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lery from their positions both at Fredericksburg and at the Bernard House. This they kept up until about nine o'clock, when, having massed their troops in front of Marye's Heights, they buried their columns against the stone-wall — the first time unsuccessfully; for Barksdale, the gallant Mississippian, with his band of heroes, met the shock of battle and nobly buried it back. The enemy pause and resort to artifice. A flag of truce is exhibited, and in an evil moment the gallant Colonel (Griffin, of the 18th Miss,) received it.--They enemy thus discover that instead of holding the Stonewall with a line of battle, Barksdale's men are so stretched out that they are barely guarding it with a line of skirmishers. A few moments more and another desperate onset of the enemy's forces is made. The stone wall is carried, and the "star spangled banner" waves in triumph over the enemy's much coveted achievement, and our forces retire. Meantime a bloody dream has been enacted at Chancellors
The Daily Dispatch: January 1, 1864., [Electronic resource], [from the Liverpool (Eng.) Mercury, of the Nov.] Poland. (search)
The Stationary Police, at the two are public conveniences which the city have long needed. The officers — Messrs, Bibb and Griffin — are thoroughly acquainted with the city, have had some police experience, and are therefore enabled to render the Market Clerks great aid in their efforts to enforce the ordinance against huckstering. Another great advantage is, that both officers are polite to strangers, and always take pleasure in giving information, when called upon to do s
City Council. --A called meeting of the "City Fathers" was held in their hall at 11 o'clock yesterday morning: Messrs. Saunders, Epps, Glazebrook, Griffin, Scott, Crutchfield, Walker, Stokes, Clopton, Hill, Haskins, and Richardson, being present. The President stated that the meeting had been called at the request of the Committee on "Arms and Clothing," the chairman of which would make known its wishes. Mr. Scott informed the Council that the committee needed more funds with which to supply the wants of the Richmond soldiers, and offered the following resolution, which was adopted: Resolved, That the further sum of fifty thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated to the Committee on Arms and Clothing. Mr. Scott, from the Committee on the Fire Department, offered the following resolution, which was adopted: Resolved, That the Committee on the Fire Department be authorized to hire for the Fire Brigade one negro man to act as hostler, and on
City Council. --A called meeting of the Council was held in the City Hall yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Present: Messrs. Saunders, (President,) Griffin, Denoon, Walker, Burr, Scott, Clopton, Hill, and Stokes. The Chairman of the Committee on Police stated to the Council that the committee had under consideration the case of John D. Perrin, who had recently been dismissed by the Mayor from the police department of the city, and inasmuch as he had hitherto been a faithful officer, they recommended that the Council reinstate him in the police service. The recommendation was unanimously concurred in. The Committee on Finance and Claims reported as correct several bills which had been referred to them, and they were ordered to be paid. Mr. Scott offered the following resolution, which was adopted: Whereas, The frequent robberies that have occurred in the city have justly occasioned much alarm among our citizens: and whereas, the perpetrators of said robberie
City Council. --A called meeting of the Council took place at the City Hall yesterday morning. The following members were present: Messrs. Saunders, (President,) Glazebrook, Griffin, Crutchfield, Hill, Haskins, Epps, Randolph, Scott, Walker, and Clopton. Mr. Scott, chairman of the Committee on Arms, submitted a report, setting forth the amount of clothing which had been purchased and distributed by order of the Council to the soldiers in the field from this city. There being some deficiency in former appropriations, the following resolution was offered and adopted: Resolved, That the sum of $4,000 be, and the same is hereby, appropriated to make up the deficiency expended by the Committee on Arms. Mr. Scott also offered the following resolution; which was adopted: Resolved, that the sum of $25,000 be, and the same is hereby, appropriated to complete the distribution of clothing to Richmond soldiers. Mr. Hill made a statement to the Council that in fixi
City Council. --At four o'clock yesterday afternoon a called meeting of the Council was held at the City Hall. Present: Messrs. Saunders, (President,) Denoon, Glazebrook, Crutchfield, Griffin, Walker, Epps, Scott, Burr, Haskans, and Hill. Mr. Burr, from the Committee of Finance, offered a resolution that the sum of $3 25, paid in taxes by John W Crow, be refunded to him. On motion of Mr. Hill it was ordered that the amendments to the ordinance governing the rates of drayage, hack hire, &c., be published in the daily papers of the city. Mr. Hill offered a resolution, which was adopted, that the petitions offered for an increase of the salaries of all the city employees be referred to the Committee on Salaries with instructions to report at their next meeting whether any increase should be made. Mr. Scott offered a resolution, that the Committee on Markets be instructed to inquire into the expediency of reporting an ordinance to prohibit merchants from selling
City Council. --A special meeting of the Council was held at the City Hall yesterday at 4 o'clock. Present; Messrs. Saunders, (President,) Walker, Burr, Crutchfield, Glazebrook, Epps, Scott, Denoon, and Griffin. Mr. Burr, from the Committee on Public Grounds and Buildings, to whom had been referred a communication from the Governor offering to purchase from the city that portion of ground known as "Gamble's Hill," for the purpose of erecting suitable buildings for the use of the State Armory and the Ordnance Department thereon, submitted the following report: The Committee on Public Grounds and Buildings have considered the inquiry referred to them relating to the sale of Gamble's Hill. Your committee are of opinion that it is not advisable to sell any city property now, and they deem it especially important to retain the land used or intended as public grounds or squares. This policy ought not to yield to anything but a public necessity, and it does not appear to yo
The renegade and buffalo, Capt. Hoggard, who has been so long a terror to Eastern Carolina, was captured on Friday night last, and is now a prisoner in the Confederate lines. Hoggard has been depredating on the people of Bertie, Gates, Chowan, and counties contiguous, for some time past, at the head of one hundred renegades, who, like himself, should have deemed it a dear privilege to fight for their native State. Having been considerably annoyed by members of the 62d Georgia regiment, (Col. Griffin.) Hoggard has been lying in ambush for Capts. Bowers and Davis, of the above command, and had but recently sent them a message that he would capture them at an early day, or lose his life in the attempt. But sometimes would be captors are themselves captured, and such has been the late of the unfortunate Hoggard. Hearing that Hoggard would visit his wife on Friday night last, Captain Bowers dismounted his command and proceeded cautiously to the residence of Hoggard, in Bertie county, ni
City Council. --Yesterday afternoon at four o'clock the Council held a called meeting at the City Hall. The following members were present: Messrs. Saunders, (President,) Burr, Griffin, Glazebrook, Epps., Clopton, Scott, Hill, Walker, and Denoon. The President stated that the Council had been convened in order to consider the report from the Committee of Finance. Mr. Burr, from the Committee of Finance, offered the following resolutions, which were acted upon separately: Resolved, That the tax of $20 on four slaves, for 1863, be remitted to R. L. Brown, the same having been erroneously paid. Adopted. Resolved, That in addition to the commission of one and a half per cent. allowed the City Collector by the 25th section of the ordinance concerning the collection of the assessed taxes, the Collector may deduct from the taxes of 1863 a farther commission of one-half of 1 per cent. on said taxes, and shall be credited with the same by the Auditor in the settleme
Resisting the officers. --Some little excitement was created yesterday morning, near the Second Market, by a difficulty between officers Perrin and Griffin on one side and two Confederate officers on the other. A row having occurred at a bar-room near the Theatre, Mr. Perrin took the creator of it, a soldier, to the station-house. On his way thither a Confederate Captain, claiming to be a friend to the man in custody, requested Perrin to let him off, as his furlough had just expired and tumbling about in the mud for some time, however, P. got the better of his antagonist, and dragging him out of the culvert, succeeding in carrying him up stairs and locking him up also. The natural inquiry will be, what became of policeman Griffin and the companion of the Captain during this engagement? Well, no sooner had the two first-named hitched, than the other party pitched into Griffin, and on P.'s disposing of his man, and seeing the dilemma in which G. was, he gallantly went to
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