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RIDER (Danilo Gornje by Šibenik) Croatia, Yugoslavia.

On the steep hill of Gradina 360 m N of the present village a strong hillfort of the Delmatian Riditae. The settlement was encircled with strong walls without mortar. The rock-cut foundations of numerous huts and a large quantity of native pottery have been excavated. The hill settlement continued to exist even after the Roman subjugation of the Delmatae by Tiberius la A.D. 9. Down in the large fertile valley a parallel Illyro-Roman settlement developed on the road from Salona to Scardona. It obtained municipal rank under the Flavii as the center of the Riditae. In the administration the members of native aristocracy “principes Riditarum” and “principes Delmatarum” participated as decuriones, as mentioned in inscriptions.

The Roman settlement had several monumental buildings of which a villa urbana has been explored. It had a bath complex which in late antiquity was rebuilt as an Early Christian church. There are several necropoleis on the periphery of the town. The importance of Rider lies in the unusually large number of the tombstones found there. They record the native Delmatian-Illyrian names to which its population steadily clung all through the Roman period.

The archaeological material is preserved in the Town Museum at neighboring Šibenik.


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