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C. T. Wortham (search for this): article 2
Life, fire and Marine Insurance.Richmond fire Association.office, no. 158 Main (N. E. Corner of 11th) St.,Richmond, Va.Chartered 29th March, 1837. This old and reliable Institution, with ample capital, and contingent fund carefully invested, continues to insure Slaves, Buildings, Merchandize, of every description; Household Furniture and Family Wearing Apparel, vessels, Cargoes and Freight, at the lowest current rates. Losses adjusted and paid with all possible dispatch. Directors: David Currie, C. T. Wortham, John H. Claiborne, John J. Wilson, Alex. Garrett, Robert M. Burton, Francis J. Barnes, John T. Sublett, Thos. A. Rust, Geo. N. Gwathmey. David Currie, President. John J. Wilson, Treasurer. R. T. Brooke, Secretary. de 27--ly
of Alexandria, moved that the resolutions under consideration be laid on the table until morning, as Mr. Goode did not desire to proceed with his remarks this afternoon. The motion was agreed to. Mr. Montague called the attention of the President to the fact, that an individual had been taken into custody in compliance with an order from the Chair, and asked that the matter be disposed of. The President said he gave no such order, and went on to explain what had occurred. Mr. Wysor, of Pulaski, said that the gentleman who made the disturbance had refused to leave, and was, in consequence, taken into custody by the Sergeant- at-Arms. After some further conversational debate, Mr. R. Y. Conrad moved that the prisoner be discharged from custody, which was carried in the affirmative. Mr. Burdett, of Taylor, offered a resolution, that in view of the disturbance that had just occurred, a committee be appointed to take into consideration the expediency of adjournin
Wheeler & Wilson'ssewing Machines have won the highest premiums at the fair of the U. S. Agricultural Society, and at the State Fairs of-- Maine, Vermont, Connec't, N. York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Missouri, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Wiscon'n, Califor'ia, New Jersey, lowa, North Carolina; and at the Fairs of the-- American Institute, N. York; Mechanics' Association, Boston; Franklin InstitN. York; Mechanics' Association, Boston; Franklin Institute, Philadelphia; Mechanics' Institute, Baltimore; Mechanics' Institute, Washington; Mechanics' Association, Cincinnati; Kentucky Institute, Louisville; Mechanical Association, St. Louis; Mechanics' Institute, San Francisco; Mechanics' Institute, Chicago; The Virginia Mechanics' Institute, Richmond, 1860, Gave them a Silver Medal — the highest premium. Read this extract, from the report of the Examining Committee. (The committee were all thorough machinists, and made
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