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Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 530 0 Browse Search
P. R. Cleburne 224 0 Browse Search
Benjamin Franklin Cheatham 206 6 Browse Search
J. B. Hood 187 1 Browse Search
Bushrod Johnson 178 8 Browse Search
Braxton Bragg 172 4 Browse Search
B. F. Cheatham 170 0 Browse Search
Nathan B. Forrest 135 7 Browse Search
Edgefield (Tennessee, United States) 132 4 Browse Search
William B. Bate 130 0 Browse Search
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October 27th (search for this): chapter 16
h his regiment was attached to Bushrod Johnson's brigade and Cheatham's division. He was severely wounded in this battle, but was in the field again in time to share in the Kentucky campaign. In the magnificent victory of Richmond, Ky., he commanded a brigade under Cleburne, and upon the wounding of that general, succeeded him in command of the division. In no battle of the war did either side win a more brilliant victory than was gained by the Confederates on this memorable field. On October 27th, Colonel Smith was commissioned brigadier-general, and no promotion was ever more worthily bestowed. General Smith's useful career was brought to a close at Chickamauga, Ga., September 19, 1863, at the close of the first day's fight on this hotlycontested field. At 6 o'clock p. m., General Smith was informed that a night attack had been determined upon, and was ordered to support General Deshler's brigade as soon as it should move to the front. During this advance, in the confusion cau
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