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LAMOS (Adanda) Turkey.

City in Cilicia Aspera, 14 km SE of Gazipaşa. The site is not proved by inscriptions, but may be regarded as virtually certain. The city is listed by Hierokles and the Notitiae, but other ancient mentions seem rather to refer to a city and river of the same name farther E in Cilicia Pedias. Lamos was the center of the region Lamotis, with a harbor at Charadros.

The ruins are on a high hill above the village, some 600 m above the sea, and on a second summit to the E. The more conspicuous remains are on the W hill; they consist almost entirely of walls, including part of a circuit wall of poor quality masonry and evidently late date. The main gate, however, is standing, and carries a fine lintel block with a dedication to Gallienus and a relief of an ox's head on which an eagle stands. Just inside the gate is a large underground reservoir. On the saddle between the two summits is a large building of uncertain purpose; one wall is standing nearly to a man's height. On the E hill is a small temple of Vespasian and Titus, badly ruined, and higher up numerous built tombs, some originally very handsome. Less than 1 km to the E is a stadium of rather less than full length, with rows of seats on either side and two entrances in its N side.


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