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Questions put foorth by Doctor Faustus vnto his Spirite Mephostophiles. Chap. 10.

DOctor Faustus liuing in all manner of pleasure that his heart could desire, continuing in his amorous drifts, his delicate fare, and costly apparel, called on a time his Mephostophilies to him: which being come, brought with him a booke in his hand of all maner of diuelish and inchanted artes, the which he gaue Faustus, saying: hold my Faustus, worke now thy hearts desire: The copie of this inchanting booke was afterward found by his seruant Christopher Wagner. Wel (quoth Faustus to his spirit) I haue called thee to know what thou canst doe if I haue neede of thy help. Then answered Mephostophiles and said, my Lord Faustus, I am a flying spirit: yea, so swift as thought can think, to do whatsoeuer. Here Faustus said: but how came thy Lord and master Lucifer to haue so great a fal fro heaue': Mephostophiles answered: My Lord Lucifer was a faire Angell, created of God as immortal, and being placed in the Seraphins, which are aboue the Cherubins1, hee would haue presumed vnto the Throne of God, with intent to haue thrust God out of his seate. Vpon this presumption the Lord cast him downe headlong, and where before he was an Angel of light, now dwels hee in darkenes, not able to come neere his first place, without God send for him to appeare before him as Raphael2: but vnto the lower degree of Angells that haue their conuersation with men hee was come, but not vnto the second degree of Heauens that is kept by the Archangells, namely, Michael and Gabriel, for these are called Angels of Gods wonders: yet are these farre inferiour places to that from whence my Lord and Master Lucifer fell. And thus farre Faustus, because thou art one of the beloued children of my Lord Lucifer, following and feeding thy minde in maner as he did his, I haue shortly resolued thy request, and more I will doe for thee at thy pleasure. I thanke thee Mephostophiles (quoth Faustus) come let vs now goe rest, for it is night: vpon this they left their communication.

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