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318. Comparison by -ι_ων, -ιστος.—Some adjectives add to the root of the positive the endings -ι_ων for the masculine and feminine, -ι_ον for the neuter to form the comparative, and -ιστος -η -ον to form the superlative. The vowel (or the syllable ρο) standing before ς of the nominative is thus lost.

ἡδ-ύ-ς sweet ( ἡδ-ονή pleasureἡδ-ί_ωνἥδ-ιστος
ταχ-ύ-ς swift (τὸ τάχ-ος swiftnessθά_ττων (112, 125 f)τάχ-ιστος
μέγ-α-ς great (τὸ μέγ-εθος greatnessμείζων (116μέγ-ιστος
ἀλγεινός painful (τὸ ἄλγ-ος painἀλγ-ί_ωνἄλγ-ιστος
αἰσχ-ρό-ς shameful (τὸ αἶσχ-ος shameαἰσχ-ί_ωναἴσχ-ιστος
ἐχθ-ρό-ς hateful, hostile (τὸ ἔχθ-ος hateἐχθ-ί_ωνἔχθ-ιστος

Forms in -ί_ων are declined like βελτί_ων (293), those in -ιστος like ἀγαθός (287).

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