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England (United Kingdom) (search for this): narrative 666
of the ship presented me & the master with a request in writing to returne for England or to goe for the Islands of Acores for a man of war, for they would not proceinke so short, as that we were constrained to make our resolution directly for England : whereupon we drew out our reasons the fourth day of August, and sent them aboord the Hopewell , to certifie them the cause of our resolution for England : wherat they were generally offended, thinking and saying, that we in the prize went aboueive them. To conclude, they sent us word that they would keepe us company for England . But I had given William Crafton commission before to go for the Islands of th, we put off from the coast of Newfoundland , and kept our course directly for England , the Hopewell keeping us company untill midday, whenas having lost us in a fong that she went for the Islands. The 27 of August, drawing neere the coast of England , we sounded and found ground at seventy fadoms. Some of the mariners thinking
Placentia (Italy) (search for this): narrative 666
rrillon by M. Wil. Sayer of Dartmouth the Admiral of that place) untill the last of May. On which day departing from thence in the afternoone we put in to Rogneuse to seeke Shallops but could find none. The first of June we set saile from Rogneuse, and the second we put roome to a bay under the Northside of Cape Raz being inforced in by an extreme storme. The 4 we set saile, and this day we saw a great Island of yce. The 5 at night we lost the Chancewell in a fog at the mouth of the bay of Placentia . The 11 at Sunne setting we had sight of Cape Briton. And the 12 by reason of contrary windes we cast anker under the Northeast ende of the Isle of Menego to the North of Cape Briton in 16 fathome reasonable ground. In that place we caught great store of Cods, which were larger and better fish then any in Newfoundland . The 13 wee weyed anker againe, and being becalmed about a league from the shore we fell to fishing where the Cods did bite at least 20 fathomes above ground, and almost as
April, 1597 AD (search for this): narrative 666
he burthen of 120 tunnes, whereof was M. William Crafton, and the Chancewel of London of the burthen of 70 tunnes, wherof was M. Steven Bennet, bound unto the river of Canada , set to sea at the sole and proper charge of Charles Leigh and Abraham Van Herwick of London merchants (the saide Charles Leigh himselfe, and Steven Van Herwick brother to the sayd Abraham, going themselves in the said ships as chiefe commanders of the voyage) departed from Graves-end on Fryday morning the 8 of April 1597. And after some hindrances, arriving at Falmouth in Cornewal the 28 of the said moneth put to sea againe. And with prosperous windes the 18 of May we were upon the banke of Newfoundland . The 19 we lost the Chancewel. The 20 we had sight of land and entred within the bay of Assumption, where our men contrary to my knowledge fought with a French ship: and afterward in the same bay wee met with our consort. Whereupon we presently put to sea againe: and the next day we arrived at Caplen bay,
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