61. The tribunes were Titus Quintius Capitolinus, Publius Quintius Cincinnatus, Caius Julius Julus a second time, Aulus Manlius, Lucius Furius Medullinus a second time, and Manius Aemilius Mamercinus. [2] By these Veii was first invested. A little before the commencement of this siege, when a full meeting of the Etrurians was held at the temple of Voltumna, it was not finally determined whether the Veientians were to be supported by the public concurrence of the whole confederacy. [3] The siege was less vigorous in the following year, some of the tribunes and their army being called off to the Volscian war. [4] The military tribunes with consular power in this year were Caius Valerius Potitus a third time, Manius Largius Fidenas, Publius Cornelius Maluginensis, Cneius Cornelius Cossus, Kaeso Fabius Ambustus, Spurius Nautius Rutilus a second time. A pitched battle [p. 321]was fought with the Volscians between Ferentinum and Ecetra; the result of the battle was favourable to the Romans. [5] Artena then, a town of the Volscians, began to be besieged by the tribunes. [6] Thence during an attempt at a sally, the enemy being driven back into the town, an opportunity was afforded to the Romans of forcing in; and every place was taken except the citadel. Into the fortress, well protected by nature, a body of armed men retired. Beneath he fortress many were slain and made prisoners. [7] The citadel was then besieged; nor could it either be taken by storm, because it had a garrison sufficient for the size of the place, nor did it hold out any hope of surrender, all the public corn having been conveyed to the citadel before the city was taken; [8] and they would have retired from it, being wearied out, had not a slave betrayed the fortress to the Romans: the soldiers being admitted by him through a place difficult of access, took it; by whom when the guards were being killed, the rest of the multitude, overpowered with sudden panic, surrendered. [9] After demolishing both the citadel and city of Artena, the legions were led back from the Volscian territory; and the whole Roman power was turned against Veii. [10] To the traitor, besides his freedom, the property of two families was given as a reward. His name was Servius Romanus. There are some who think that Artena belonged to the Veientians, not to the Volscians. [11] What occasions the mistake is that there was a city of the same name between Caere and Veii. But the Roman kings destroyed it; and it belonged to the Caeretians, not to the Veientians. The other of the same name, the demolition of which has been mentioned, was in the Volscian territory.

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