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May 24th, 1864 AD (search for this): chapter 4.22
Me., Lieut. Melville C. Kimball; 1st Mass., Capt. William H. McCartney; 1st N. Y., Capt. Andrew Cowan; 3d N. Y., Capt. William A. Ham; 4th N. Y. Heavy (First Battalion), Maj. Thomas D. Sears; C, 1st R. I., Capt. Richard Waterman; E, 1st R. I., Capt. William B. Rhodes; G, 1st R. I., Capt. George W. Adams; M, 5th U. S., Capt. James McKnight. Ninth Army Corps, This corps participated in the Wilderness and Spotsylvania campaigns, under the direct orders of Lieut.-Gen. U. S. Grant, until May 24th, 1864, when it was assigned to the Army of the Potomac. Major-General Ambrose E. Burnside. Provost Guard: 8th U. S., Capt. Milton Cogswell. first division, Brig.-Gen. Thomas G. Stevenson. First Brigade, Col. Sumner Carruth: 35th Mass., Maj. Nathaniel Wales; 56th Mass., Col. Charles E. Griswold; 57th Mass., Col. William F. Bartlett; 59th Mass., Col. J. Parker Gould; 4th U. S., Capt. Charles H. Brightly; 10th U. S., Maj. Samuel B. Hayman. Second Brigade, Col. Daniel Leasure: 3d Md., Col. Jo
t.-Col. George Stetzel. Artillery: 8th N. Y. (section), Lieut. Peter Morton. unattached troops: 1st U. S. Colored Cav., Maj. Harvey W. Brown; 2d U. S. Colored Cav., Col. George W. Cole; 13th Co. Mass. Heavy Art'y (pontoniers), Capt. John Pickering, Jr. The effective strength of the Union army in the Wilderness is estimated at 118,000 of all arms. The losses of this army (including those sustained by the reenforcements received at Spotsylvania and Smith's corps at Cold Harbor), from May 5th to June 15th, were as follows: battles, etc. Killed.Wounded. Captured or Missing.Total. The Wilderness224612,0373383 17,666 Spotsylvania272513,416 225818,399 North Anna and Totopotomoy 5912,734 6613,986 Cold Harbor and Bethesda Church 18449,077 181612,737 Sheridan's first expedition64337 224625 Sheridan's second expedition150741 6251516 Grand total from the Wilderness to the James7620 38,3428967 54,929 During the same period Butler's army on the James River line numbered at i
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