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PANDATA´RIA (Πανδαταρία: Vandotena), a [p. 2.539]small island in the Tyrrhenian sea, lying off the Gulf of Gaëta, nearly opposite to the mouth of the Vulturnus. (Plin. Nat. 3.6. s. 12; Strab. ii. p.123; Mela, 2.7.18; Ptol. 3.1.79.) Strabo says it was 250 stadia from the mainland, which is just about the truth (v. p. 233). He calls it a small island, but well peopled. It was not unfrequently made use of, as well as the neighbouring Pontia, as a place of confinement for state prisoners or political exiles. Among these may be mentioned Julia, the daughter of Augustus, Agrippina, the widow of Germanicus, and Octavia, the first wife of Nero, of whom the two last were put to death in the island. (Tac. Ann. 1.53, 14.63; Suet. Tib. 53.) Pandataria is about midway between Pontia (Ponza) and Aenaria (Ischia) ; it is of volcanic origin, like the group of the Ponza Islands, to which it is sometimes considered as belonging ; and does not exceed 3 miles in length. Varro notices it as frequented, like the neighbouring islands of Pontia and Palmaria, by flocks of quails and turtle-doves in their annual migrations. (Varr. R. R. 3.5.7.)


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