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τοσοῦτος , αύτη, οῦτο (or τοσοῦτον, v. sub fin.); Ep. τοσσοῦτος ; Aeol. τεσσοῦτος (q. v.);
A.= τόσος in all senses, but like τοσόσδε with stronger demonstr. sense: Hom. has both common and Ep. forms, but not so freq. as τόσος or τόσσος, while in Trag. (not in E.) it is common, and in Prose the prevailing form, cf. τοσόσδε:—freq. answered by the Relat. ὅσος, S.Ph.1076, Pl.R.330b, etc.; by ὁπόσος, Id.Smp.214a, etc.; by ὅστις, Hdt.7.49; also by Adv. ὡς, Od.21.402; τ. ἐγένετο ὥστε . . X.Cyn.1.9: freq. also, like τοσόσδε, abs., “ἄφενος τ.Od.14.99; of persons, so large, so tall, etc., “καί σε τ. ἔθηκαIl.9.485; also, so great (in rank, skill, or character), S.Tr.1140, Pl. Smp.177c, etc.; “τ. καὶ τοιοῦτον τὸ θεῖον ὥσθ᾽ ἅμα πάνθ᾽ ὁρᾶνX.Mem. 1.4.18; “τηλικοῦτος καὶ τ.Pl.Smp.177a: pl., so many,τ. ἔτεαIl.2.328; [χρήματα] Od.13.258: with a qualifying word, mostly in acc., μεγάθεα τοσοῦτοι so big, Hdt.7.103; τοσοῦτος τὸ βάθος so deep, X.An.3.5.7; “τοσοῦτοι τὸ πλῆθοςArist.Pol. 1283b12; “τὴν ἡλικίανPlu.Arat.50; also τοσοῦτος ἐν κακίᾳ (v.l. εἰς κακίαν) Luc.Alex.1; “τοσοῦτος ἡλικίαςPlu.Cat.Mi.69 (s. v. l.): with numeral Advbs., δὶς τ., πολλάκις τ., etc., Th.6.37, Pl.R.330b, etc.; also “ἕτερον τοσοῦτοof the same height, Hdt.2.149; ἕτεροι or “ἄλλοι τοσοῦτοιto the same number, And.3.7, X.HG4.1.21: εἰς τοσούτους τεταγμένοι drawn up only so few in file (opp. οὕτω βαθεῖα φάλαγξ), Id.Cyr.6.3.22, cf. Isoc.9.29.
II. neut. as Subst., so much, thus much,τοσσοῦτον ὀνήσιοςOd.21.402, cf. S.OT836, OC790; “τ. οἶδαId.Aj.748, cf. 441, etc.; referring to what precedes, “τοσαῦτα . . εἰρήσθωHdt.3.113; “τοσαῦτ᾽ ἔλεξεA.Pers.372, cf. Pr.621, Ag.680, etc.: freq. with Preps., διὰ τοσούτου at so small a distance, so near at hand, Th.2.29; “ἐς τοσοῦτονso far, Hdt.3.113, 6.134; ἐς τ. ἥκομεν, ὥστε . . Lys.27.10; “ἐς τ. ἐλπίδων βεβώςS.OT771, cf. OC748, Ar.Nu.832, Pl.Ap.25e, etc.; ἐκ τ. from so far, so far off, X.HG4.4.16; ἐν τοσούτῳ in the meantime, Ar.Eq.420, Th.6.64; “ἐπὶ τοσοῦτοso far, Hdt.6.97, Arist.Pol.1300a9; “κατὰ τοσοῦτονso far, Lys.31.8, Pl.Prm.129a, etc.; μέχρι τοσούτου ἕως ἂν . . so far, so long, Th.1.90, cf. X.Cyr.1.4.23; “παρὰ τοσοῦτον ἐλθεῖν κινδύνουTh.3.49, 7.2, cf. 6.37: τοσούτου δέω, v. δέω (B) 1.2.
III. neut. also as Adv., so much, so far, τοσσοῦτον . . ἔτι μᾶσσονOd. 8.203; “τ. ὀδύρομαι21.250; σθένειν τ. ὥστε . . S.Ant.453, etc.; τοσοῦτον, ὅσον . . Th.3.49, cf. 1.11,88, X.An.3.1.45, etc.: pl., “τοσαῦτα μάχεσθαι ὅσα ἀναγκάζονταιTh.7.81, cf. Pl.Alc.1.108a: with Adjs., “τοσοῦτον φιλέλληνSor.Vit.Hippocr.8; “νεώτατος τ.Il.23.476; “τ. εὐτυχέστεροιLys.2.16:—but τοσούτῳ is more freq. with Comparatives, Hdt.7.49, Pl.R.576b, X.HG4.8.4, etc.; or with words implying comparison, τοσούτῳ διέφερεν ὥστε . . ib.3.1.10, cf. An.1.5.9. (The neut. is τοσοῦτον (Ep. also τοσσοῦτον) in Il.23.476, Od.14.99, A.Pr.621, S.OT771, al., and Att. generally (very freq. in Pl., Prt.314b, al., but τοσοῦτο is found in Tht.153a as cited by Tht.): τοσοῦτο is found in Pi.I.2.35 (τοσοῦθ᾽ ὅσον) and in A.Eu.201,427, Ar.Nu.832, where τοσοῦτον (which is v.l. in Ar. l. c.) is metrically possible; also in Hdt. (passim) and as v. l. in cod. B of Th.7.59 and codd. CG of Id.8.76, in all codd. of Lys. 3.34, 6.17 and in the first hand of cod. X in 14.2, also in D.28.12; so later, PCair.Zen.367.38, PMich.Zen.28.17 (both iii B. C.), Phld.Ir. p.47 W.,Rh.1.206S.; “τοσοῦτ᾽ ἐπ᾽ αὐτούςD.S.14.23; “τοσοῦτ᾽ ἀπέχεινAristid. Or.36(48).100.)
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