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Bithynia (Turkey) 24 0 Browse Search
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tener mittit Arabs. Sacas: a nomadic people, called Scythians by the Greeks, dwelling far to the north-east of Parthia and Bactria; cf. Plin. NH 6.17.50 celeberrimi eorum [Scytharum] Sacae , etc. sagittiferos Parthos: with reference, as very often in Latin literature, to the traditional weapon and manner of fighting of these most dreaded enemies of Rome; cf. Hor. Carm. 2.13.17 miles [timet] sagittas et celerem fugam Parthi ; Ov. Rem. Am. 157 vince Cupidineas pariter Parthasque sagittas ; Stat. Theb. 6.575 [credas] Parthorum fuga totidem exsilvisse sagittas. septemgeminus: as having seven mouths; cf. Verg. A. 6.800 septemgemini ostia Nili ; Ov. Met. 1.422
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