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1854, installed at Concord, N. H., 29 Mar. 1854, resigned May 1857, installed at Newburyport 3 Sept. 1857, resigned May 1865, returned to Camb. where he has since resided, preaching statedly at Chestnut Hill, Newton; he has two sons, Henry W., Ll. B. 1855, a lawyer in Camb.; and David P., practised law about a year, enlisted as a private soldier 23 May 1861, served through the war, and was discharged as Lieut.-colonel 8 Oct. 1865, grad. from the Harvard Divinity School 1869; ordained at Littleton Oct. 1869, resigned Ap. 1871, settled at Stow July 1872, resigned Sept. 1876; Abigail, b. 26 Nov. 1804, m. Samuel Chandler 11 Sept. 1834; Amos Otis, b. 11 June 1808, d. 20 Jan. 1812. Mygate, Joseph (otherwise written Mygatt, probably the same whose name appears among the freemen of 1635 as Maggott), was here in 1634, and res. on the easterly side of North Avenue in 1636. He rem. to Hartford and was Townsman, or Selectman there in 1639. Hinman says, He was the ancestor of the Mygatts i
1. David, s. of John (5), by w. Abigail, had David; John, b. 1 Dec. 1702; Abigail, b. 27 Aug. 1704, m. Isaac Preston of Littleton; Hannah, b. 2 June 1708, m. Edward Farwell of Littleton; Amos; Jason; Sarah, m. William Sanderson of Harvard; ElizabethLittleton; Amos; Jason; Sarah, m. William Sanderson of Harvard; Elizabeth; Esther. David the f. was a farmer, and res. at the Farms until 1715, when he removed to Concord, and from thence about 1720 to Littleton, where he was Deacon; he d. not long before 29 Oct. 1744, when his estate was divided among his children, who Littleton, where he was Deacon; he d. not long before 29 Oct. 1744, when his estate was divided among his children, who then resided,--David and John, at Lunenburg, Abigail, Hannah, Amos, Elizabeth, and Esther, at Littleton, and Jason and Sarah, at Harvard. 12. Jonathan, s. of John (5), by w. Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, b. 15 July 1702; Mary, b. 1 Jan. 1704-5; JonatLittleton, and Jason and Sarah, at Harvard. 12. Jonathan, s. of John (5), by w. Elizabeth, had Elizabeth, b. 15 July 1702; Mary, b. 1 Jan. 1704-5; Jonathan, b. 5 Ap. 1707; Jane, b. 19 July 1711, m. Benjamin Lawrence 12 Feb. 1734-5; Ruth, b. 24 Ap. 1714; Eliezer, b. 5 May 1717, m. Tabitha Prentice 10 Jan. 1738-9; Samuel, b 3 Feb. 1722-3; Hester, b. 22 May 1725. Jonathan the f. res. at Lexington.
raham, s. of Abraham (5), m. Lucy, dau. of Rev. Nathaniel Prentiss of Dunstable, 28 Mar. 1751, and had Abraham, b. 5 Mar. 1752, grad. H. C. 1771, a physician in Littleton 1786, and in Ackworth, N. H., 1787; Lucy, b. 26 May 1754, d. 5 Oct. 1760; Samuel, b. 11 Nov. 1757, d. 26 Ap. 1760; Samuel, b. 19 Sept. 1759, d. 19 Oct. 1760; Lucd Benjamin, b. about 1696; Nathaniel; Aaron, b. 13 Dec. 1711, grad. H. C. 1734, ordained at Pembroke, N. H., 1 Mar. 1737, d. 16 Nov. 1767; Mary, m. John Farr of Littleton; Grace, m. Joseph Wood of Littleton; Mehetabel; all living in 1734. Benjamin the f. res. in Concord, was a prominent citizen, Selectman, and several years ReprLittleton; Mehetabel; all living in 1734. Benjamin the f. res. in Concord, was a prominent citizen, Selectman, and several years Representative. He d. 8 Sept. 1734; his w. Esther d. 1742. 11. Nathaniel, s. of John (4), m. Sarah, dau. of Deac. William French of Billerica, and had Thomas, b. 25 Sept. 1718; Jacob, b. 3 Mar. 1721-2; Sarah, bap. 4 Ap. 1724, d. 15 Aug. 1734; Abigail, b. 8 Dec. 1725; John, b. 21 Aug. 1727; Nathaniel, b. 26 June 1729. Nathaniel th
1865. Died, July 30, 1890. Pratt, Calvin Edward. Born at Princeton, Mass., Jan. 23, 1828. Colonel, 31st N. Y. Infantry, Aug. 14, 1861. Present at the battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861, and in the engagement at West Point, Va., May 7, 1862. Present at the engagement of Garnett's and Golding's Farm, June 28, 1862; Glendale, June 30, 1862; Malvern Hill, July 1, 1862. Brig. General, U. S. Volunteers, Sept. 13, 1862. Resigned, Apr. 25, 1863. Prescott, George Lincoln. Born at Littleton, Mass., May 21, 1829. Captain, 5th Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., May 1, 1861. Mustered out, July 31, 1861. Captain, 32d Mass. Infantry, Nov. 15, 1861. Lieut. Colonel, Aug. 13, 1862. Colonel, Dec. 28, 1862. Engaged in the battles of Gettysburg and Laurel Hill. Brevet Brig. General, U. S. Volunteers, June 18, 1864. Died, June 19, 1864, of wounds received at Petersburg, Va., June 18, 1864. Quincy, Samuel Miller. Born at Boston, Mass., in 1833. Captain, 2d Mass. Infantr
ce in Massachusetts at time of enlistment. Second Lieutenant, 99th N. Y. Infantry; commissioned, June 2, 1863, to rank, Mar. 31, 1863. Discharged, Feb. 8, 1865. Sampson, Christopher Columbus. Residence in Massachusetts at time of enlistment. Second Lieutenant, 99th N. Y. Infantry; commissioned, June 29, 1863, to rank, June 1, 1863. First Lientenant, commissioned, Apr. 14, 1864, to rank, Dec. 21, 1863. Discharged, Mar. 1, 1865. Sanderson, Leavitt (or Ira Leavitt). Born at Littleton, Mass., May 13, 1840. First Lieutenant, 31st N. J. Infantry, Sept. 15, 1862; mustered, Sept. 17, 1862. Mustered out, June 24, 1863. Sargent, Charles Sprague. Born at Boston, Mass., Apr. 24, 1841. Volunteer Aide-de-Camp (Staff of Maj. General Banks), Nov. 1, 1862. First Lieutenant, 2d La. Infantry, June 25, 1863. Captain and Aide-de-Camp, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 15, 1865. See U. S. Army. Sargent, Edward P. Born in Massachusetts. Fourth Corporal, 26th Iowa Infantry, Aug. 15, 1862.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, XIV. Massachusetts women in the civil war. (search)
orgetown. Gerry. Globe Village. Gloucester. Grafton. Great Barrington. Greenfield. Groton. Groton Centre. Groton Junction. Hadley. Halifax. Hanover. Hardwick. Harvard. Harwichport. Haverhill. Hingham. Hinsdale. Holland. Holmes Holl. Hopkinton. Hubbardston. Ipswich. Jamaica Plain. Joppa Village. Kingston. Lancaster. Lancsville. Lawrence. Leominster. Lexington. Leyden. Lincoln. Lincoln Centre. Littleton. Lowell. Lunenburg. Lynn. Malden. Manchester. Mansfield. Marblehead. Marion. Marlborough. Marshfield. Marston's Mills. Mattapan. Mattapoisett. Medfield. Mendon. Middleborough. Middlefield. Middlesex Village. Middleton. Milford. Millbury. Mill River Village. Milton. Milton Hill. Montague. Myricks. Nahant. Nantucket. Natick. Needham. Neponset. New Bedford. New Braintree. New Marlborough. Ne
Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Unassigned recruits (search)
nd, Me. Cr. Sterling, 19, s; printer. July 26, 1864, Absent sick at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. No later record. Unof. Thomas G. Marcy, Nantucket, 21, s; clerk. Sept. 2, 1864. Dishon. Disch. Jan. 17. 1866. Unof. Nicholas Maxwell, en. Yarmouth, 23; laborer. March 11, 1861. Trans, to Navy April 2, 1864, and deserted, April 13, 1864. Daniel McCARTHY, New York, Cr. Dartmouth, 28. s; laborer. Feb. 13, 1864. Disch. disa. June 15, 1864. Unof. Alexander McGREGOR, Lisbon, New York, en Littleton, 42, s; gardener. Nov. 18, 1863. Disch. disa. Jan. 26, 1864. John B. Morris, N. Dighton, Cr. Woburn, 20, s; farmer. Sept. 8, 1864. Absent without leave since June, 1865. William H. Morris, Pawtucket, R. I. 23, s; farmer, Sept. 8, 1864. Absent without leave since June 1865. Unof. Hans Peter Peterson, Boston, Cr. Templeton, 40, m; book-keeper. June 28, 1864. Disch. May 18. 1865. John Quinlan, Brookline, 19, s; shoemaker. Dec. 26, 1863. Deserted May 21, 1865. Unof. C
e was born in Charlestown, Mass., February 14, 1764, and died in Mt. Holly, Vt., December 26, 1828. During the burning of Charlestown, June 17, 1775, his mother fled with her children across the neck to Medford, constantly threatened with destruction from the British shot and shell which howled past their carriage. Stephen, Jr.'s, father was a sea captain, and was absent on a voyage at the time of the battle of Bunker Hill. Stephen, Jr., married Sibil Lawrence, December 20, 1790, at Littleton, Mass. About the year 1795 or 1796 he removed to Mt. Holly, Vt., where he was for many years town clerk, selectman, and trial justice. Sibil Lawrence, daughter of Simon and Sibil (Robbins) Lawrence, was born June 10, 1770, and died April 16, 1813; in the Lawrence genealogy her ancestry is traced to John Lawrence, of Watertown, Mass., and thence by some back to Sir Robert Lawrence, of Ashton Hall, England, one of the crusaders, knighted in 1191 for bravery at the siege of Acre by Richard Coeur
g Phillip, 26. King Philip's War, 53. Kinsley, F. R., 32. Knight, Hersina, 43. La Fourche, 65. Lake Ponchartrain, 68, 80. Lane, Captain, James, 3. Lawrence, Lieutenant, Eleazer, 53. Lawrence, Major, Eleazer, 53. Lawrence, John, 56. Lawrence, Sibil, 56. Lawrence, Sibil (Robbins), 56. Lawrence, Sir, Robert, 56. Lawrence, Simon, 56. Lexington, Mass., 2, 44. Libbv, No. 1. 32. Libby, No. 2, 32. Libby, No. 3, 32. Lincoln, Rollin T., 27. Littlefield, Austin. 36. Littleton, Mass., 56. Lock, Captain, Benjamin, 5. Longfellow, Henry W., 77. Long Wharf, Boston, 51. Loring, —, 30. Lossing, Benson J., 52. Lovett, W., 32. Lowell, Mass., 59. Lunenburg, Mass., 46. Lynn, Mass., 59. Lynnfield, Mass., 46. Madisonville, La., 68, 80. Magoun, Ann Sarah, 18. Magoun, John A., 46. Main Street, Cambridge, 56. Maiden, Mass., 49, 55, 56. Mallett, Isaac, 5. Mallet, John, 50. Mankato, Minn., 24. Mann, Jairus, 15. Marmion, 74. Mary Had a Little Lamb, The Aut
n of the towns in Middlesex According to the Census taken in 1850, by the authority of the Government of the United States. Census of Middlesex County. Towns. Acton,1,605 Ashby,1,218 Ashland,1,304 Bedford,975 Billerica,1,640 Boxborough,396 Brighton,2,356 Burlington,547 Cambridge,15,215 Carlisle,719 Charlestown,17,216 Chelmsford2,098 Concord,2,249 Dracut,3,503 Dunstable,590 Framingham,4,235 Groton,2,515 Holliston,2,428 Hopkinton,2,801 Lexington,1,894 Lincoln,632 Littleton,991 Lowell,33,385 Malden,3,520 Marlborough,2,941 Medford,3,749 Melrose,1,260 Natick,1,744 Newton,5,258 Pepperell,1,754 Reading,3,108 Sherburne,1,043 Shirley,1,158 Somerville,3,540 South Reading2,407 Stoneham,2,085 Stowe,1,455 Sudbury,1,578 Tewksbury,1,042 Townsend,1,947 Tyngsborough,799 Waltham,4,464 Watertown,2,837 Wayland,1,115 West Cambridge,2,202 Westford,1,473 Weston,1,205 Wilmington,877 Winchester,1,253 Woburn,3,954 ——— Total,161,385 Census of 1840,106,<
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