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1 جَيِدَ جيد , (Lh, L,) or جَادَ, of the same class as تَعِبَ, aor. يَجَادُ, (Msb,) inf. n. جَيَدٌ, (Lh, S, A, L, Msb, K,) He had a long neck: (A, Msb, K:) or a long and beautiful neck: (S, L:) or a slender and long neck. (L, K.) جِيدٌ جيد , of the measure فِعْلٌ, (Sb, Akh,) or it may be originally of the measure فُعْلٌ, (Sb, TA,) The neck: (S, L, Msb, K:) said by Sh to be used only in praise; and عُنُقٌ, in dispraise; the use of the former in the Kur exi. being ironical; (TA;) but accord. to Esh-Shiháb, the contr. is often the case: (MF:) generally applied to that of a woman: (L:) or the part of the neck upon which the necklace lies: or its fore part: (L, K:) pl. [of pauc.] أَجْيَادٌ (S, L, Msb, K) and [of mult.] جُيُودٌ. (L, K.) لَيِّنَةُ الأَجْيَادِ means A female soft in respect of the neck; as though the term جِيدٌ applied to each distinct part of the neck, and the pl. denoted the whole neck. (L.) جَيْدَانَةٌ جيدانه جيدانة : see أَجْيَدُ. جَيِّدٌ جيد : see art. جود. أَجْيَدُ ذ Having a long neck: (A, Msb, K:) or having a long and beautiful neck: (S, L:) or having a slender and long neck: (L, K:) or it is not applied to a man: (T, TA:) fem. جَيْدَآءُ, (S, L, Msb, K,) with which ↓ جَيْدَانَةٌ is syn.; (K;) or this signifies having a beautiful neck: (L:) pl. جُودٌ [originally جُيْدٌ]. (S, A, K.) And عُنُقٌ أَجْيَدُ A long and beautiful, or slender and long, neck. (L.)

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