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during the year (Niles's register, vol. LVII., p. 32)......1838 Unsettled boundary between Maine and the British provinces results in the Aroostook War ......February–March, 1839 Rev. Zerah Colburn died at Norwich, Vt., aged thirty-five......March 2, 1839......[A mathematical prodigy.] Twenty-fifth Congress adjourns.....rch 3, 1883, of representation by the census of 1880, increasing the number of Representatives to 325......Feb. 28, 1882 Floods in the Mississippi Valley......February–March, 1882 In the criminal court of the District of Columbia, John W. Dorsey, John M. Peck, John R. Miner, Stephen W. Dorsey, M. C. Rerdell, Thomas J. Brady,.....Jan. 29, 1887 Act fixing second Monday in January for meeting of electors of each State at such place as legislatures may direct, and second Wednesday in February for counting electoral votes in Congress......Feb. 3, 1887 Inter-State commerce bill, appointing five commissioners to regulate commerce between the States, a
withdraw, and the chairman, Caleb Cushing, of Massachusetts, resigns. David Tod, of Ohio, is chosen chairman, and balloting begins......June 22, 1860 [On the second ballot Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois, received 181 1/2 votes. Benjamin Fitzpatrick, of Alabama, was nominated for Vice-President, but declined, and the natioburg, below Vicksburg......April 30, 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville, Va.......May 2-4, 1863 [ Stonewall Jackson (Confederate general) mortally wounded on the 2d, dies on the 10th.] Grand Gulf, below Vicksburg, abandoned by the Confederates......May 3, 1863 Clement L. Vallandigham arrested at Dayton, O., for treasonablMay, 1880 Republican National Convention meets at Chicago, June 2; George F. Hoar permanent president, June 3; fourteen nominations made for President. On the second ballot James A. Garfield's name appeared, with one vote. Until the thirty-fourth ballot the votes remained substantially unchanged; the five most important ballo
... 569 570 571 572 573 574