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George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), Chapter 20: (search)
riding, after his training for health at the riding-school in Gottingen—which, however, made him a good rider-and his long journeys in Spain. But Mr. Webster is a true sportsman. He was out thirteen hours to-day, without any regular meal, and is now as busy as a locksmith, with his guns. He seems to feel as if it were the one thing needful to kill birds, and neither to tire nor grow hungry while one can be seen. It has already made him look bright and strong again, for he came from Nantucket in but a poor condition. But my note is called for, to be packed with the birds. Good night. We shall come home with the first cool weather. Love to Susan. Yours always, G. T. From his marriage until this time Mr. Ticknor had dwelt in hired houses. Now, however, in 1829, he found what he had so long been waiting to find, a house which he was satisfied to buy, and there he made his home for the remaining forty-one and a half years of his life. The situation, the proportions a
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, I. List of officers from Massachusetts in United States Navy, 1861 to 1865. (search)
orge W.,-Mass.Mass.Jan. 22, 1864.Actg. Asst Paymr.Nantucket.South Atlantic.Aug. 25, 1865.Hon. discharged.Actg.S.,Mass.Mass.Mass.Nov. 14, 1862.Actg. Asst. Paymr.Nantucket.--South Atlantic.Mar. 13, 1866.Discharged.Actg. A.,Me.Mass.Mass.Nov. 26, 1863.Actg. 1st Asst. Engr.Nantucket.South Atlantic.Aug. 26, 1866.Hon. discharged.Actg..Mass.July 30, 1861.Asst. Surgeon.Mortar Flotilla; Nantucket.W. Gulf; South Atlantic.May 11, 1868.Resigned.SurgOct. 18, 1864.Actg. Ensign.Oleander; Sonoma; Flag; Nantucket; Flambeau.South Atlantic.Oct. 20, 1865.Hon. discha1862.Actg. Master. Apr. 6, 1865.Actg. Vol. Lieut.Nantucket; Seneca; Santee.South Atlantic; School Ship. MaitMass.Mass.Nov. 6, 1862.Actp. 3d Asst. Engr.Huron; Nantucket.South Atlantic.Oct. 30, 1865.Hon. discharged.Actg.ancis M.,N. H.Mass.Mass.May 22, 1862.Asst. Surgeon.Nantucket; Wabash.South Atlantic.Dec. 31, 1863.Resigned.AsstJr.,Mass.Mass.Mass.Apr. 6, 1865.Actg. Asst. Paymr.Nantucket.North Atlantic.Sept. 3, 1865.Mustered out.Actg. A
. Awaiting orders, July 13, 1865, to Jan. 15, 1866. Brevet Maj. General, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865. Mustered out of volunteer service, Jan. 15, 1866. Died at Springfield, Mass., Feb. 12, 1869. Barney, Benjamin Griffin. Born at Nantucket, Mass., Aug. 13, 1827. Captain, 9th Penn. Militia, Sept. 6, 1862. Mustered out Sept. 26, 1862. Captain 2d Penn. Heavy Artillery, Nov. 28, 1862. Lieut. Colonel, 2d Penn. Provisional Heavy Artillery, Apr. 20, 1864. Colonel, June 2, 1864. Brevet BColonel, U. S. Army, July 2, 1863. Brevet Colonel and Brig. General, U. S. Army, Mar. 13, 1865. Major, 10th U. S. Cavalry, May 17, 1876. Retired, June 26, 1882. Died, at Middletown, N. Y., Jan. 27, 1887. Macy, George Nelson. Born at Nantucket, Mass., Sept. 24, 1837. First Lieutenant, 20th Mass. Infantry, Aug. 8, 1861; commission dated from July 10, 1861. Captain, Nov. 8, 1861. Major, Dec. 18, 1862. Lieut. Colonel, May 1, 1863. Colonel, July 5, 1863. Took part in all the campaigns of
June 13, 1861. Major, Surgeon, Apr. 23, 1862. Major, Surgeon, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 26, 1863. Brevet Lieut. Colonel, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865. Mustered out, Oct. 7, 1865. Frankle, Jones. See General Officers. Frazar, Douglas. See General Officers. Freeman, Edmund. Born in Massachusetts. Second Lieutenant, 5th U. S. Infantry, June 7, 1855. First Lieutenant, Mar. 27, 1861. Retired, Oct. 26, 1861. Died, Sept. 18, 1865. French, William Harrison. Born at Nantucket, Mass., Aug. 29, 1838. Private Secretary to General Burnside, Nov., 1861. Captain and Commissary of Subsistence, U. S. Volunteers, Feb. 19, 1863. Resigned, Sept. 28, 1864. Brevet Major, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865. Frothingham, John Bradbury. Born in Massachusetts. Major, 6th West Va. Infantry, Nov. 1, 1861. Lieut. Colonel, Additional Aide-de-Camp, U. S. Volunteers, July 16, 1862. Resigned, Mar. 2, 1865. Brevet Colonel, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865. Fry, Thomas William Ga
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, XIV. Massachusetts women in the civil war. (search)
ncsville. Lawrence. Leominster. Lexington. Leyden. Lincoln. Lincoln Centre. Littleton. Lowell. Lunenburg. Lynn. Malden. Manchester. Mansfield. Marblehead. Marion. Marlborough. Marshfield. Marston's Mills. Mattapan. Mattapoisett. Medfield. Mendon. Middleborough. Middlefield. Middlesex Village. Middleton. Milford. Millbury. Mill River Village. Milton. Milton Hill. Montague. Myricks. Nahant. Nantucket. Natick. Needham. Neponset. New Bedford. New Braintree. New Marlborough. New Salem. Newburyport. Newton. Newton Corner. Newton Lower Falls. Newton Upper Falls. Newtonville. North Abington. North Adams. Northampton. North Andover. North Attleborough. North Billerica. Northborough. Northbridge. North Bridgewater. North Brookfield. North Cambridge. North Chelsea. North Easton. North Leominster. North Leverett.
by Gov. John A. Andrew. Boston Evening Journal. Jan. 8, 1864, p. 1, cols. 1-8; p. 2, cols. 1, 2. Massachusetts Coast defences. Boston harbor forts visited by Gen. Wool and Gov. Andrew. Boston Evening Journal, Feb. 26, 1863, p. 4, col. 3; Feb. 27, p. 2, col. 5. —New Bedford, inspected by Gen. Wool. Boston Evening Journal, Feb. 27, 1863, p. 4, col. 5. —Note of inspection by Gen. Delafield; from Salem newspaper. Army and Navy Journal, vol. 2, p. 22. —Rebel man-of-war seen off Nantucket, Westport and Gay Head, July, 1863. Boston Evening Journal, July 10, 1863, p. 2, col. 2; p. 3, col. 6. —Report and recommendations by Gen. Joseph G. Totten. Boston Evening Journal, Jan. 27, 1862, p. 4, col. 2. —Visit of Gen. Dix to Fort Winthrop, etc. Boston Evening Journal, Oct. 23, 1863, p. 4, cols. 2, 3. Massachusetts Coast Guard. Proposed; letter to editor. R. B. Forbes. Boston Evening Journal, April 17, 1861, p. 2, col. 2. —Response from Braintree to letter of R.
Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Unassigned recruits (search)
, N. S. en. Belmont, 24, s; seaman. Nov. 16, 1863. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. Unof. John P. Jones, Bradley, Me. Cr. Holliston, 25. m; mill-man. Dec. 14, 1864. Absent without leave since June 11, 1865. Unof. Cornelius Kiley, Boston, 34, s; mariner. Feb. 27, 1864. Absent without leave since June 19, 1865. No later record. Unof. John Leavitt, Portland, Me. Cr. Sterling, 19, s; printer. July 26, 1864, Absent sick at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. No later record. Unof. Thomas G. Marcy, Nantucket, 21, s; clerk. Sept. 2, 1864. Dishon. Disch. Jan. 17. 1866. Unof. Nicholas Maxwell, en. Yarmouth, 23; laborer. March 11, 1861. Trans, to Navy April 2, 1864, and deserted, April 13, 1864. Daniel McCARTHY, New York, Cr. Dartmouth, 28. s; laborer. Feb. 13, 1864. Disch. disa. June 15, 1864. Unof. Alexander McGREGOR, Lisbon, New York, en Littleton, 42, s; gardener. Nov. 18, 1863. Disch. disa. Jan. 26, 1864. John B. Morris, N. Dighton, Cr. Woburn, 20, s; farmer. Sept. 8,
James Russell Soley, Professor U. S. Navy, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 7.1, The blockade and the cruisers (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Appendix B. (search)
asaw4970Sold, 1874. Kickapoo (Kewaydin)4970Sold, 1874. Milwaukee4970Sunk (torpedo), March 28, 1865. Winnebago (Tornado)4970Sold. Canonicus Class. 9 single turret vessels:21,034 Canonicus21,034 Catawba21,034Sold, 1868. Mahopac21,034 Manayunk21,034 *** Manhattan21,034 Oneota21,034Sold 1868 Saugus21,034 Tinpecanoe (Wyandotte)21,034 Tecumseh21,034Sunk at Mobile. Passaic Class. 10 single-turret vessels:2 to 4844 Camanche844 Catskill844 Lehigh2844 Montank2844 Nahant2844 Nantucket2844 Passaic2844 Patapsco2844Sunk,Jan.l5, 1865. Sangamon (Jason)2844 Weehawken2840Sunk, Dec. 6, 1863. Yazoo Class. 20 single-turret vessels:1 to 2640 Casco (Hero)614 Chimo (Piscataqua)614 Cohoes614Broken up, 1874. Etlah614 Klamath614Sold, 1874. Koka614Broken up, 1874. Modoc614Broken up, 1874. Napa614Broken up, 1874. Naubuc (Minnetonka)614Broken up, 1874. Nausett614Broken up, 1874. Shawnee614 Shiloh (Iris)614Sold, 1874. Squando (Algoma)614Broken up, 1874. Suncook614Broken<
Daniel Ammen, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 7.2, The Atlantic Coast (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Chapter 7: operations against Charleston. (search)
rations. Fort Wagner had been silenced and its garrison driven to shelter, and that could be repeated; the rest could only be accomplished by troops. As a part of the operations against Charleston, the command of General A. H. Terry was sent up the Stono River to make a diversion. The Pawnee, Commander G. B. Balch; the McDonough, Lieutenant-Commanding Bacon; and the Marblehead, Lieutenant-Commanding Scott, were in those waters to co-operate. On the afternoon of July 9th the Pawnee, Nantucket (monitor), the McDonough, and the Williams proceeded up the Stono, anchored above Strom's Landing, and opened fire on James Island. The troops followed in transports, landed, and sent a force out on the island. On the 11th a Confederate battery opened fire on the army transport Hunter, and at once received the fire of the McDonough and the Williams. In the afternoon, at the request of General Terry, the Pawnee anchored off Grimball's, near the locality where the Isaac Smith had been ca
Moultrie.Times hit.Remarks. Shot.Shell. New Ironsides2 150-pdr. rifles11,000 yards.Not stated.Confederates say the New Ironsides was hit 65 times. 14 Xi-inch7 Montauk 1 XV-inch10700 yards.14 1 Xi-inch161 Passaic1 XV-inch9880 yards, or less.35One gun temporarily disabled. 1 Xi-inch22 Weehawken1 XV-inch11Not given.53One gun temporarily disabled. 1 Xi-inch15 Patapsco1 XV-inch5600 yards.47Rifle temporarily disabled. 1 150-pdr. rifle5 Catskill1 XV-inch10600 yards.20 1 Xi-inch12 Nantucket1 XV-inch3750 yards.51One gun temporarily disabled. 1 Xi-inch12 Nahant1 XV inch34500 yards.36Turret disabled for one day; not in good order for one month. 1 Xi-inch44 Keokuk 2 Xi-inch3550 yards.90Totally disabled; sunk next day off Morris Island. Vessels, 9; guns in action, 23; fires, 139; range, from 500 to 2,100 yards: fuses for shells cut for flights of from 8% to 15 seconds; charges: XV-inch, 35 pounds; Xi-inch, 15 to 20 pounds; rifles, 46 pounds. Moultrie received 12 shots, Wag
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