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ἥρως , (also in signf. 111), gen. ἥρωος ἥρως codd. in Od.6.303, fort. leg. ἥρω^ος), IG22.1641.6 (iv B.C.), etc.; also
A.ἥρωD.19.249, IG2.1191 (iii B.C.), Paus.10.4.10: dat. ἥρωϊ, mostly in form “ἥρῳIl.7.453, Od.8.483, Pl.Com.174.18, Orac. ap. D.43.66: acc. “ἥρωαPl.Lg.738d, IG3.810 (“ἥρω^αEpigr.Gr.774 (Priene)); usu. in form “ἥρωIG2.1058.25 (iv B.C.), Pl.R.391d, A.R.2.766, etc., also “ἥρωνHdt.1.167:—Plur., nom. ἥρωες ω^ Pi.P.4.58), rarely contr. ἥρως, as in Ar.Fr.304: dat. “ἥρωσινA.Fr.55, Ar.Av.1485; “ἡρώνεσσιSophr.154: acc. ἥρωας ω^ Pi.P.1.53), rarely ἥρως, as in A.Ag.516, Luc.Dem.Enc.4:—hero, ἥρωες Δαναοί, Ἀχαιοί, Il.2.110,19.34; “στίχας ἀνδρῶν ἡρώωνOd.1.101; ἡρώων ἀγοράς, of the Phaeacians, 7.44; “ἥρῳ Δημοδόκῳ8.483; “οἱ ἡγεμόνες τῶν ἀρχαίων μόνοι ἦσαν ἥρωες, οἱ δὲ λαοὶ ἄνθρωποιArist.Pr. 932b18, but cf. Il. cc.
2. the Fourth Age of men, between δαίμονες and ἄνθρωποι, Hes.Op.172, cf. Pl.Cra.398c.
3. heroes, as objects of worship, “. ἀντίθεοιPi.P.1.53,4.58; . θεός, of Heracles, Id.N.3.22; but [“Ἡρακλέϊ] τῷ μὲν ὡς Ὀλυμπίῳ θύουσι, τῷ δὲ ἑτέρῳ ὡς ἥρωι ἐναγίζουσιHdt.2.44; Σίσυφος . Thgn.711; twice in A., Ag.516, Fr.55; once in E., Fr.446(lyr.); “οὔτε θεοὺς οὔθ᾽ ἥρωας αἰσχυνθεῖσαAntipho 1.27; esp. of local deities, founders of cities, patrons of tribes, etc., Hdt.1.168, Th.4.87, Pl.Lg.l.c., Arist.Pol.1332b18, etc.; at Athens, . ἐπώνυμοι heroes after whom the φυλαί were named, Paus.1.5.1,2, cf. Hdt.5.66; of historical persons to whom divine honours were paid, as Brasidas at Amphipolis, Th.5.11, cf. Hdt.5.114,7.117: hence,= Lat. divus, ἥρωα ἀπεδείξατε [τὸν Αὔγουστον] D.C.56.41; also,= Lares, D.H.4.14; κατ᾽ οἰκίαν .,= Lar familiaris, ib.2.
II. later,= μακαρίτης, deceased, Alciphr.3.37, Hld.7.13: pl., PMag.Par.1.1390: freq. in Inscrr., “ἥρως χρηστέ, χαῖρεIG9(2).806, cf. 14.223, etc.; even of women, ib.9(2).961 (Larissa), al.; θεοῖς ἥρωσι,= Dis Manibus, ib.14.1795 (Rome), etc.; “ὑβρίσαντας τοὺς ἥρωας τῶν τέκνων ἡμῶνSIG1243.23 (Acraeph.).
III. . ποικίλος, = στιγματίας, Hsch., Phot.
IV. βοῦς ., = ἡγεμών, IG22.1126.32.
V. v. Ἥρων.
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