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n: Company A--Captain Mullins commanding Killed — none. Wounded — Lieut J W Crete and Private P F Frazier. Missing — W Watkins. Company B--Killed — none. Wounded--Privates Thos Bryan and W H Whitenack Missing — Corporal J H Payne, and Privates O Reid and John T. Smith. Company C--Captain Buford commanding. Killed — Privates W E Dooley and W H Vest. Wounded--Capt Buford, and private. Ben D Crouch, Thomas A. Williams John A Vest. Missing--Sergeant Robert Williams and Color corporal Wm S Jones. Company D--Capt. Reweigh commanding Killed--Private Jas Field. Wounded--Sergeant Foster, Corporal Lower, and privates John M Dowdy and Thos Wilson. Company E--Captain Dyerre commanding Killed — none. Wounded — Sergeant J E Evans and Wm McCaulley, and privates J P Eddington, J W Alrheart, D N Wortz, G Shrewsberry, D Shreasbarry, and Wm Taylor Missing — Privates S Reynolds and — Hall. Company F--Capt Wingfield commanding. Killed--Private John J Jenk
Old Hanover in the field. Mrs. V. E. W. Vernon, Manager of the Batter of the Ladies' Defence Association, requests the acknowledgment, through the Dispatch, of the following donations to the gun-boat fund from the ladies of Hanover county, through the hands of M. Peachy Pollard, Esq. It will be seen that they do not forget they inhabit the land of Henry and Clay: Mrs Wm Brockenbrough, $20, Mrs. Henrietta Nelson, 20; Mrs M Peachy Pollard, 20; Mrs Wm. B Newton, 20; Mrs E P Meredith, 20; Mrs. Carter Braxton, 14; Mrs E B Compton, 10; Mrs J P Smith, 10; Mrs P Tinsley, 10; Miss Kate Nelson, 8; Miss L L Nelson, 8; Miss E E Pollard, 8; Mrs Martha Hundley, 8; Mrs T E Meredith, 8; Mrs Susan Hill, 5; Mrs C Winston, 5; Mrs Wm Norment, 5; Mrs Julia Norment, 5; Mrs B L Taliaferro, 4; Mrs Mary Haw, 5; Miss M J Haw, 5; Mrs M E Blake, 5; Miss Mary Clark, 3, Mrs F E Elliott, 3; Miss B L Elliott, 2; Mrs S E Cross, 2. Total, 251.
Colonel Wm. C Scotts. We have read the defence of this gentleman, addressed to a Court of Enquiry, which was summoned with regard to his conduct in the Rich Mountain affair. He appears to us to have acted throughout with the strictest regard to military rule, and in obedience to all orders which it was possible to executes. The censure to which he was subjected in the public mind we believe to have arisen from ignorance of the circumstances, and was highly unjust. Col. Scott sustains all his statements by indisputable evidence. In our judgment his defence is complete.
Arrival from Washington of an escaped prisoner. On Tuesday morning last we published a notice of the escape from the old Capitol building at Washington of Mr. Wm. I. Barain, of Chestertown, Kent county, Md., a gentleman who was detained here for three months on the most frivolous pretext. We are gratified to state that he has arrived safely in Richmond. The particulars of his escape it would be unnecessary to notice, but we may mention one or two incidents which will surely be interesting to the reader. Mrs. Greenhow, and the other ladies there in prison, as has been already noticed, were released on condition of leaving for the South; but for some reason the order of Government has been revoked, and they are still detained. These ladies are still defiant, and by no means show a disposition to conciliate the Lincolnites in order to put an end to their imprisonment. The shooting of a prisoner, by a Yankee sentinel, heretofore alluded to, was, we are assured, quite unprovoked
hn Staples, member of House of Delegates from Patrick, wounded in shoulder. All of dead and badly wounded fell into the hands of the enemy — about 250 in number. List of killed and wounded in the first Virginia Regiment. The following list of the killed and wounded in the First Virginia Regiment, in the engagement near Williamsburg, on Monday, was handed to us by Capt. Tysinger, who received a wound in the hand: Col. Lewis B. Williams, severely wounded is the left breast. Major Wm H Palmer, slightly wounded in right arm. Company B--Carried into Action 24 Men and three Commissioned officers. Corporal C B Beale, killed Private Pleasant Jordan, killed. Private Peter Monrs, killed. Private M P. Buchanan, wounded slightly in chin. Private Adam Smith, wounded slightly in left arm. Private Joseph T Shiffett, severely in the shoulder. Company C--S Commissioned Officers and 15 Men in action. Killed. Private P Keating. Wound
d, three fingers shot off; H. E. Wootten, one finger shot off, Geo. W. Yarborough, leg broken. Company C, Capt H T Ovan — Killed Privates Upson A. Robinson and Wm. O Watson Wounded: Lieut. A A Watkins, thumb shot off; Sergeant Chas. H Wilkinson, in hand; Privates Jno. A. Allen, in leg; Wm. J. Davis, shot through both legs,angerously: R P Mayon slightly.--Missing: Private B J Haney. Company G, Capt. Richard Irby--Wounded: Corporal John H. Gill, slightly in arm, Company H, Capt. Wm. T Johnson — Wounded: Sergeant Jos. O Milton, slightly in head Missing: Private John L L Fore. Company I, Capt. E. D Oliver — Killed: Private Jon. T. Lewiseut. Geo. W Jones, in head; Sergeant Isaac N. Dodson, in knee; Sergeant Wm. T. Hubbard, in head; Sergeant Jas. Jennings, in thighs; Corporal P D Owen, in head; Privates Wm. R Barksdale, in arm; Jackson, Evans, in arm. Missing Privates Miles O Abbott, Enoch R Johnson, E O Wade. Company K, Capt Matthew Lyle--Wounded: Corporal <
An infamous contrivance. --We were shown yesterday a shattered Minnie ball that has-been extracted from the thigh of a brave South Carolina volunteer, Mr. Wm. W. East, from Greensville county, by Dr. J. H. Jones, at the Manchester Hospital. The ball had in it a piece of hardened steel, crooked so as to produce the most irritating wound, and sharpened as if by machinery. One would think the leaden missile deadly enough in itself, without the addition of the above diabolical contrivance. If the Union were not already everlastingly broken, such arguments as the above would go a very little way towards mending it again.
G A Johnson, J C Speer, Geo W Connaly, J T Tomunson, and Larkin Wilder, company G, not serious; Corp'l J F Haynes, seriously, N S Bates and A J Ayers, not seriously, company I; Thos C Cato, Jas Collins, and J D Allman, company E, not seriously; J F Dye, company K, knocked down by explosion of shell, and slightly disabled. Total 25. Missing: Company A, none; company B, privates Hugh Lynch and Patrick Martin; company C, none; company D, none; company E, private Ruffin Harrold; company F, Ord Sergt Wm F Garrison, Privates John R Weir, and Barnabes Thompson; company G, none; company H, none; company I, none; company K, none. Total 6. Jas. P. Perkins, Adj't. Casualties in 38th Virginia. Killed--20; seriously wounded, 80; slightly wounded, 88; missing, 14, of whom 4 are said to have been killed. The regiment deeply regrets the loss of Lts. S. S. Swanson, Wm. Norman, and Charles Scott; and Capts. E. W. Carrington and S. S. Lucke. The loss of Capt Carrington is peculiarly affe
Daniel, Adjt. Casualties in the 8th Virginia regiment. Major James Thrift, mortally wounded, since died. Company A--Wounded: Corporal Thos B James, in the right hand; private J W Elder, finger shot off. Company B--Killed; Brevet 2d Lieut Wm C Carr. Wounded Capt H C Bowie, in the right arm; 2d Lt John T Ashby, in the face and neck; private A F Triplett, flesh wound in left leg private Jos M Newton, flesh wound in right leg. Company C--Killed; Sergeant A Fletcher. Woundeds, A M Hutchinson, John Keough, Sidney Blount, Irvin Johnson, F McClain, Jno T Tyus, Sgt S P Burnett, W H Brett, K Johnson, Jas Rogers, Missing: Sgt W H Stewart, W Martin. Company B, Capt Hannah.--Killed: Sgt A P Stovall, Privates Jas Frezler, Wm T Payne, E Winters, Newton J Young, D L Moore, Wounded: Lieut C Tracy, (C S A,) Corp'l B M Wilkinson, Privates James Bellinger, Jno Brumley, Jno Coody, B G Stewart, L Steele, W M Anderson, C S Bacon, Julius Davis, Ro Gifford, C S Kelley, Wm Eogers,
Kennedy, J A McCanlly, A C Nickolls, J Silk, Jas Harper, M P Stewmank, Jes F Free, H W Story B Y Franklin, J H Wright, W W Allen, J J Wimpush, W R Gwin, H L Britt, J W Streete, E M Thompson, C B Deshear, M McCall, T G Prather. Company C. Sixth North Caroline (Capt ) --Serg't Barringer, Privates A Blackwinder, Wm. . Wounded — William Cauble W Miller,-- Eastleman, W Smith, J A Holt, Wm Carriter, Pink Thomason, G A Starrett. Missing and supposed to be killed — Serg Wm R Owens, Private Wm S Sain. Maryland Estates. This company was attached to Gen. Pettigrew's brigade. The casualties are as follows: Killed — Timothy Mally, Alex Craig. Wounded — Lewis Slanghter, George Goddard, Stephen Halbig, slightly. Wounded at Mr. G. Z. Miles, on Canal Sybert, between First and second streets. J P Adams, Company H, Sixth Georgia regiment. J S Renfrow, Company G, Twelfth Alabama regiment. G D Carter, Company E, Twenty-seventh Georgia regi
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