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HODOPOEI (ὁδοποιοί), public officers at [p. 1.969]Athens, who had to take care of the roads (οἱ ὁδῶν ἐπιμεληταί, Phot. Lex. s. v.) They are alluded to, though not mentioned by name, in the fragment of a comic poet of the time of Pericles, now ascribed to Cratinus (ap. Plut. Praec. Reip. Ger. 100.15, p. 811 F.). Nothing is known about them except that on one occasion, in the time of Aeschines, their duties were discharged by the managers of the Theoric fund (Aeschin. c. Ctes. § 25); this, however, appears to have been a temporary abuse, and afterwards rectified. (Boeckh, P. E. p. 203 = Sthh.3 1.257; Schömann, Antiq. 415 E. T.) W. S.] [W.W]

(Appendix). We now learn that they were five in number, and appointed by lot: they [p. 1.1070]repaired (ἐπισκευάζειν) the roads, having public slaves (δημόσιοι ἐργάται) under them (Ἀθ. πολ. 100.54).

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