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1776 AD 226 226 Browse Search
1775 AD 208 208 Browse Search
Canada (Canada) 152 0 Browse Search
England (United Kingdom) 150 0 Browse Search
France (France) 126 0 Browse Search
New England (United States) 122 0 Browse Search
Quebec (Canada) 104 0 Browse Search
Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania, United States) 104 0 Browse Search
Richard Montgomery 100 0 Browse Search
John Adams 100 0 Browse Search
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January 8th (search for this): chapter 16
e of England are presenting addresses against us. A government of our own is our natural right. Ye that love mankind, that dare oppose not only tyranny but the tyrant, stand forth! Every spot of the old world is overrun with oppression; Freedom hath been hunted round the globe; Europe regards her like a stranger; and England hath given her warning to depart:! receive the fugitive, and prepare an asylum for mankind. The publication of Common Sense, which was brought out on the eighth of January, was most op- Chap. LVI.} 1776. Jan. portune; the day before, the general congress had heard of the burning of Norfolk; on the day itself the king's speech at the opening of parliament arrived. The tyrant! said Samuel Adams; his speech breathes the most malevolent spirit; and determines my opinion of its author as a man of a wicked heart. I have heard that he is his own minister; why, then, should we cast the odium of distressing mankind upon his minions? Guilt must lie at his doo
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