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Commercial.[from the London Times' City Article.] Monday Evening, Jan. 7.--The Bank of England, this morning, shortly after the commencement of business, advanced their rate of discount from 6 per cent., at which it was fixed on the 31st ult., to 7 per cent., This is higher than any point attained since the panic of 1857. The step came unexpectedly, and a few minutes previously to its notification, money was obtainable in the discount market at a fraction below the Bank terms them current. The reasons assigned for it, however or, are sufficiently important. Not only did the Asia take out a further sum of £200,000, for New York on Saturday; but the Tetonia, from Southampton this morning, has carried £ 70,000, and it may, therefore, be inferred that the City of Washington. Argo, Vigo, North Britain, Marathon, and Niagara, to sail during the week, will all, or most or them, have additional totals — especially as the accounts to-day are likely to excite the confidence of rem
500,000. Verdi is composing a new opera entitled the Blind Posoner, the libret to of which is said to be full of horrors. In a single town of Maine, containing only 450 inhabitants, 32 people died last year of consumption. Miss Lizzie Dill, an actress, is a candidate for State Librarian before the Indiana Legislature. Wm. Archer Cocke, of Richmond, Va., lectured in Baltimore on the 22d instant, on the "Life and Writings of Wm. H. Prescott." The Countess of Eglinton died on the 31st ult., very suddenly, at Eglinton Castle, Scotland. To-morrow will be the one hundred and second anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns. All enormous cow, weighing alive 2,650 pound, was slaughtered in Boston last week. The steam-frigate Merrimack, now at Norfolk, will soon be ordered to prepare for sea. The police of Mobile have organized themselves into a military company. M. Romero, the Mexican Minister at Washington, is paying a visit to Mr. Lincoln.
January 15th (search for this): article 1
erefrom will be monopolized by a few individuals, and the poor laid under contribution for exercising the accustomed privilege of fishing." For the reason stated, the lands so referred to which remained "ungranted by the former covenant," (meaning that of the English,) were excepted out of said act, and it was declared that no grant issued by the Register of the Land Office for the same thereafter should be valid to pass any estate or interest therein. A similar law was made on the 15th January, 1802, in reference to the banks, shores and beds of the rivers and creeks in the western part of the State. The 1st section of chapter 62 of the Code of Virginia, in alluding to the above recited acts, declares that "all the lands which remained ungranted by the former government, and which have been used as a common by-way to all the people of the State, shall continue to be such." These repeated and emphatic prohibitions have estopped the passage of any title by the register for any s
January 21st (search for this): article 1
In addition to these considerations there is also the fact that the last weekly return of our Bank showed a falling oil of £1,025,260 in the reserve of notes, and that the accounts from India, although they confirm the statement that no new native loan is contemplated, indicate that, if public improvements are to be continued in that country on any extensive scale, it must be by funds drawn exclusively from this side. These things seemed to warrant some additional action on the money market, and hence, although the public were unprepared for the movement, it has created no dissatisfaction, especially as there is not the slightest symptom of internal pressure or discredit, and all commercial men are disposed to believe that the progress of business later in the year will fully compensate for the abnormal circumstances now in operation. New Orleans. Jan, 21.--Cotton firm — sales of 9,500 bales middling at 11 ½. Freight 78. Fifty ships cleared to-day with 100,000 bales of cotto
January 22nd (search for this): article 1
New York, Jan. 22. --Arrived, schrs. Jamestown, City Point; Senator, Norfolk. Trion, Jan. 7.--Sailed, ship Cobooney, Norfolk.
January 22nd (search for this): article 6
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.Polities, &c., in Rockingham. Harrisonburg, Va, Jan. 22. After the regimental meeting yesterday, the candidates for the Convention commenced speaking. Each made his bow, announced himself, and argued his own claims, and advocated his own view of what the Convention should do. The following comprise the candidates so far; Col. A. S. Gray, Union; John F. Lewis, Union; John C. Walker, Secession; Dr. A. M. Newman, Secession; Jno. C. Woodson, Contingent; Dr. A. S. Coffiman, Union; Addison Harper, Union. Last night the Regimental officers were elected as follows; Colonel, S. B. Gibbons; Lieut. Colonel, E. T. H. Warren; 1st Major, Dr. Burke Chisman, 2d Major, Geo. W. Miller. This is a good selection, and the First Regiment of Rockinghom Volunteers will make a mark, if called into action. Yesterday was a poor day for auctioneers; the sales scarcely paid expenses. Pen.
January 23rd (search for this): article 1
From Charleston.boat fired into by a Sentinel. Charleston, Jan. 23. --The sentry on the reach at Sullivan's Island fired into a boat from Fort Sumter, Monday night, with three men in it. As it approached the beach, with muffed oars, the sentry hailed them and warned them off. Not being obeyed, he fired into the boat, whereupon it turned and went away. Soon after, a noise was heard at Fort Sumter like the hauling up of a boat. One of the men in the boat is said to be wounded badly. Those in the boat are supposed to have been deserters from the Fort. Some of the wildest thinkers suppose it was a desperate attempt to run the gauntlet of the sentry and spike the guns of the battery. Yesterday, the Senate refused an appropriation to running a submarine telegraph in the harbor to connect the forts. The War Department of South Carolina can do it when it thinks necessary. Jeff. Davis, of Mississippi, was expected here last night, and preparations were made to welcome
January 23rd (search for this): article 10
Message of the Governor of Louisiana. Baton Rouge, La., Jan. 23. --The Message of the governor to the Louisiana Legislature is of an uncompromising character. He favors secession.
January 23rd (search for this): article 11
From Florida. Pensacola, Fla., Jan. 23. --Two Columbiads have been mounted at Fort Barancas. Forts Pickens and McRae are being in vested by the Allied (Louisiana, Georgia and Florida) troops.
January 23rd (search for this): article 12
Arrival of Capt. Ingraham. New York; Jan. 23. --The Arago from Europe has arrived. Among her passengers is Capt. Duncan N. Ingraham, U. S. N., of South Carolina.
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