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Abraham Lincoln 776 0 Browse Search
A. Lincoln 154 0 Browse Search
Washington (United States) 154 0 Browse Search
George B. Lincoln 121 3 Browse Search
Robert Lincoln 116 0 Browse Search
Tunstall (Virginia, United States) 100 0 Browse Search
Elizabeth Cady Stanton 57 1 Browse Search
Seward 54 36 Browse Search
Springfield, Mo. (Missouri, United States) 50 0 Browse Search
United States (United States) 48 0 Browse Search
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Abraham Lincoln (search for this): chapter 32
y should not go there again--they had no business in his room! Mr. Lincoln had been sitting for a photograph, and was still in the chair. t we could do nothing with him,--he had gone off in a great pet. Mr. Lincoln's lips came together firmly, and then, suddenly rising, he strodtion, however, he said very promptly, Father, I want my dollar. Mr. Lincoln turned to him with the inquiry: Tad, do you think you have earned it? Yes, was the sturdy reply. Mr. Lincoln looked at him half reproachfully for an instant, and then taking from his pocket-book a dollarited power in his hands,--the meekness and simplicity with which Mr. Lincoln bore the honors of that high position, is a spectacle for all tin the majesty of such an example. Nothing was more marked in Mr. Lincoln's personal demeanor, writes one who knew him well, Hon. Henryssume something of the manner and tone befitting that position. Mr. Lincoln never seemed to be aware that his place or his business were ess
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