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χρῶμα , ατος, τό, (χρώννυμι), esp. of the human body, “κάθαρσις διὰ τοῦ χρώματοςHp.Insomn.89 (sed χρωτός recte cod. θ).
II. colour, esp. of the skin or body, complexion, Hdt.2.32, 3.101, Hp. Aph.4.40, etc.; “χρῶμα ἀλλάξαιE.Ph.1246, cf. Men.Epit.466; “μεθιστάναι τοῦ χρώματοςAr.Eq.399 (lyr.); “τὸ χ. διακεκναις μένοςId.Nu. 120; παντοδαπὰ ἠφίει χρώματα changed colour continually, Pl.Ly. 222b; χ. διαμένον an unchanging colour (of the face), Nicol.Com.1.28; so of animals, x.Cyn.4.7.
III. turmeric, Curcuma longa, used in dyeing, Thphr.Od.31.
IV. complexion, character of style in writing, χρώματα [λέξεως] (of τὸ στριφνόν, τὸ τυκνόν, etc.) D.H.Amm.2.2; “ποιητικῆς χρώματαPhld.Mus.p.84K., cf. Hermog.Id.1.12.
2. metaph. in pl., ornaments, embellishments,ἀλλοτρίοις χ. καὶ κόσμοιςPl.Phdr.239d, cf. Grg.465b; also of style or language, D.H.Comp. 20; of Music, “γυμνωθέντα . . τῶν τῆς μουσικῆς χρωμάτων τὰ τῶν τοιητῶνPl.R.601b.
3. in Music, a modification of the simplest music: “τὰ μέλη μεταβολαῖς καὶ χρώμασιν ὡς εὖ κέκραταιAntiph.209.4; “χρώματα εὔχροα ἐκιθάρισεPhiloch.66:but esp.
b. chromatic scale or music, “οὔτε χρῶμα δειλοὺς οὔτε ἁρμονία ἀνδρείους ποιεῖAnon. in PHib.1.13.22, cf. Cleonid.Harm.3, Bacch.Harm.23, etc.: χ.μαλακόν, ἡμιόλιον, τονιαῖον, Cleonid.Harm.7.
4. Rhet., complexion, colourable pretence, Hermog.Stat.1,3(pl.), Arg.D.19<*>12.
V. of the factions in the Circus at Constantinople, Agath.5.14,21.
VI. Astrol., = χρόα1.3, complexion of heavenly bodies, Phld.D.3.9, Vett. Val.107.26.
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