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BARACSKA (“Iasuiones”) Fejér, Hungary.

A modern village with Roman traces probably belonging to Iasuiones of Pannonia inferior, 25 milia passum from Aquincum and the same distance from Gorsium, the next statio on this section of the road. inscriptions on stones found in the area indicate a small statio established for military reasons. Although it is the most significant Roman site on this stretch, no traces of buildings have been found. Several stone inscriptions from the area are recorded (CIL). One Jupiter altar was erected by Cocceius Senecio, decurio of the Ala I Thracum; another was dedicated to the god by a veteran of Legio ii Adiutrix. One of the two tombstones found on the borders of Baracska was erected in the memory of a member of the Cohors I Alpinorum. A marble Hercules and a relief depicting the Battle of Hercules and the Centaur merit special attention and suggest that a Hercules sanctuary stood here. The earliest finds are of the era of the Marcomannic wars. Most of the tombs and coins are of the 4th c.


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