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POSI´DIUM or POSEI´DIUM (Ποσείδιον). II. in Asia.


The easternmost promontory of the island of Samos. (Strab. xiv. p.637.)


A promontory on the eastern coast of the island of Chios (Strab. xiv. p.644; Ptol. 5.2.30), now called Cape Helene.


A promontory of Bithynia, at the northern extremity of the bay of Cios or Myrleia, forming the termination of Mount Arganthonius, is now called Cape Bozburun, in the Sea of Marmora. (Ptol. 5.1.4; Marcian, p. 70; Scylax, p. 35, where it is called simply ἀκρωτήριον τοῦ Κιανοῦ κόλπου.


A promontory on the coast of Cilicia, 7 stadia to the west of the town of Mandane, is now called C. Kizliman. (Stadiasm. Mar. Magn. § 175.)


A promontory on the south-west coast of Caria, south of Miletus, to the territory of which it belonged. It forms the northern extremity of the Iasian bay, and also contained a small town of the same name. (Plb. 16.1; Strab. xiv. pp. 632, 651, 658; Plin. Nat. 5.31; Pomp. Mela, 1.17; Stadiasm. Mar. Magn. §§ 273,275, 276.) Its modern name is C. Baba or del Arbora. [L.S]


A promontory in Arabia, on the eastern side of the entrance of the gulf of Heroopolis, where was a grove of palm-trees, and, an altar to Poseidon, which was erected by Ariston, whom one of the Ptolemies had sent to explore the Arabian gulf. This promontory is now called Ras Mohammed. (Artemid. up. Strab. xvi. p. 776; Diod. 3.42.) Strabo, or his copyist, erroneously says that it lies within the Aelanitic recess. (See the notes of Groskurd and Kramer.)


A promontory in Arabia, E. of the Straits of the Red Sea (Bab-el-Mandeb, Ptol. 6.7.8), which must not be confounded with No. 6, as some modern writers have done.


A town on the coast of Syria, in the district Cassiotis, lying S. of Mt. Casius. There are still remains of this town at Posseda. (Strab. xvi. pp. 751, 753; Ptol. 5.15.3; Plin. Nat. 5.20. s. 18.)

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