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ad- didī, ditus, ere

do, to put to, place upon, lay on, join, attach: album in vestimentum, i. e. appear as a candidate, L.: turrim moenibus, O.: me adde fraternis sepulcris, lay me too in my brother's tomb, O.: nomina (alcui), confer, O.: frumentis labor additus, i. e. a blight falls, V.— Hence, fig., to bring to, add to: fletum ingenio muliebri: addere animum (animos), to give courage, embolden: mihi quidem addit animum, T.: animos cum clamore, O.: verba virtutem non addere, impart, bestow, S.: iram, O.: viresque et cornua pauperi, H.: ductoribus honores, V.: spumantia addit Frena feris, puts on, V.: vatibus addere calcar, apply the spur, H.—Esp., to add by way of increase, join, annex: tibi dieculam addo? give a further respite, T.: verbum si addideris, if you say another word, T.: adimunt diviti, addunt pauperi, increase the poor man's little, T.: addam Labienum, will name Lu. too: addita alia insuper ignominia, L.: contumeliam iniuriae, Ph.—Poet.: noctem addens operi, giving also the night to the work, V.: numerum divorum altaribus addit, i. e. adds one to their number, V.: incesto addidit integrum, confounds with, H.: periturae addere Troiae Te, involve you also in, V.: addit opus pigro, gives more work, H.: nugis addere pondus, make much of, H.: laborem ad cottidiana opera, Cs.: ad ter quinos annos unum addiderat, was sixteen years old, O.: multas res novas in edictum, make essential additions to, N.: addunt in spatia, i. e. add course to course, outdo themselves, V.: gradum, L.: addidit, ut, etc. (of an addition to a picture), O.— Introducing a supplementary thought, add to this, consider also, remember too, moreover ...: adde istuc sermones hominum: adde hos praeterea casūs, etc., H.: adde huc quod mercem sine fucis gestat, H. — Poet.: Imperiumque peti totius Achaïdos addit, O.: Addit etiam illud, equites non optimos fuisse: satis naturae (vixi), addo, si placet, gloriae.

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