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J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XXXII. November, 1863 (search)
d we must be prepared for hard work any day.-R. E. Lee. On the back of which the President indoer, to invade Pennsylvania next spring, leaving Lee still with his army on this side of the Potomacmorning for Orange Court House, on a visit to Gen. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia. We aren December, and perhaps he desired to consult Gen. Lee. Everywhere the people are clamorous agaiident is expected back to-day. A letter from Gen. Lee indicates that the Commissary-General has bee, at Chaffin's Farm, is ordered to march toward Lee, guarding the railroad, and the local defense m Three o'clock P. M. The weather is clear, and Lee and Meade may fight, and it may be a decisive bone were lostthank God! This morning early, Lee and Meade confronted each other in battle arraythe season, in the event of Meade's defeat, for Lee to menace that city, or to invade Pennsylvania.pahannock, with his back to Fredericksburg, and Lee's face toward it. If Meade should gain the vict[7 more...]
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XXXIII. December, 1863 (search)
re were tents. Some 1500 local troops, or National guards, had been sent there to relieve Pickett's division, recalled by Lee; but when Meade recrossed the Rapidan, there was no longer any necessity for the Guards to remain on duty. A brigade of rinia to meet the raiders. After keeping them in waiting till midnight, the order was countermanded. It is said now that Gen. Lee has sent three brigades after Averill and his 3000 men, and hopes are entertained that the enemy may be captured. Iton, he was still in favor of the Union. December 20 We have nothing new yet from Averill's raiders; but it is said Gen. Lee has set a trap for them. From East Tennessee there is a report that a battle has taken place somewhere in that region, lowances, which, with their pay, make their compensation enormous. A colonel, here, gets more compensation monthly than Gen. Lee, or even a member of the cabinet! Mr. Ould, agent of exchange, has sent down some 500 prisoners, in exchange for a l
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 35 (search)
n. Morgan. call for a Dictator. letter from Gen. Lee. letters from Gov. Vance. accusation againsss. destitution of our prisoners. appeal of Gen. Lee to the army. New Conscription act. letter fginian has come out for a dictator, and names Gen. Lee. The Raleigh (N. C.) Progress says we musanimously adopted by the Senate complimenting Gen. Lee. This is his opportunity, if he be ambitiousommissary), was in the market buying beef for Gen. Lee's army! And this same Moffitt was in Septembthe country being 20 cts. On the 2d inst. Gen. Lee wrote the President that he had just heard of makes a chronological list of his letters to Gen. Lee and others, pretending that if certain things, a few regiments, have been passing down from Lee's army, and going toward North Carolina. A disably give him what he wants. January 26 Gen. Lee recommends the formation of several more brigre in mourning for those slain in battle. Gen. Lee has published the following to his army: G
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XXXV. February, 1864 (search)
led with rumors-none reliable. It is said Gen. Lee is much provoked at the alarm and excite. mee — a not improbable event. February 10 Gen. Lee wrote to the Secretary of War, on the 22d ofreturned it with a long argument to show that Gen. Lee was in error, and that the practice was necessoldiers are on hard fare. But, fortunately, Gen. Lee has captured 1200 beeves from the enemy sincennegan has captured the enemy in Florida. Gen. Lee says his army is rapidly re-enlisting for the do no more than supply grain for the horses of Lee's army-all being brought from Alabama, Georgia, have news from Longstreet. If Meade advances, Lee will meet him-and let him beware! Gold is sd on Bragg the position once (1862) occupied by Lee, as the following official announcement, in allemy to aid in the extrication of Sherman. Gen. Lee is here in consultation with the President. s is only rumor, however. A dispatch from Gen. Lee's Chief Commissary, received to-day, says the[5 more...]
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 37 (search)
XXXVI. march, 1864 Attempt to capture Richmond. Governor Vance and Judge Pearson preparations to blow up the Libby prisoners. letter from General Lee. proposal to execute Dahlgren's raiders. General Butler on the Eastern Shore. colonel Dahlgren's body. destitution of the army. strength of the Southwestern army. destitution of my family. protest from South Carolina. difficulty with P. Milmo & Co. Hon. J. W. Wall. March 1 Dark and raining. As the morning progressed, the city was a little startled by the sound of artillery in a northern direction, and not very distant. Couriers and horsemen from the country announced the approach of the enemy within the outer fortifications; a column of 5000 cavalry. Then Hon. James Lyons came in, reporting that the enemy were shelling his house, one and a half miles from the city. And Gen. Elzey (in command) said, at the department, that a fight was in progress; and that Brig.-Gen. Custis Lee was directing it in per
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 40 (search)
copies of dispatches from Gen. Vaughn and Col. Lee to Gen. R. E. Lee, who sent them to the President, and the President to n, and says Gen. W. E. Jones, who commanded, was killed. Col. Lee says, We have been pretty badly whipped. Gen. Bragg knows of no reinforcements that can be sent, and says Gen. R. E. Lee has command there as well as here, and was never interfered with. Gen. B. says he had tendered Gen. Lee his services, but they had not been accepted. Small heads of early York ca Gen. Grant was quite drunk yesterday, and said he would try Lee once more, and if he failed to defeat him, the Confederacy med States, and brought from Gordonsville. If Grant crosses, Lee will cross, still holding the inside track. Received a, lary of War intimates that these clerks are kept out by Gen. R. E. Lee. The superintendent of the Central Railroad informave been tearing up the Danville Road. The details, with Gen. Lee's dispatch, will be in the paper to-morrow. It is said w
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XL. July, 1864 (search)
XL. July, 1864 Gen. Lee's dispatch announcing Gen. Hampton's victory. cost of a cup of coffee. from Gens. Johnston and S. D. Lee. Gen. Early in Maryland. rumored capture of Baltimore. letter from Gen. Lee. dispatch from Gen. Hood. status of the local troops. July 1 Clear, hot, and dry; my snap beans, corn, etc. burning up. The papers this morning fail to confirm the capture of as many prisoners, near Petersburg, as were reported yesterday. But the dispatch (subjoined) of Gen. Lee renders it certain that the enemy was routed. There is a suspicion that our exasperated men refused quarter to some hundreds of the raiders, on the plea that they ravish, murder, burn, pillage, etc. It may be so. headquarters army of Northern Virginia, June 29th, 1864--8:30 P. M. Hon. Secretary of War. Sir :--Gen. Hampton reports that he attacked the enemy's cavalry yesterday afternoon, on their return from Staunton River bridge, this side of Sappony Church, and drove them be
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 44 (search)
several thousand dollars will be raised. Gen. R. E. Lee was standing near when he fell. All iss pause should continue a week or two longer, Gen. Lee would be much strengthened. Every day the faflag. If the government had only listened to Gen. Lee's suggestions, we should have had abundance oGeneral. The following was received from Gen. Lee yesterday: headquarters army of Northern Virmmand of the first army corps. G. W. Custis Lee (son of the general) has been made a majorgenerd in the Valley. Pity it had not been done! Gen. Lee replied, expressing confidence in Early; and President (since the disaster!) coincides with Lee. The President administers a sharp rebuke tWhiting, for irregularly corresponding with Generals Lee and Beauregard on the subject of Lieut. Tayall probability, a battle will be fought. Gen. Lee, for several weeks, as if aware of the impendRichmond yesterday. This would indicate that Gen. Lee has men enough here. The President sugges[11 more...]
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 45 (search)
since the 1st of September. November 3 Cold rain; rained all night. Gen. Lee, urging that his regiments from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, etc. etionate prices. Rumors of fighting toward Petersburg-nothing reliable. Gen. Lee writes that he sent in the Tredegar Battalion to the foundry a few days ago (dwhelming numbers; that the President did not favor him with any directions; that Lee retreated before Grant, and everybody praised him for it; that Gen. Hood professer, its fall is inevitable, unless two brigades of veteran troops be sent from Gen. Lee's army. He says the defense of Wilmington is as important as that of Richmond. The President directs the Secretary of War to communicate with Gen. Lee on the subject. We learn that Gen. Grant is on a visit to his family at Burlington, N. s said the President's family keep them there by the most imploring appeals to Gen. Lee, and that the President himself does not feel altogether safe while the Federa
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 46 (search)
erday and day before, officially announced by Gen. Lee-two of the enemy's monitors retired. Gen.ieves, no one being executed for two months. Gen. Lee indorses on the paper: Desertion is increasincare, of which he desires to be relieved. Gen. Lee sent to the Secretary the following dispatch but the enemy landed from barges in the fog. Gen. Lee, some weeks ago, designated such a movement a is no compulsion on him. A dispatch from Gen. Lee last night states that from the great number ity has been received so far as I can learn. Gen. Lee, no doubt, directed Longstreet to make demonsa and Georgia, and all repose implicit trust in Lee. A writer in the Sentinel suggests that if er would be the loss of Richmond and retreat of Lee's army southward. This would probably be folloh Carolina, to ask for special aid in supplying Lee's army with meat — which is deficient here-or eesist the armada launched against that port. Gen. Lee is sending troops via the Danville Road in th[2 more...]
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