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στέφα^νος , , (στέφω)
A.that which surrounds or encompasses, πάντῃ γάρ σε περὶ ς. πολέμοιο δέδηεν the circling fight, Il. 13.736; of the wall round a town, Pi.O.8.32; “ς. πόλεοςAnacr.72, cf. Orph.A.761,897; cf. “στεφάνη1.2; καλλίπαις ς. circle of fair children, E.HF839.
b. in pl., οἱ ς. the garland-market, Antiph.83.
2. crown of victory at the public games, Pi.O.8.76; τῆς ἐλαίης τὸν διδόμενον ς. Hdt.8.26; “νικᾶν παγκρατίου στέφανονPi.N.5.5, cf. I.1.21; “ς. ἔλαχενId.O.10(11).61; ἐπὶ τοῦ ς., title of an officer who had charge of these matters in Roman times, IGRom.4.1435.15 (Smyrna).
b. honorary wreath or crown, freq. worked in gold, awarded for public services in war or peace, IG12.110.10, 22.212.24, 338.19, al., Pl.Lg.943c, Aeschin. 2.46, OGI49.7 (Egypt, iii B.C.), al., Callix.2: such crowns were freq. dedicated in temples, IG22.1386.33, cf. 11(2).199 B 60, al. (Delos, iii B.C.); περὶ τοῦ ς., title of D.18, cf. Aeschin.3.187, al.: metaph., prize, reward, αὑτῷ μὲν ς. περιθείς, Σαμίοισι δὲ κῦδος Epigr. ap.Hdt.4.88; “τοὺς παῖδας . . δημοσίᾳ πόλις θρέψει, ὠφέλιμον ς . . . τῶν . . ἀγώνων προτιθεῖσαTh.2.46; τοῦδε γὰρ ς. his is the prize (or perh. for (bringing) him the prize is offered), S.Ph.841 (hex.).
c. ς. πυργωτὸς καὶ οὐαλλάριος,= Lat. corona muralis et vallaris, a Roman military decoration, OGI560.10 (Tlos, i A.D.); ς. τειχικός ib.540.19 (Pessinus, i A.D.).
4. crown as a badge of office, D.21.32; “πέπαυνται ἄρχοντες καὶ τοὺς ς. περιῄρηνταιId.26.5; “ βασιλεὺς ὅταν δικάζῃ περιαιρεῖται τὸν ς.Arist.Ath.57.4; ς. οὗτος, of the office of ἀρχιερεὺς Ἀσίας, Philostr.VS 1.21.2, cf. OGI470.21 (Asia Minor), Lib. Or.53.4; ἔχειν τὸν ς. to be in office, SIG1007.22 (Pergam., ii B.C.); ἀπόθεσις τῶν ς. ib.900.16 (Panamara, iv A.D.); “ἀναδήσασθαι τὸν ς. τοῦτονPOxy.1252v.20 (iii A.D.): v. στεφανηφόρος 11, “στεφανόω11.5.
5. in Egypt, money gift to the sovereign, levied by the state, PTeb.746.24 (iii B.C.), PSI4.388.5 (iii B.C.), PCair.Zen.36.27 (iii B.C.), etc.; like wise in Syria, LXX 1 Ma. 10.20; also of similar gifts to a court favourite, PFay.14 (ii B.C.), cf. Ostr.Bodl.i202 (ii B.C.).
6. τὰς εἰς τὸν ς. ἐπαγγελίας οὐκ ἔλαβον,= aurum coronarium non accepi, Mon.Anc.11.22, cf.PFay.20.7 (iii/iv A.D.).
7. donation, euphemism for a bribe, “διεθέντος μου ὑπάρξει σοι εἰς ς. τάλαντα δεκαπέντεPGrenf.1.41.2 (ii B.C.), cf. OGI221.6 (Ilium, iii B.C.), PGoodsp.Cair. 5.5 (ii B.C.); gratuity, bonus, PFlor.74.14 (ii A.D.).
8. the constellation Corona, Epimenid.25, Arist.Mete.362b10, Arat.71, PHib. 1.27.58, 187 (iii B.C.); “ς. τόν τε κλείουσ᾽ ἈριάδνηςA.R.3.1003.
9. name of a πηγή in the Chaldaean system, Dam.Pr.96.
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