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sioned by insanity, which was hereditary with the deceased. --This remark, so unnecessary and heedless, no view of the case justifiable, attracted the notice of Mr. Wm. E. Earle, a of Lieut. E., and he soon afterwards write to the editors denying the statement, and inquiring upon whose authority it was made, This letter, in thferred to the local department without reaching the editors, and was not answered, whilst the cause of rather aggravated by a statement in the local column that Mr. Wm. E Halle Cortez that insanity was inherited by his relative. That gentleman has recently brau to the knowledge of the writer never mad the paragraph for the wrongs of journalism growing out of inconsiderateness, without improper motive, which it must be confessed, occur too often, and which, in the nature of things, it is impossible fully to repair. We very much regret that this paper has been the medium of it, and make this explanation in justice to Mr. Wm. E Earle and ourselves.
The Daily Dispatch: December 23, 1861., [Electronic resource], Sudden death on
Pennsylvania Avenue
, Washington. (search)
us to us, was more so to the enemy, if recent reports are true. It is believed there were seven regiments of infantry, one of cavalry, and eight pieces of light artillery against us. The following is a list of the casualties; Eleventh Virginia, Col. Garland. Company a, Rifle Rangers, from Lynchburg--Private John Henry, killed accidentally. Company B--Lieutenant T B Horton, wounded in the thigh; private Walker Thurmond, wounded in thigh, and missing. Company C--Privates Wm. H Hobson, mortally wounded in abdomen; S T Franklin, wounded in thigh; Joseph S Rice, wounded in arm, slight; John B Wood, both arms slight. Company D--pptivates Melvin Gibbs, killed; W. Carper, and James McDowell, wounded slightly in feet. Company E--None. Company F--Private Robert Burt, slightly hurt. Company G--None. Company H--Henry Goldin, killed; Jos Flowers, severe wound in knee; George W. Rogers, missing. Company I--Captain James H. Jameson, shot through
The Potomac Fisheries. --The Fredericksburg Herald, of the 3d inst., has the following well timed and appropriate remarks on the propriety of using every effort that can be to occupy and cultivate our fishing shores the Potomac: We are gratified to learn that Mr. Wm. L Pratt commenced fighting the seine yesterday at the fishery on Potomac which empties into the Potomac river. The point of fishing is well secured from the attacks of the Lincoln river craft, being under the protection of the guns of Smith's battery. There was no fall fishing at all, either in the Potomac or Rappahannock, in consequence of the fact that the army numbers in us ranks the men mostly engaged in this pursuit. There are other points on the Potomac which we hope to see occupied shortly. We have an unfailing meat-house at our very doors, which has been too long neglected. Let the Rappahannock river also be occupied with fisheries. It will pay well, and why they have not been heretofore op
dier General in the Southern army. We are pleased also to return all due thanks to the three companies of the 12th Georgia, and the one company from the 25th Virginia Regiment, which asaisted us in driving the enemy from the hill on our right flank. It is said by the Yankees prisoners that between fifteen hundred and two thousand of their picked troops attacked us on the right flank, and between two and three thousand on the left flank. List of the killed and wounded in Lt. Col. Hansbrough's battalion. Company A--M. Y. B. Colling, killed; P. A. Masgrove B. M. Dawson. J. W. Halterman, and Herbert Murphy wounded. Company B--Capt. Wm. H. M l hon and Augustine Herner, killed, Lt., L. D. Haymond, Serg't Wm. M Rader, J. W. Braeg, J. N. Brown, And, Ware, and M. W. Howel, wounded. Company C--J. C. Green and Therman Tinny, killed; J. B. Young, Jas. A. Johnson, wounded; wounded; Amt Paugh, Leri Were, Leonerd Cutlip, Jas, Hall, and J. J. Blankenship, taken prisoners. Pat,
Assault with a slung shot. --Mr. A. S. Leach, a resident of this city, made his appearance at the City Hall, about 2 o'clock yesterday, while the Hustings Court was in session, and made affidavit before Alderman Wm. B, Smith that he had been violently assaulted with a slung shot, by a man by the name of Walker, in the Richmond Examiner office, on Thirteenth street. In proof of his assertion, Mr. Leach exhibited his caput, which, judging from the gore that streamed over his features, had a pretty extensive excavation therein. He was suffering considerably from exhaustion produced by the loss of blood. The warrant that was issued was placed in the hands of officer Seal. As Mr. R. T. Daniel, the City Attorney, had an interview with the wounded man, it is quite likely that the case will go before the Grand Jury to-day, as he represented the assault on him as very unprovoked.
depot with the respect due the memory of heroes who fall in a glorious sense. We have received from Lieut. R. S. Sanxay, of the Hines, who accompanied the remains of the officers to this city, a list of the killed and wounded in the Richmond and two or three other companies, received by the flag of Our entire loss in killed was eight and in wounded thirty. This is the statement of Dr. Cole, and it may be relied upon as correct. Richmond Blues. Killed--Capt. O. Jennings Wise, private Wm. H Bennett. Wounded--Lieut. Fred. Carter, (shoulder,) Sergeant Geo. W. Jarvis, (side,) privates Wm. Reskell, Frank Johnston, H. Adler, and Francis Gamble--such wounded in leg, not dangerously. Capt. Coles's Company. Killed--Capt. Robt. Coles. Wounded--Private Thomas, (neck,) private Bahup, (shoulder,) and three others, names for ascertained. M' Culloce Rangers. Killed--Private Dotson. Wounded--Private Daly. (body,) Collur, (arm.) Capt. Morris's Compa
anies A, Capt. Derbyshire, B. Capt. Alvis; C, Capt. Prescott; D, Capt. Archar. A detachment of the Blues, under Lieut Richard S. Sauxay. Officers and privates of the Wise Legion in Virginia. Old members and present members of company F. Metropolitan and other Lodges of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, headed by their officers. The hearse containing the body, drawn by four gray horses. Pall bearers, Cols. Geo. W. Hunford, Thos. B. Bigger, Capt. Wm. Y. Sheppard, Col. Wm., H. Fry, Capt. Geo. H. Tompkins, Capt. Wm. L. Manle, Lieut John F. Regnault, Capt. R. Lindsey Walker, Alderman Sanxay, Councilman Glazebrook. His Excellency the Governor. The employees of the Enquerer, wearing crape on the left arm. Honorary members of the Blues and freinds of the company; Caskie's Eangers, Capt. Caskie; Albemarie Rangers, Lieut. Goodwin; Carriages. On the arrival of the body at the church it was borne in the church and down the central aisle to the pul
Wounded-- 1st Sergeant Julian Ballard, and privates Johnston Runelds, Floyd Nelson, Johnson Jordan, Joe Ferrill, William Farley, and Van Holston. Company E.--Killed — None. Wounded — Serg't Eldidge Henderson, and privates Wm Rodgers, Jas R Davis, David Collins, John Crawford, Wm. M Millin, Floyd M Millin, and Wilten Thompson. Company F.--Killed--Private Abe Young Wounded--Privates Charles Crawford, G W. Butcher, Tom Cibbins, Patrick. Duffy, and Musker Bowler. Company G.--Killed-- First Sergeant Wm H Watson and Sergeant Ezra Sayre. Wounded--Second Lieutenant John S McGuire, Sergeant John M Bent, Corporal Lemuel Davie, and privates Nathen J Slavens, Wm P Thomson, James P Duvall, James Ashley, and Hiram Monroe. Company H.--Killed — None. Wounded--Privates Alex Murfee, and John T Litton, Total--Killed 12; wounded 44 Fiftieth Virginia Regiment--Captain Snead, Commanding. This regiment lost III killed and wounded. Their names are not report
Wanted.--Heavy Artillery. Recruits wanted to serve in a battallon on James river. The battallon will be under the command of Maj. Wm. Allen, who has permission from the Secretary of War to raise it. miles Selden, office at Selden & Miller's Cary and 14th sts. fe 25--lm*
of Virginia in regulars, who was slightly wounded — We received a had through the pocket amen pocket, which so checked its force that it merely broke the skin and the sligh . He also received wound in the right hand, from which temporary inconvenience may result.-- in the lighted terms of pra of his company. They with thirty six muskets, lost one killed and nine wounded. Lieutenants Randolph and How states, are jured. We have been informed by private source of the fall of Capt. Wm. Bay Rector, of who commanded a company in the 424 regiment. He behaved most and when shot was standing on a mp, waving his sword and cheering on his men. The Orderly Sergeant of the same Walker Brown, son of Rev. Richard of Campbell, was also killed There were four others wounded and four At a late hour last night we had an interview with Capt. Thom, who had just from Staunton. The elements which he game us fully confirm the previous accounts of the hero of our troops.
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