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the modern name for the wharf where marble was landed, downstream of the west side of the Aventine (see EMPORIUM). A bull of 926 (Reg. Subl. n. 18, p. 18) mentions an oratorium S. Gimiliani . . . in regione prima ... in ripa Graeca iuxta marmorata supra fluvium Tiberis, which recurs in the twelfth century (ib. n. 183, p. 224), but had already disappeared in the sixteenth. It was probably in the southern part of the regio Marmoratae towards the horrea (HCh 253-254). Until lately numerous blocks of marble were still to be seen there (Jord. i. I. 434; Ann. d. Inst. 1870, 105; LR 527; LF 39, 40; HJ 174); but this regio did not correspond with the locality now called Marmorata, which was included in the mediaeval regio horrea, but lay further upstream under the west angle of the Aventine adjacent to the regio schole Grece (HCh c. n. 2; cf. 174, 198, 402, and v. supra, p. 44).

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