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that although she possessed but a small estate, in her personal deportment she fully maintained the ancient dignity of her family. Samuel the f. d. prob. 1767, a. about 84; his w. Priscilla d. prob.--April 1785, at which date is recorded the death of widow Gookin, an aged woman. 8. Daniel, s. of Samuel (3), was also a Captain, and much engaged in public affairs. He m. Sarah Biscoe (wid. of John Biscoe) 9 July 1716, and had in Camb. Sarah, bap. 11 May 1718, d. young; Mary, b p. 24 Ap. 1720; Sarah, bap. 21 Oct. 1722; Samuel, bap. 31 Jan. 1724-5. He probe. was the same who rem. to Worcester, and was the first High Sheriff of Worcester County, from 1731 until his death in 1743. Wor. Mag., II. 206. 9. Daniel, S. of Richard (6), m. Hannah Child 24 Dec. 1761; she d. 7 May 1769, and he m. Susanna Whiting 12 Dec. 1771. This chil. born in Dedham, were Margaret, b. 21 Nov. 1762; Lydia, b. 7 Mar. 1765; Hannah, b. 23 Ap. 1769; and perhaps other. 10. Edmund, s. of Richard (6), re
1718-19; and perhaps others. Mary, was b. in Camb.; the others named in Medf. where Percival the father res. until about 1721, when he and his w. Jane were recommended for admission to the Church in Sutton. He was elected Deacon in Medf. 6 Ap. 1720. 10. Jonathan, S. of John (5), res. in Medf., but had son Jonathan, bap. here 20 Oct. 1706. 11. Thomas, s. of John (5), res. in Medf. and was elected Deacon in Dec. 1706. He m. Hannah, dau. of Gershom Cutter, 22 Dec. 1702, and had Thomas, b. Zechariah, b. 27 Sept. 1657; John, b. 10 Ap., d. 4 June 1660; Joseph, bap. 12 Jan. 1661-2; Thomas. bap. 3 July 1664, d. young; Hannah, bap. 4 Mar. 1665-6, m. Thomas Stacy, 20 June 1683; Margaret, b. 3 July 1668, m. John Fuller 11 Oct. 1714; he d. 1720, and she m. John Weld of Roxbury, and was living in 1727; Thomas and John, twins, b. 15, and d. 27 and 25 Sept. 1676. Zechariah the f. d. 5 Aug. 1702, a. 73; his w. Elizabeth d. 12 Sept. 1730, a. 93. 2. Zechariah, s. of Zechariah (1), m. Ruth,
June 1683; Isaac, b. 15 Ap. 1685; Ephraim,b. 11 Sept. 1686; Elizabeth, b. 14 Mar. 1690-91; Timothy, b. 4 Mar. 1692-3; Eliphalet; Abiah. 4. Samuel, s. of Samuel (3), was styled waterman, and rem. from Billerica to Camb. about 1692. In 1698 his father conveyed to him the warehouse, boat-house, and wharf rights (which he had inherited), at the southwest corner of Dunster and South streets, and a house and land on the southeast corner. A part of this estate he sold to Jonathan Remington in 1720, and before 1724 rem. to Windham, Conn., where he was living in 1744. By his wife Deborah, he had Dorothy, b. 17 Jan. 1688-9; Samuel, b. 14 Jan. 1690-91; Edward: John, bap. 17 Jan. 1696-7; Abigail, bap. 14 May 1699, m. Jabez Carter 27 June 1723; Elizabeth, b. 21 Nov. 1701, m.——Bingham; Mary, b. 17 Mar. 1703-4, m. Case; Joseph (prob. grad. at H. C. 1730), was a physician in Woburn, where he d. in 1745. By his will, dated 29 Oct. 1744, he seems to have left neither wife nor children, as he g
732; his w. Elizabeth d. 21 May 1735. 7. Nathaniel, s. of Thomas (4), by w. Bethia, had Mary, b. 15 Sept. 1716, m. Thomas Sparhawk, Esq., 14 Jan. 1730-31, and was living in 1779. Nathaniel the f. was not the Chelsea schoolmaster and magistrate who grad. H. C. 1701, as some have supposed, but a farmer or yeoman. He d. 11 Mar. 1727-8; his w. Bethia d. Dec. 1774, a. 81. 8. Peter, s. of Thomas (4), m. Mary Mattucks, and had Elizabeth, b. about 1716; Thomas, b. about 1718; Peter, b. about 1720; Mary, b. about 1722, prob. m. Abraham Frost 8 June 1747; Samuel, b. about 1726, prob. the mariner on whose estate Abraham Frost administered 21 Dec. 1764; Sarah, b. about 1728. The dates of birth are estimated from the ages specified in the guardianship granted to their mother Mary 30 July 1731. Peter the f. was styled Captain and d. 7 Dec. 1729. 9. Thomas, prob. s. of Peter (8), m. Rebecca, dau. of Deac. John Bradish, and had Rebecca, b. about 1740, m. William Manning, Jr., 26 Nov.
and res. on the westerly side of Garden Street, opposite to the Botanic Garden; the cellar and well were visible recently. He d. 7 Dec. 1709, a. 33 ears 3 months and 12 days, as inscribed on his gravestone; his w. Mary m. Nathaniel Robbins before 1720, and Samuel Lyon of Roxbury 24 Nov. 1742, after whose death she returned to her former dwelling, and d. here 2 Mar. 1760, a. 83. The epitaph on her gravestone was prob. written by her son, Rev. Thomas Prentice of Chs., and as a tribute of filiallittle in the rear of the old Washington School-house, the same estate which was for many years afterwards occupied by Miss Mary Hancock. He d. 24 Jan. 1741-2. 15. Nathaniel, s. of Henry (8), grad. H. C. 1715, minister at Dunstable from about 1720, m. Mary, dau. of Maj. William Tyng 1724, and had Mary, b. 2 Jan. 1725; William Henry, b. 2 Dec. 1726; Nathaniel, b. 29 May 1729, an officer in the Navy, d. unm. and Abraham Watson of Camb. was appointed administrator 1 May 1770; Lucy, prob. m.
ttleton; Hannah, b. 2 June 1708, m. Edward Farwell of Littleton; Amos; Jason; Sarah, m. William Sanderson of Harvard; Elizabeth; Esther. David the f. was a farmer, and res. at the Farms until 1715, when he removed to Concord, and from thence about 1720 to Littleton, where he was Deacon; he d. not long before 29 Oct. 1744, when his estate was divided among his children, who then resided,--David and John, at Lunenburg, Abigail, Hannah, Amos, Elizabeth, and Esther, at Littleton, and Jason and Sarahes, b. 14 Aug. 1709; Josiah, b. 28 Mar. 1711; Samuel, b. 27 Oct. 1712; Jemima, b. 8 Sept. 1714, m. John Carruth of Westborough; Sarah, b. 8 Feb. 1716, m.——Creasey of Groton; Abigail, b. 29 Ap. 1718, m. Dr. Ebenezer Perry of Groton; Lucy, b. 15 Ap. 1720. James the f. res. at Lex., where he prob. d. between 6 July 1747, when he and his w. Mary executed a deed to his son Josiah, and 17 May 1749, when the other children confirmed the title to the estate. They then resided—James (a cordwainer), <
3, m. John Stone and rem. to Rutland; Tabitha, b. 9 Jan. 1715-16. m. John Noyes of Sudbury; Mary, b. 9 Mar. 1717-18, m. Thomas Bent of Sudbury; Susanna, b. 24 Ap. 1720, m. Elijah Bent of Sudbury; Nathan, b. 28 Ap. 1722, m. Mary Robbins, and res. at Sudbury and Rutland; Eunice, b. 2 July 1724, m. Samuel Reed; Sybil, b. 9 Sept. 1721 May 1781; Elizabeth, b. 9 Oct. 1670; Susanna, b. 4 Nov. 1675, m. Edward Goddard, Esq.; Jonathan, b. 26 Dec. 1677. Simon the f. d. 27 Feb. 1707-8; his w. Mary d. 1720. 14. Ebenezer, s. of Simon (13), settled in Newton, and m. Margaret, dau. of James Trowbridge, 1686; she d. 4 May 1710, a. 44, and he m. Abigail Wilson; she d. 1720, a. 57, and he m. wid. Sarah Livermore 8 Ap. 1722, who d. 1741, a. 70. His chil., all by his first w.. were Ebenezer, b. 21 Dec. 1686, m. Sarah Bond, d. 1 Feb. 1784, and was buried in the old burial ground at Wat.; Margaret, b. 1 Aug. 1688, m. Nathaniel Hammond, d. 1776; Samuel, b. 1 July 1690, rem. to Framingham, and m. Ha
overnor of New Hampshire, by whom he had John; Hezekiah, who resided in Boston; Elizabeth, m. Stephen Harris of Boston; Frances, m. Rev. Joseph Parsons of Bradford. John the f. d. at Medf. 5 Sept. 1726; his w. Elizabeth d. 5 July 1753. 4. John, s. of John (3), grad. H. C. 1719, was a missionary from the Society in England for propagating the Gospel for half a century, and d. in Bristol, R. I., at the age of 75 years, in 1775. Alden's Epitaphs, Note. 5. John, s. of John (4), b. about 1720, grad. H. C. 1743, was an Episcopal Clergyman at Bristol, R. I. His epitaph is given by Alden: Sacred to the memory of the Rev. John Usher, late Rector of this Church, who departed this life 5 July 1804 in hope and full assurance of a resurrection to a better, aged 84 years; a kind and tender parent, an ardent, active and faithful friend, a just and generous man, and sincere Christian, etc. Mr. Alden adds, that he was a descendant, according to family tradition, from the learned James Usher,
but I know not whether our records, or the dates referred to, are the more correct. See Jackson's Hist. of Newton. 3. John, s. of John (2), m. Mary Spring 30 Nov. 1681, and had Sarah, b. 25 Mar. 1685, m. William Trowbridge about 1707, and d. 1720. She is supposed by A. H. Ward, Esq., to have been the only child of her parents, who survived her. John the f. was Representative of Newton ten years, and d. 5 June 1727; his w. Mary d. 20 Ap. 1731, a. 71. 4. Richard, s. of John (2), m. Thankargery, bap. 27 Mar. 1664, m. Thomas Carter; Hannah, bap. 16 Feb. 1667, d. young; Hannah, b. 9 Feb. 1668; Frances, b. 3 Mar. 1671, m. Jonathan Thompson; Thomas; Joseph, living in 1691, perhaps m. Mary Kendall of Woburn 13 Feb. 1698-9, and d. about 1720. Francis the f. was a tailor, resided several years in the present city, but subsequently near the line between Menot. and the Farms. He d. 12 Oct. 1685, a. 62; his w. Margaret d. 1 Mar. 1685-6. 2. John, s. of Francis (1), m. Rachel, wid. of
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 19. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Jefferson Davis. (search)
eatest political opponent, Clay, always called him his friend. This is not the place to set forth the motive for the ever growing rupture between the States. The writer of this article has contributed to this subject in the pages of the Kreuz Zeitung. Only as a curious fact for the superficial critics of the whole conflict, it may here be stated that at the beginning of the settlement of the country, the Southern States had a greater aversion to slavery than the Northern States. From 1720 to 1760, South Carolina unceasingly protested against the introduction of negro labor. Georgia forbade it by law. Virginia decidedly opposed it and levied a tax of ten dollars on each negro. They were originally forced to adopt this system through the avarice of the English merchants, and the despotism of the English ministers which had later, certainly for the South, its demoralizing features. It was the South also which at first prohibited the slave trade, and Virginia at the head.
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