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arshall. Logan Street.--St. Peter's Church, Mrs. A. Turnbull, Thomas Plaue, W. Ogilvie, E. Edwards, W. J. Crafts, Wm. Roach, William Laidler, F. M. Burdell, W. H. Inglesby, Isaac W. Hayne. Short Street.--Mrs. Mary McCall, D. L. McKey, Cowlan Gravely, J. D. Budds, Estate John McKee, William B. Williams, D. Lopez. Savage Street.--Mrs. Enslow, J. C. Nolan, J. W. Carmalt, Mrs. R. Black, G. Gibbon, Mrs. L. A. Horlbeck, L. Lutjen, W. Bird, W. Belford, A. W. Black, Y. G. Yglesias, Mrs. Withers, Mrs. E. Mellichamp, B. Lucas, J. N. Tiedeman, J. W. Motte, D. B. Vincent, Mrs. J. Canter, Mrs. McNeal, F. Lance, estate of Dr. Jacob de la Motte, D. McDougal, H. Ahrens, A. Morrow, Mrs. S. Brown, Wm. S. Elliott, Miss F. Moore, R. S. Fielding. New Street.--J. G. Hanahan, O. H. Midleton, C. Kerrison, G. Gibbon, Misses Muir, Mrs. C. Davidson, Wm. Laidler, C. L. Edwards, Froster, T. C. Harleston, J. M. Wilson, A. S. Willington, Dr. S. Wilson, estate of R. Pennell, G. B. Reid, Dunbar Pau
Startling Embezzlement. --Mr. Harry T. Hunter, the conferential clerk of Messrs. Coleman & Withers, of Carondelet street, who held their power of attorney and had their entire confidence, drew seventeen hundred dollars last Saturday and absconded from the city, going through Texas via the Opelousas railroad. It is supposed he is en route for Mexico. So far it is impossible to tell how much money he has embezzled from his employers, though it is supposed to be about fifty thousand dollars. He left their accounts in such confusion it will take them some time to ascertain how they stand. The affair is the more remarkable, as they would not have exposed or discharged him had he confessed his fault to them and asked forgiveness. He left a young wife here, worse than widowed by this reckless stop.-- N. C. True Delta, 25th.
ef of Ordnance, of Gen. Johnston's staff, after gallant conduct and most efficient service, was also slain. Col. Fisher, 6th North Carolina, like wise fell, after soldierly behavior, at the head of his regiment, with ranks greatly thinned. Withers's 18th regiment of Cocke's brigade had come up in time to follow this charge, and in conjunction with Hampton's Legion, captured several rifle pieces which may have fallen previously in possession of some of our troops; but if so, had been recovch on our left, the woods yet swarmed with them, when our reinforcements opportunely arrived in quick succession, and took position in that portion of the field. Kershaw's 2d and Cash's 8th South Carolina regiments, which had arrived soon after Withers's were led through the oaks just cast of the Sudley-Brentsville road, brushing some of the enemy before them, and taking an advantageous position along, and west of that road, opened with much skill and effect on bodies of the enemy that had bee
t as Early formed his line and Beckham's pieces playing upon the right of the enemy, Elzey's brigade, Gibbon's 10th Virginia, Lieut.-Col. Stuare's 1st Maryland, an Vaughn's 3d Tennessee regiments, and Cash's 8th, and Kershaw's 2d South Carolina, Withers's 18th, and Preston's 25th. Virginia, advanced in an irregular line almost simultaneously, with great spirit, from their several positions upon the front and flanks of the enemy in their quarter of the field. At the same time, too, Early resolkham, had also taken up the pursuit along the road by which the enemy had come upon the field that morning; but, soon cumbered by prisoners who thronged his ways the former was enable to attack the mass of the fast-fleeing, frantic Federalists. Withers's, R. J. Preston's, Cash's, and Kershaw's regiments, Hampton's Legion, and Kemper's battery also perused along the Warrenton road by the Stone Bridge, the enemy having opportunely opened a way for them through the heavy abatis which my troops ha
t, brought out a lot of overcoats, and said, "Here, gentlemen, are overcoats for the whole staff" The General quietly ranked him with, "None of that, sir; remember we do not come here to plunder." It was while under this fire that Captain Brewster expostulated with Gen. Johnston against his personally exposing himself. I was not near enough to hear his reply, but it had no effect, for he smilingly rode to the brow of the hill, where we could distinctly see the enemy retreating. Gen. Withers joined us here, and the enemy's gunboats got such a good range of us that one of their balls fell within ten steps of me. Hearing firing from the upper camp, Gen. Johnston proceeded to the spot, where he remain a time, calmly marshaling his forces and bringing his troops into proper position. It was here I met Capt. Inge, of the Southron. Young Bennet, with face all blackened, stepped up and asked if I knew where his company was, that he had got separated from them. I pointed to w
C Colclough — Wounded: Corp'l R E Cooper, slightly Private J P Craig, taken prisoner. Company F, Captain Lee.--Killed: Privates James Farney and G W Wooky. Wounded: Captain J E Lee, slightly; Lieut J O nattlebaum, severely; Sergeants W L Steedman, J Wathins; Corp Shealy, in thigh; Corp W M Jackson, severely; privates Atkinson, in leg; Allman, severely; Broyden, mortally; D. F Berr, severely; H H Jackson, mortally; J A Miller, in thigh; N B Steedman, slightly. Company G. Capt. J N Withers.--Lieut J W Carroll, Lieut Jas Black, Sergt G H O Farrall, privates J A Adams, D M Allison, D H Carroll, W F Dye, W K Hackot, Robt McCaw, H R Neal, Jas Wood, R R Robinson. O P Barron, W A Fewet, W W East, G T Hall, John Kersey, severely; Sergt J M Adams, Corp G L McElwee, privates J J Coward, D M Hope, F Jeffreys, C C Roberts, W E Rose, T C Williams, J S K Sims, slightly. Missing: H Surratt. Company H, Captain Martin.--Wounded: Lieut J J Brown, slightly; Serg't T C Brown slightly; Co
18. --The Constitutionalist has a special dispatch from Harrodsburg dated the 10th instant, which says: Bragg's first pitched battle look place in the side at Perryville. The enemy had been Bardstown in force, and also threatened Withers's division was sent forward to Kirby Smith, while the divisions of Buckner, and Anderson were countering to give battle to the foe in the race of car The fight opened on our sight with artillery, with A. M. at 3 P. M. the whole line movmore than double ours. Buell had 30,000 men. We fought with only 12,000, and took prisoners from five divisions. Our army is in the highest spirits. At Frankfort the matter was soon sided. The enemy under McCook fled before Kirby Smith. Withers out of his rear, took 700 prisoners and 14 wagons. Bragg's deducts being menaced, he at once withdrew his army to protect them. Immediately a flag of truce from the enemy asked permission to bury their dead. At daylight next morning after
The Daily Dispatch: October 22, 1862., [Electronic resource], The battle of Perryville--General Bragg's official report. (search)
dingly concentrated three divisions of my old command — the army of the Mississippi, now under Major General Polk--Cheatham's, Buckner's, and Anderson's — and directed Gen. Polk to take the command on the 7th, and attack the enemy next morning. Withers's division had gone the day before to support Smith. Hearing, on the night of the 7th, that the force in front of Smith had rapidly retreated, I moved early next morning, to be present at the operations of Polk's forces. The two armies were acknowledged. Ascertaining that the enemy was heavily reinforced during the night I withdrew my force early the next morning to Harrodsburg, and thence to this point. Major General Smith arrived at Harrodsburg with most of his forces and Withers's division the next day, 10th, and yesterday I withdrew the whole to this point — the enemy following slowly, but not pressing us. I am, sir, very respectfully, Your obedient servant, [Signed,] Braxton Bragg, Gen. Com'g. To Adjutant General<
been barricaded and pitfalls made it is almost impossible to get in or out of the city. The next battle is expected to occur on Duck river, near Elk Ridge, about fifty miles south of unless the Confederates should advance on the city. A correspondent of the New York sends that paper a map, showing Morgan to be twenty miles from Nashville Forrest at Lavergne, the same distance Breckinridge at Murfreesboro', twenty miles this side of Forrest, and Anderson's Buckner's, Cheatham's, and Withers's near Elk Ridge. The letter gives the following arrangement of the Yankee forces: Gen Rosecrans's line now extends from Nashville (right wing) to Lebanon, (left wing,) and that it may be represented by the turnpike road, as laid down on the map which I send you accompanying this. This line has been thoroughly reconnoitered by the enemy, and they are as well acquainted with it as our own officers. Forrest and John Morgan have several times paid their respects to it, and one or two
The Grand Royal Arch Chapter. --The yearly convocation of the members of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Virginia, the highest order of Masonry, was held in this city, at the Masonic Hall, Franklin street, on Friday evening last. The following officers were elected at the meeting, which was fully attended by delegates from all sections of the State, viz: M E John W Potts, G H Priest; M E John R Purdy, G K; Wm H Harman, G Scribe; Thos U Dudley G T; John Dove, G S; Edward H Lane, C H; John P Little, P S; Robert E Withers, R A C; Geo W Dame, M, 3d; James A Scott, M, 2d; Wm L Lushbaugh, M, 1st; John C McCabe, C; Richard D Sanxay, Master; Emanuel Semon, Janitor.
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