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TRI´POLIS (Τρίπολις, Ptol. 5.15.4: Eth. Τριπολίτης: Adj. Tripoliticus, Plin. Nat. 14.7. s. 9), an important maritime town of Phoenicia, situated on the N. side of the promontory of Theuprosopon. (Strab. xvi. p.754.) The site of Tripolis has been already described, and it has been mentioned that it derived its name, which literally signifies the three cities, from its being the metropolis of the three confederate towns, Tyre, Sidon, and Aradus [PHOENICIA, Vol. II. p. 606]. Each of those cities had here its peculiar quarter, separated from the rest by a wall. Tripolis possessed a good harbour, and, like the rest of the Phoenician towns, had a large maritime commerce. (Cf. Joannes Phocas, 100.4; Wesseling, ad Itin. Ant., p. 149.) Respecting the modern Tripoli (Tarablus or Tripoli di Soria); see Pococke, vol. ii. p. 146, seq.; Maundrell, p. 26; Burckhardt, p. 163, seq., &c.; cf. Scylax, p. 42; Mela, 1.12; Plin. Nat. 5.20. s. 17; Diod. 16.41; Steph. B. sub voce Eckhel, vol. iii. p. 372.)



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