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6. A grammarian of Thyatira, who is supposed by Fabricius to have been the same person as Nicander of Colophon, on account of an expression used by Stephanus Byzantinus De Urb. s. v. Θυάτειρα); it is, however, more probable that Stephanus confounded together two different individuals. He wrote a work, Περι τῶν Δημῶν (Harpocrat. Lex. s. v. Θυρψωνιδαι, Τιτακιδαι), and another called by Athenaeus (xv. p. 678), Ἀττικὴ Ὀνόματα, which is probably the same as that quoted by Harpocration, under the title Ἀττιὴ Διάλεκτος (s. v. Μέδιμνος, Βωλεωνες Τριπτῆρα), and which consisted of at least eighteen books. (Harpocr. s. v. ξηραλοιφεῖν.) This is probably the work which is frequently quoted by Athenaeus (iii. pp. 76, 81, 114, &c.).

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