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May 25th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 4
From Norfolk.[special correspondence of the Dispatch] Norfolk, Va., May 25, 1861. About two thousand troops embarked yesterday from Fortress Monroe, and proceeded South in small steamers and gun boats. At the same time all of the vessels that had been captured and held as prizes at that place, sailed and went to sea. There are only four vessels left at Old Point and in Hampton Roads, viz: the cumberland, the Minnesota, (frigate,) and two small steamers. It was rumored here last night that the people of Hampton had set fire to and burned the bridge leading over Hampton creek night before last, and that Federal troops from the Fort to the number of four thousand were yesterday (Friday) marched up towards Hampton, for the purpose of supplying themselves with provisions, stating that their provisions had nearly given out at the Fort, and also, that they were short of water, besides many of them were sick, and that, upon learning that the bridge had been burned, they immedi
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