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Homeoptoton of the Latines is called Similiter cadens, and it is a figure which endeth diverse clauses with like cases, but in respect of the English tongue which is not varied by cases, we may call it setting of diverse nownes in one sentence which ende alike with the same letter or same syllable: thus, He came into Cilicia, and then spied out Africa: and after that came with his armie into Sardinia.

Another: In activitie commendable, in a commonwealth profitable, and in warre terrible.

Another: Art thou in povertie? seeke not principality, but rather how to relaeve thy necessitie.

Let God be worshipped the king obeyed, & thy parents honored.

1.A grace to Proverbes.
This figure giveth an excellent grace and facilitie to certaine proverbes and briefe sentences, as to these and such like: Foolish pitie undoeth many a citie, A friend in neede is a friend in deede, In space commeth grace. These & many other of this forme are very ancient, and may be used in grave causes.

The use of this figure.

A pleasant sound to the eare.
The use of this exornation tendeth chiefly to delight the eare by the like fall, and similitude of the sounde, wherein the nature of that sense take singular pleasure.

The caution.

1.After action to be shunned.
In the use of this figure too great affectation of copie must bee shunned, lest it cause excesse which alwaies doth bring with it sacietie and weariness of the hearer as it doth in the daintiest
2.Just number and meeter to bee avoyded.
meates and sweetest musicke, also heed ought to be taken that the memebers be not compounded of just numbers, lest the sentence fall into a rime, or verse in meeter.

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