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Suffolk, Va. (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
ppointed Marshal-general,——equivalent to High Sheriff of the Colony. After the form of government was changed by the new charter, this office was abolished, and high Sheriffs were appointed in each county. Gookin held this office for a time in Suffolk, and was afterwards appointed, 1702, to the same office in Middlesex, which he held (except from Dec. 1715 to July 1717) until 27 July 1729. 4. Nathaniel, s. of Daniel (1), grad. H. C. 1675, and after assisting Pres. Oakes in the ministry a land about 1649, was afterwards member of Parliament, rendered frequent and important services to the Colony, and d., according to Morant, June 40 1674; but, according to a certified copy of the Parish Register of Bures. St. Mary in the Co. of Suffolk, which was his last residence, he was buried 1 July 1673. His first wife was Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas and granddaughter of Sir William Waldegrave, by whom he had Waldegrave, bap. 26 Sept. 1627, the principal heir of the English estates, buried
Lyme (Connecticut, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
ely, he was discharged from office 11 Oct. 1676. In Nov. 1685 he petitioned the General Court for a grant of land, as a compensation for his military services; but was unsuccessful in his request. Before this time, however, he had removed to Lyme, Conn., where he was residing 7 Nov. 1681; at which date he executed a deed of his estate in Camb. to a feoffee in trust for his son Andrew; or if said Andrew should die in his minority, then his other son Thomas to inherit the estate. He d. 6 Aug. 1696. His son Thomas, mariner, of Boston, described himself in a deed, dated 8 Nov. 1699, as son of Joseph Sill, formerly of Cambridge, late of Lyme, Conn., deceased. The son Thomas was probably a shipmaster, residing in Boston, and the Capt. Sill who died in May 1709. Elijah, who grad. H. C. 1748, and was ordained at Fairfield, Conn., 17 Oct. 1751, may have been of this family. Five others of the name graduated at the same College, previous to 1839. Simonds, Joseph (otherwise writt
Dinwiddie (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
. 10, 1711: Died at Menotomy, the wife of Mr. William Cutler of that place, aged 48 years. She was the Mother of 36 children; but the; 35th was the only one that survived to follow her to the grave. This account seems incredible. The records slow, however, that she had a large number of children, all of whom died young, except one. The survivor of this numerous progeny, William, b. 23 Dec. 1764, grad. H. C. 1786, was a physician, resided in Virginia more than thirty years, and d. in Dinwiddie Co. 17 May 1836, a. 71. By the second w. Mr. Cutler had James, b. 12 May 1774, a printer in Boston, 1817; Rebecca, b. Jan. 1777, d. 6 Aug. 1778; Rebecca, b. 22 Dec. 1779, m. John Tufts 13 Dec. 1798. William the f. d. of dropsy 1 Ap. 1781; his w. Rebecca survived, and in 1817, by reason of old age, was placed under the guardianship of her son James. 11. Robert, S. of James (7), grad. H. C. 1741, was ordained at Epping, N. H., in 1747, dismissed in 1755, installed at Greenwich, Mass., 13
Havana, N. Y. (New York, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
Deborah, m. Thomas Learned of Watertown 1759; Sarah, m. William Bowles of Roxbury 26 Nov. 1761; Phineas. b. abt. 1742; Eleanor, bap. in Camb. 5 Aug. 1744, m. Stephen Dana 16 Sept. 1762, d. in Brighton 19 Nov. 1837, a. 93; Elizabeth, b. 1745 or 1746, m. Thomas Hovey 21 Ap. 1763, d. at Rutland 14 Jan. 1821, a. 75. 9. John, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Zachariah Bordman, 13 May 1776, and had Elizabeth, b. 9 Feb. 1777, d. 18 Feb. 1777; John Thomas, b. 23 Nov. 1778, d. on the passage from Africa to Havana, 15 Sept. 1811; Mary Stebbins, b. 18 Dec. 1780 (1781 on the record), m. James Read; Charles, b. 13 Jan. 1782, d. 8 Ap. 1782; George Bulkley, b. 11 Dec. 1783; Elizabeth, b. 13 Sept. 1786, m. John Labottiere of Boston 31 Aug. 1806; Sally, b. 17 Aug. 1789. John the f. was a bricklayer, and a Major of militia. He kept a tavern several years on Harvard Square. He d. 1 Sept. 1815, a. 68, having m. two wives after the decease of his first w. Elizabeth, both of whom it is said followed his body in
Dutch (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
quarrel by a Dutchman 1643. Winthrop says, About this time, Capt. Daniel Patrick was killed at Stamford by a Dutchman, who shot him dead with a pistol. This Captain was entertained by us out of Holland (where he was a common soldier of the Prince's guard), to exercise our men. We made him a Captain, and maintained him. After, he was admitted a member of the Church of Watertown and a freeman. But he grew very proud and vicious, etc. Capt. Patrick had a wife, described by Winthrop as a good Dutch woman and comely; but it is not known that he left any posterity. Patten, William (otherwise written Pattin, and Patting), was here as early as 13 Mar. 1635-6, when he agreed to take charge of a part of the town herd of cattle. By w. Mary he had Mary, b. before his arrival here; William, d. 22 Mar. 1645-6; Thomas, b.--Oct. 1636; Nathaniel, d.--Jan. 1639; Sarah, d. young; Nathaniel, b. 29 July 1643. William the f. res. on the easterly side of North Avenue opposite the Common; and d. 10
Milford, Conn. (Connecticut, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
Clerk 1682-1693, Town Treasurer, 1694-1699, and County Treasurer from 1683 to 1700, except during the usurpation by Andros. He d. 21 June 1701, a. 80. 3. Samuel, s. of Samuel (2), grad. H. C. 1675; was Fellow of the College; ordained at Milford, Conn.. 18 Nov. 1685; united with Rev. Messrs. Pierpont and Russell in concerting a plan for the foundation of Yale College, 1698; was one of its first Board of Fellows 1700; and served in that capacity during life; was its acting President between arian, was grandson. K. Kelsey, William (otherwise written Kellsie), was here in 1635, and res. at the S. E. corner of Winthrop and Spring streets. He rem. to Hartford with Hooker. After his decease; his widow Bethia m. David Phillips of Milford. The town of Hartford, in 1664, offered him £ 10 to remove from Hartford with his wife. Hinman. Kempster, Daniel, in 1642 res. on the southerly side of the Common, near Appian Way. In 1644 he bought an estate on the westerly side of Dunster
Menotomy (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
ing home. His w. Lucy m. Rev. Samuel Cook of Menotomy 25 Nov. 1762, and d. 12 Sept. 1768, aged 56. . 3. Elisha, S. of William (1), resided in Menotomy. He m. Deborah Wilson 2 May 1689, and had Eln Hadley 1708, grad. H. C. 1735, ordained at Menotomy, 12 Sept. 1739, where he d. 4 June 1783. He ign of the Masons' Arms, but soon returned to Menotomy, where he d. 5 Sept. 1786, a. 54; his w. RachBoston News Letter, of Jan. 10, 1711: Died at Menotomy, the wife of Mr. William Cutler of that placed. 13 Nov. 1751, a. 89. Mr. Cutter resided in Menotomy, not far from the present centre of ArlingtonMay 1745, but had no children. He resided in Menotomy, d. 12 Feb. 1797, a. 77, and devised his esta The Cutter family has reside principally in Menotomy, now Arlington, and in the adjoining sectionsn Foster 8 Nov. 1826. Amos the f. resided in Menotomy, and was widely renowned as a card maker, andtter Family, p. 250.) William the f. res. in Menotomy, and was largely engaged in the manufacture o[55 more...]
Cambridge (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
1654-5; Samuel, bap. 9 Dec. 1660, d. young; Mercy, bap. 11 May 1662, d. young; Patience, bap. 3 Ap. 1664, d. young. Thomas the f. d. 6 May 1685, aged about 68 years, according to his epitaph; but in his will, dated 24 Ap. 1685, he calls himself 69 years old, and names wife Sarah, and surviving children Sarah, Elizabeth, and Mary. Bethia, family uncertain, m. Amos Marrett 2 Nov. 1681. Lord, Thomas. His name does not appear on our Records. But Hinman says he came to Hartford from Cambridge, Mass., in 1636, . . . . and was in the division of lands at Hartford in 1639. His children were Thomas [a surgeon], Richard, William, Dorothy, Robert, John, and Amy. He is the ancestor of the Lord family of the State. 2. Richard, perhaps s. of Thomas (1), in 1635 owned one shop, with garden plot, about half a rood, at the N. E. corner of Brighton and Mount Auburn streets. He rem. to Hartford, where he was Constable in 1642, and Selectman in 1744. He was a man of great energy, and an orig
Dracut (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
minister at Marblehead, d. 3 Feb. 1849, a. 66; Benjamin Dixon, grad. H. C. 1810, a physician in Lowell, d. here 7 Feb. 1853, a. 63; Mary, m. Willard Buttrick of Dracut 28 April 1799; Elizabeth, d. here unm. 6 Aug. 1873, a. 85; Susan, d. here unm. 6 Oct. 1875, a. 85. Abiah, m Jonathan Sanders 24 Oct. 1669. Mary, m. Thomas Thwnn, bap. here 3 Ap. 1698); Mary, bap. 11 Dec. 1698, m. Thomas Dana 22 Jan. 1718-19, and d. 10 Oct. 1739; Thomas, bap. 15 Dec. 1700, grad. H. C. 1718, minister at Dracut, d. 18 Mar. 1765. Josiah the f. was a Captain and served in the war against the Indians; he was in command at Groton 21 July 1706, when Nathaniel Healy of Newtohen he sold the estate to Samuel Goffe. Mr. Read was a tanner, and had previously resided in Boston. He removed hence, was in Dunstable 5 Mar. 1686-7, and d. at Dracut about 1710. He had one dau. who was the wife of Mr. Samuel Whiting 5 Oct. 1710. 2. James, m. Sarah Batson 12 Aug. 1714; she d. 25 Nov. 1721, and he m. Mary Ol
Woodstock, Conn. (Connecticut, United States) (search for this): chapter 25
aid money to Hannah. 5. John, probably s. of Joseph (3), d. here, and his son Benjamin of Salem was appointed administrator 20 Jan. 1719-20. By a release. 18 Feb. 1720-21, it appears that Benjamin was the only son, and Sarah, wife of Charles Johnson of Marblehead, was one of the daughters of John. Benjamin sold the Camb. homestead to Andrew Bordman 28 Ap. 1721. 6. Elisha, parentage not ascertained, by w. Lucy had Lucy, b. 15 Mar. 1763; Mary, b. 25 Mar. 1765. 7. Abiel, b. at Woodstock, Conn., 24 Dec. 1763; grad. Y. C. 1783; D. D. at Edinburgh; was installed Pastor of the First Church 25 Jan. 1792; his pastoral connection with the church was dissolved 26 Sept 1831. His first w. Mary was dau. of Ezra Stiles, D. D.; she d. 29 Aug. 1795, a. 28. He m. Sarah, dau. of Oliver Wendell, Esq., of Boston (pub 14 Feb. 1801), and had Mary Jackson, b. 17 June. 1802, m. Dr. Usher Parsons of Providence 23 Sept. 1822; Ann Susan, b. 15 May 1804, m. Rev. Charles W. William of Salem 29 May.
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