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ovejoy, of III., made a strong coercion and anti-compromise speech. The Speaker communicated the letters of withdrawal of the Georgia delegation. Mr. Montgomery, of Pa., proposed that every member of the House resign, and thus bring the question directly home before the people on their re-election. Mr. McPherson, (Rep.)of Pa., characterized the Southern movement as a conspiracy, diabolical in its character, originating from disappointed ambition and natural inequality. Mr. Winslow, of N. C., obtained the floor, and the House adjourned. Senate.--Mr. Iverson, of Georgia, was discharged, at his own request, from further serving on the Committee of Claims. A bill providing for the removal of the St.Louis Arsenal, and sale of the land on which it is located, was passed. Mr. Crittenden's resolutions were laid aside, and the Tariff bill taken up and referred to a special committee. The Pacific Railroad bill was discussed. A warm debate ensued betw
Candidates. --John O. L. Goggin and Thos. J. Kirkpatrick have been nominated to represent Campbell county, Va., in the Convention. Hon. John B. Floyd is a candidate in Washington, and Alex. H. Stuart and Hugh W. Shoffey in Augusta county. Ex-Gov. Wise is the candidate in Princess Anne county.
oposition that the Committee on Courts of Justice be instructed so to do. Laid on the table till to-morrow in order that a test vote may be taken on the subject. Petitions.--By Mr. Carpenter, the petition of C. M. McCormack, to have refunded a fine imposed by the County Court of Alleghany county. Resolutions.--The following resolutions of inquiry were read and referred; By Mr. Evans, of amending or repealing the law restricting the catching of fish in certain rivers and bays; by Mr. Witten, of providing for the payment of $162.70 to Witten Cecil and T. G. Perry, for law damages, assessed by a jury of Tazewell county; by Mr. Cowan, of legalizing a conveyance from Andrew Oliphant, guardian, &c., to David Simpson; by Mr. Carpenter, of amending 14th section of chapter 61 of the Code; by Mr. Watts, of refunding to Richard Cox and D. Griffith a sum of money assessed against them. Direct Trade.--Mr. Bisbie, of Norfolk, offered a resolution to the effect that the General Assemb
A. M. Wood (search for this): article 1
and promptly ordered out the fifth brigade of New York State militia. The armory, a substantial new building on the corner of Henry and Cranberry streets, was a blaze of light, and was surrounded by a curious crowd, vainly attempting to enter, and meeting the response addressed to all, without distinction, that only gentlemen in uniform could be admitted. The gentlemen in uniform rapidly assembled. There were stationed here the Thirteenth Regiment, Colonel Abel Smith; the Fourteenth, Col. A. M. Wood, and the Twenty-eighth, Col. Bennett. The Seventieth Regiment, Col. Samuel Graham, had been ordered to drill in the evening in the new arsenal, on Portland avenue, and were kept under arms. Generals Duryea and Crooke were at the armory, prepared to render such services as might be required of them. A detachment of New York harbor police were on duty near the yard. The officers at the yard apparently entertained little apprehension of an attack, but were perfectly prepared for an
Jonathan C. Woodson (search for this): article 6
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.Polities, &c., in Rockingham. Harrisonburg, Va, Jan. 22. After the regimental meeting yesterday, the candidates for the Convention commenced speaking. Each made his bow, announced himself, and argued his own claims, and advocated his own view of what the Convention should do. The following comprise the candidates so far; Col. A. S. Gray, Union; John F. Lewis, Union; John C. Walker, Secession; Dr. A. M. Newman, Secession; Jno. C. Woodson, Contingent; Dr. A. S. Coffiman, Union; Addison Harper, Union. Last night the Regimental officers were elected as follows; Colonel, S. B. Gibbons; Lieut. Colonel, E. T. H. Warren; 1st Major, Dr. Burke Chisman, 2d Major, Geo. W. Miller. This is a good selection, and the First Regiment of Rockinghom Volunteers will make a mark, if called into action. Yesterday was a poor day for auctioneers; the sales scarcely paid expenses. Pen.
William B. Wynne (search for this): article 11
Virginia Post-Offices. --A new office is established at Grove Landing, James City county, and William B. Wynne appointed postmaster. Office at Callahan's, Alleghany county, is re-established, and Wm. Weller appointed postmaster. Appointments.--James Cowling, postmaster at Broad Run Station, Fauquier county, vice Samuel P. Bagley, resigned. Abraham Rathbone, postmaster at Burning Spring, Wirt county, vice John V. Rathbone, resigned. John F. Bennett, postmaster at Burnville, Brumwell county, vice Jas. W. Connelly, resigned. Jas. Scott, postmaster at Middle Mountain, Craig county, vice John Scott deceased.
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