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of Greece and Belgium. There are two or three distinct principles on which a frontier line might be drawn. We might recognize the acts of individual States, and confine the Southern Confederacy to those which have actually and formally become members thereof--Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and the States south of them, with the territory of New Mexico. Or we might recognize the sovereign rights of the people, and allow Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware to decide their own fate Tuscany, the Legations, and the Duchies. Or we might undertake ourselves to draw a frontier line, giving to the North these districts which are Northern by sympathy, and to the South those which desire to be Southern. There could be few cases in which it would be easier to decide on a common basis of action; few in which the power of the mediators to enforce their decimation could be less doubtful. The South is ready to accept any fair terms of peace; if the North should reject them, she would b
ns of Hannibal with the map of Europe before your eyes. You will find that General, after having overthrown the allies of Rome in Spain, marching through the South of France upon Italy. He crosses the Alps in the face of difficulties almost superhuman, and by a mere cavalry battle becomes master of Piedmont and Lombardy, with all its warlike inhabitants, burning with hatred to Rome, and eager to join him in overthrowing her power. A bloody battle on the Trebia gives him possession of all Tuscany. Another, near Perugia, puts the whole States of the Church, with the exception of a small space immediately around Rome, into his hands.--Partly by force, partly by bribery, he makes himself master of nearly all the great towns and municipalities lying to the east and southeast of Rome, until he works his way deep into the kingdom of Naples. The unheard of victory of Cannæ, in which out of a Roman army of 87,000 men all were killed or taken prisoners but 3,000, was fought on the Ofanto,
ve tendency of the law, and so revolting were its features to people of every class, that it was repealed almost by acclamation. "Never abandoned it until she had resumed a specie currency." This is not true. When the maximum was repealed there was not a silver or gold coin in circulation in all France. In 1796, two years after, Bonaparte made his first Italian campaign, in the course of which he levied enormous contributions upon the King of Sardinia, the Dukes of Modena, Parma, and Tuscany, the cities of Milan, Verona, and Leghorn, the republics of Genoa and Venice, the Pope, and the King of Naples. These he sent in specie to Paris, after paying his troops, and with this money the Directory, having repudiated the assignats, commenced paying specie in 1797. She did not abandon it, it seems, "until she had composed her intestine feuds and brought all Europe to her feet." False again. She abandoned it in 1794. The war of La Vendee, the grand intestine feud of the time, w
The Daily Dispatch: January 30, 1865., [Electronic resource], Religious duties of masters to slaves. (search)
ers of the army or navy shall proceed to France and England to inquire into the military and naval organization of those two countries, and make a report to the commission formed at Athens for the re-organization of those services in Greece. "Peter's Pence," at Rome, produces less and less. At the commencement the produce was about four thousand Roman crowns a month, it afterwards fell to two thousand, and goes on decreasing. November only gave seven hundred, including offerings from Tuscany. From official returns just published, it appears that the population of Brussels on the 1st of January last, amounted to 184,932, of whom 89,971 were males and 94,961 females. The first iron-plated vessel for the Brazilian navy was lately launched at the Seine building- yard, near Toulon. She is a corvette, and named the Don Pedro II. Two hundred and ninety-one million, five hundred and ninety-seven thousand, two hundred and forty eggs have been imported into England in the
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