, fish-hooks, gimcracks and haberdashery. It requires but a single step to lift her
If we aggregate the values of these three several tables, we shall find that the values respectively produced were, by the South...$782,866,432 West...357,560,879 North...469,301,389 which gives for the South, per inhabitant; black and white, $82; for the West, $72; and for the North, $55. The second table, however, includes an article which should not have entered it, and the value of which should should be deducted from the results we have ascertained; we allude to Mr. Helper's distinguished article of hay. That article is raised exclusively for the consumption of animals; and, inasmuch as the value of the animals to which it is fed has been counted in the foregoing tables, that of the hay should be deducted, otherwise it is counted twice. It should no more enter into the computation of the value of Northern products, than the fodder, "roughness" and growing herbage of the South, upon which their animals feed as largely as do those of the North upon its famous
ndustry for each inhabitant is $85 per annum, while that of the West is but $72; and of the North less than $50, exclusive of the North's products of manufactures.Helperstates, from the census of 1850, the value of real and personal property of the North and West at $4,196,990,939; and that of the South at $2,826,735,970; which giSouth back in its own wretched wares, at double prices. the South bought these small wares, "gimcracks and haberdashery," in the enormous amounts described byHelperin the extract given from his book the other day; and, in order to discharge the indebtedness thus created, not only allowed the North to collect abroad the entireoods106,000,000 Interest, brokerags,&c.63,200,000 Southern travelers53,360,394 $462,560,394 Such is the footing up of the long bill of items detailed fromHelperthe other day.--Seven of the Southern States have declared independence, have proclaimed that they will no longer remain in this commercial vassalage. Is Virginia
The Daily Dispatch: April 11, 1861., [Electronic resource], Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch. (search)
nuel, to say nothing of the Red Republican, Schurz, (is that his name?) the White Republican, (I suppose we may call him,) Cassius M. Clay, and the election of that hybrid, Hannibal Hamlin, to preside over the deliberations of a body once graced by the presence of a Davis, and a Toombs, and a Benjamin, and which yet embraces among its members a Hunter and a Mason, a Clingman and a Breckinridge. Were other evidence wanting, we could find it in the recent election of a Sherman, an endorser of Helper, and a Wilmot, the original Proviso man, to seats in the same body. The pious Lovejoy and the terrible Hickman, the martyr Summer and the Natick Cobler, the yellow John Brown,(not the black) and the filial descendant of the canonized John Brown, all boast of membership in this eminently conservative and pacific Administration, of which the fugitive Lincoln is the recognized head. What a party ! Isn't it glorious to be in full fellowship with such a party, and to be called "brethren" by suc
Secret enemies. A correspondent, referring to "Johnson & Browning's Yankee Traveller," declares that this whole concern, professing to be a Richmond manufactory, is nothing but a branch of a New York house, whose agents are all over the country, as far South as New Orleans, in all probability putting through Helper. Mr. Browning, the Richmond partner, it is stated, has left during the "hot weather." It is believed, however, there are " some more of the same sort" left, some of them women, who are stealthily laboring in their deeds of darkness.
Our resources for the War. A foolish idea prevails at the North that the South cannot raise her own provisions, and will starve outright if the war be kept up.--The idea is born of Helper and is only a type of a class of ideas on this subject by which the North is most industriously deluding itself.--The Census tables show that the South raises more provisions per man than the North, and nearly as much as the great grain-growing region of the West. The statistics of the country also show that the Eastern manufacturing free States consume an equivalent of all the surplus products of the Western free States; and that the free-labor North, taken as a unit, exports little or nothing abroad. The gold of California and about twenty-five millions of miscellaneous truck constitute the sum total of Northern exportations of Northern growth and production. The surplus provisions of the Western free States are nearly consumed by the Eastern manufacturing free States.--The whole exports of
nted with their lot. Another fallacy indulged in by the class of Northern men who draw their ideas of the South from Helper's book, is, that the white men of the South who own no negroes would gladly see the slaves emancipated. Now, the non-slahite man, and that while the rich could get away, they would be compelled to live among them. Much stress is laid by Helper upon the fact that there are only 350,000 slaveholders, old and young, male and female. He forgets that every one of theren, and you will find at once nearly two millions interested in slavery, and dependent upon it, from this source alone. Helper overlooked all this, and the followers of Helper continually overlook it when they calculate upon finding the non-slavehoHelper continually overlook it when they calculate upon finding the non-slaveholders favorable to their schemes. The New York Times sports another fallacy with great persistency. It is trying to prove that the State of Massachusetts is worth more than all the cotton States, and says that Lowell alone produces more than So
The Daily Dispatch: July 2, 1861., [Electronic resource], Death of Charlotte Bronte's father. (search)
Economical Independence and Wealth of the South. The impending crisis to the commerce and manufactures of the North is beginning to make itself manifest to those who have any faculties of perception and of reflection. The fallacies of Helper's statistics are no longer fashionable. Such a singular exposition of political economy as the following from that foolish rhodomontade is no longer gospel: "Any observant American, from whatever point of the compass he may hall, who will take s and of manufactures on a credit which is never paid, there is not a Northern merchant or producer of any kind but would be glad, with the return of peace, to sell to the South twice as much of Northern products as he ever sold before. Even Helper could not deny the magnitude of the Southern consumption of Northern productions, and yet he was absurd enough to argue that the North should destroy the South by an aggressive and agrarian invasion of its social institutions. And those very New
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