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warehouses, presumably built by Agrippa, in Region VIII (h. Agrippiana: Cur.; CIL vi. 9972, 10026; xiv. 3958 (?) ; h. Germaniciana et Agrippiana: Not.). Two fragments of the Marble Plan (37, 86) represent the three cohortes of these horrea between the clivus Victoriae and the vicus Tuscus, where excavations since 1904 have disclosed the remains of the largest; and the identification is made certain by the discovery of an altar in situ with an inscription recording the erection of the statue of the Genius Horreorum Agrippianorum. The excavated portion consists of a trapezoidal court surrounded with rectangular chambers of opus quadratum (above which are later upper stories of brickwork) decorated with engaged columns of the Corinthian order of Augustan date.1 The back wall on the north-east side, originally of opus quadratum, was reconstructed in brickwork by Domitian when he erected the building known as the templum Divi Augusti; and the triangular space between served to conceal the divergent orientation which he introduced into the latter, the horrea having been constructed on the same orientation as the domus Tiberiana. (HC 192 ; Mitt. 1905, 84; 1925, 213, 214; BC 1911, 58-172; 1914,25-33; YW 1915, 1-2; RE viii. 2461 ; Mon. L. xxvii. 373; DE iii. 986-7; CIL vi. 39417.)

1 Remains of similar chambers (which should not be identified with the porticus Catuli: LR 127; HJ 57, 58) are visible on the south-east side of the clivus Victoriae, higher up on the side of the hill: while at the level of and behind the horrea may be seen scanty traces of a Republican house (traces of wall decoration with stucco and seashells) and a cistern or quarry cut in the rock, with a shaft leading down into it from the level of the clivus Victoriae. The trapezoidal court has at a later date been filled with buildings of various periods. First of all brick pillars were built to support awnings; the chapel containing the statue was erected in the second century A.D.; the rest are still later.

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