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The opposing armies at the first Bull Run.

[The composition and losses of each army as here stated give the gist of all the data obtainable in the Official Records.

K stands for killed; w for wounded; m for captured or missing; c for captured.-editors.]

Composition and losses of the Union army.

Brig.-Gen. Irvin McDowell.

Staff loss: w, 1. (Capt. O. H. Tillinghast, mortally wounded.)

First division

Brig.-Gen. Daniel Tyler. Staff loss: w, 2.

First Brigade, Col. Erasmus D. Keyes

2d Me., Col. C. D. Jameson

1st Conn., Col. G. S. Burnham

2d Conn., Col. A. H. Terry

3d Conn., Col. John L. Chatfield.

Brigade loss: k, 19; w, 50; m, 154 = 223.

Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Robert C. Schenck

2d N. Y. (militia), Col. G. W. B. Tompkins

1st Ohio, Col. A. McD. McCook

2d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Rodney Mason

E, 2d U. S. Arty., Capt. J. H. Carlisle.

Brigade loss: k, 21; w, 25; m, 52 = 98.

Third Brigade, Col. W. T. Sherman

13th N. Y., Col. I. F. Quinby

69th N. Y., Col. M. Corcoran (w and c), Capt. James Kelly

79th N. Y., Col. James Cameron (k)

2d Wis., Lieut.-Col. H. W. Peck

E, 3d U. S. Arty., Capt. R. B. Ayres.

Brigade loss: k, 107; w, 205; m, 293 = 605.

Fourth Brigade, Col. Israel B. Richardson

1st Mass., Col. Robert Cowdin

12th N. Y., Col. Ezra L. Walrath

2d Mich., Major A. W. Williams

3d Mich., Col. Daniel McConnell

G, 1st U. S. Arty., Lieut. John Edwards

M, 2d U. S. Arty., Capt. Henry J. Hunt.

This brigade was only slightly engaged in front of Blackburn's Ford, with the loss of one officer killed.

Second division

Col. D. Hunter (w)

Col. Andrew Porter. Staff loss: w, 1; m, 1=2.

First Brigade, Col. Andrew Porter

8th N. Y. (militia), Col. Geo. Lyons

14th N. Y. (militia), Col. A. M. Wood (w and c), Lieut.-Col. E. B. Fowler

27th N. Y., Col. H. W. Slocum (w), Major J. J. Bartlett

Battalion U. S. Infantry, Major George Sykes

Battalion U. S. Marines, Major J. G. Reynolds

Battalion U. S. Cavalry, Major I. N. Palmer

D, 5th U. S. Arty., Capt. Charles Griffin

Brigade loss: k, 86; w, 177; m, 201 = 464.

Second Brigade, Col. Ambrose E. Burnside

2d N. H., Col. Gilman Marston (w), Lieut.-Col. F. S. Fiske

1st R. I., Major J. P. Balch

2d R. I. (with battery), Col. John S. Slocum (k), Lieut.-Col. Frank Wheaton

71st N. Y. (with two howitzers), Col. H. P. Martin

Brigade loss: k, 58; w, 171; m, 134 = 363.

Third division

Col. Samuel P. Heintzelman. First Brigade, Col. W. B. Franklin: 5th Mass., Col. S. C. Lawrence; 11th Mass., Col. George Clark, Jr.; 1st Minn., Col. W. A. Gorman; I, 1st U. S. Arty., Capt. J. B. Ricketts (w and c), Lieut. Edmund Kirby. Brigade loss: k, 70; w, 197; m, 92 =359. Second Brigade, Col. Orlando B. Willcox (w and c), Col. J. H. H. Ward: 11th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. N. L. Farnham; 38th N. Y., Col. J. H. H. Ward, Lieut.-Col. A. Farnsworth; 1st Mich., Major A. F. Bidwell; 4th Michigan, Col. D. A. Woodbury; D, 2d U. S. Arty., Capt. Richard Arnold. Brigade loss: k, 65; w, 177; m, 190 =432. Third Brigade, Col. Oliver O. Howard: 3d Me., Major H. G. Staples; 4th Me., Col. H. G. Berry; 5th Me., Col. M. H. Dunnell; 2d Vt., Col. Henry Whiting. Brigade loss: k, 27; w, 100; m, 98 =225.

Fourth (reserve) division. [not on the field of battle.]

Brig.-Gen. Theodore Runyon. Militia: 1st N. J., Col. A. J. Johnson; 2d N. J., Col. H. M. Baker; 3d N. J., Col. Wm. Napton; 4th N. J., Col. Matthew Miller, Jr. Volunteers: 1st N. J., Col. W. R. Montgomery; 2d N. J., Col. Geo. W. McLean; 3d N. J., Col. George W. Taylor; 41st N. Y., Col. Leopold von Gilsa.

Fifth division. [in reserve at Centreville and not engaged in the battle proper. It had some skirmishing during the day and while covering the retreat of the army.]

Col. Dixon S. Miles. First Brigade, Col. Louis Blenker: 8th N. Y. (Vols.) Lieut.-Col. Julius Stahel; 29th N. Y., Col. Adolph von Steinwehr; 39th N. Y. (Garibaldi Guards), Col. F. G. D'Utassy; 27th Penna., Col. Max Einstein; A, 2d U. S. Arty., Capt. John C. Tidball; Bookwood's N. Y. battery, Captain Charles Bookwood. Brigade loss: k, 6; w, 16; m, 96 = 118. Second Brigade, Col. Thomas A. Davies: 16th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Samuel Marsh; 18th N. Y., Col. W. A. Jackson; 31st N. Y., Col. C. E. Pratt; 32d N. Y., Col. R. Matheson; G, 2d U. S. Arty., Lieut. O. D. Greene. Brigade loss: w, 2; m, 1 = 3. Total loss of the Union army: killed, 460; wounded, 1124; captured or missing, 1312,--grand total, 2896.

Strength of the Union army.

General James B. Fry, who was General McDowell's adjutant-general, prepared in October, 1884, a statement of the strength of the army, in brief as follows:
It was not practicable at the time to ascertain the strength of the army with accuracy; and it is impossible now to make a return which can be pronounced absolutely correct.

The abstract which appears on page 309, vol. II., Official Records, is not a return of McDowell's army at the battle of Bull Run, and was not prepared by me, but, as I understand, has been compiled since the war. It purports to give the strength of the “ Department of Northeastern Virginia,” July 16th and 17th, not of McDowell's army, July 21st. It does not show the losses resulting from the discharge of the 4th Pennsylvania Infantry and Varian's New York battery, which marched to the rear on the morning of the 21st, nor the heavy losses incident to the march of the army from the Potomac; it embraces two regiments — the 21st and 25th New York Infantry--which were not with the army in the field; and it contains the strength of Company E, Second United States Cavalry, as a special item, whereas that company is embraced in the strength of the Second (Hunter's) Division, to which it, with the rest of the cavalry, belonged.

In his report of the battle (p. 324, vol. II., Official Records) General McDowell says he crossed Bull Run “with about eighteen thousand men.” I collected information to that effect for him at the time. His statement is substantially correct. The following is an exhibit in detail of the forces actually engaged:

commands.Officers.Enlisted men.
General staff19
First Division, two brigades2845,068
Second Division, two brigades2525,717
Third Division, three brigades3416,891
Total--seven brigades89617,676

Only Keyes's and Sherman's brigades of the four brigades of the First Division crossed Bull Run.

The Fifth Division, with Richardson's brigade of the First Division attached, was in reserve at and in front of Centreville. Some of it was lightly engaged on our side of Bull Run in repelling a feeble advance of the enemy. The Fourth (Reserve) Division was left to guard our communications with the Potomac, its advance being seven miles in rear of Centreville. [195]

That is to say, McDowell crossed Bull Run with 896 officers, 17,676 rank and file, and 24 pieces of artillery.

The artillerymen who crossed Bull Run are embraced in the figures of the foregoing table. The guns were as follows: Ricketts's Battery, 6 10-pounder rifle guns; Griffin's Battery, 4 10-pounder rifle guns, 2 12-pounder howitzers; Arnold's Battery, 2 13-pounder rifle guns, 2 6-pounder smooth-bores; R. I. Battery, 6 13-pounder rifles; 71st N. Y. Reg't's Battery, 2 Dahlgren howitzers.

The artillery, in addition to that which crossed Bull Run, was as follows: Hunt's Battery, 4 12-pounder rifle guns; Carlisle's Battery, 2 13-pounder rifle guns, 2 6-pounder smooth-bore guns; Tidball's Battery, 2 6-pounder smooth-bore guns, 2 12-pounder howitzers; Greene's Battery, 4 10-pounder rifle guns; Ayres's Battery, 2 10-pounder rifle guns, 2 6-pounder smooth-bore guns, 2 12-pounder howitzers; Edwards's Battery, 2 20-pounder rifle guns, 1 30-pounder rifle gun.

Composition and losses of the Confederate army.

General Joseph E. Johnston.

Army of the Potomac, Brig.-Gen. G. T. Beauregard. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. M. L. Bonham: 11th N. C., Col. W. W. Kirkland; 2d S. C., Col. J. B. Kershaw; 3d S. C., Col. J. H. Williams; 7th S. C., Col. Thomas G. Bacon; 8th S. C., Col. E. B. C. Cash. Loss: k, 10; w, 66 =76. Second Brigade [not actively engaged], Brig.-Gen. R. S. Ewell: 5th Ala., Col. R. E. Rodes; 6th Ala., Col. J. J. Seibels; 6th La., Col. J. G. Seymour. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. D. R. Jones: 17th Miss., Col. W. S. Featherston; 18th Miss., Col. E. R. Burt; 5th S. C., Col. M. Jenkins. Loss: k, 13; w, 62 = 75. Fourth Brigade [not actively engaged], Brig.-Gen. James Longstreet: 5th N. C., Lieut.-Col. Jones; 1st Va., Major F. G. Skinner; 11th Va., Col. S. Garland, Jr.; 17th Va., Col. M. D. Corse. Loss: k, 2; w, 12 = 14. Fifth Brigade, Col. P. St. Geo. Cocke: 8th Va., Col. Eppa Hunton; 18th Va., Col. R. E. Withers; 19th Va., Lieut.-Col. J. B. Strange; 28th Va., Col. R. T. Preston; 49th Va. (3 cos.), Col. Wm. Smith. Loss: k, 23; w, 79; mi, 2 =104. Sixth Brigade, Col. Jubal A. Early: 7th La., Col. Harry T. Hays; 13th Miss., Col. Wm. Barksdale; 7th Va., Col. J. L. Kemper; 24th Va., Lieut.-Col. P. Hairston, Jr. Loss: k, 12; w, 67 = 79. Evans's command (temporarily organized), Col. N. G. Evans: 1st La. Battalion, Major C. R. Wheat (w); 4th S. C., Col. J. B. E. Sloan; Cavalry, Capt. W. R. Terry; Artillery, Lieut. G. S. Davidson. Loss: k, 20; w, 118; m, 8 = 146. Reserve Brigade [not actively engaged], Brig.-Gen. T. H. Holmes: 1st Arkansas and 2d Tennessee. Unattached Infantry. 8th La.: Col. H. B. Kelly; Hampton's (S. C.) Legion, Col. Wade Hampton. Loss: k, 19; w, 100; m, 2 = 121. Cavalry: 30th Virginia, Col. R. C. W. Radford; Harrison's Battalion; Ten independent companies. Loss: k, 5; w, 8 = 13. Artillery: Battalion Washington Artillery (La.), Major J. B. Walton; Alexandria (Va.) Battery, Capt. Del Kemper; Latham's (Va.) Battery, Capt. H. G. Latham; Loudoun (Va.) Artillery, Capt. Arthur L. Rogers; Shields's (Va.) Battery, Capt. J. C. Shields. Loss: k, 2; w, 8 =10. Total loss Army of the Potomac: k, 105; w, 519; m, 12 = 636.

Army of the Shenandoah, General Joseph E. Johnston. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. T. J. Jackson: 2d Va., Col. J. W. Allen; 4th Va., Col. J. F. Preston; 5th Va., Col. Kenton Harper; 27th Va., Lieut.-Col. John Echols; 33d Va., Col. A. C. Cummings. Loss: k, 119; w, 442 = 561. Second Brigade, Col. F. S. Bartow (k): 7th Ga., Col. Lucius J. Gartrell; 8th Ga., Lieut.-Col. W. M. Gardner. Loss: k, 60; w, 293 = 353. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. B. E. Bee (k): 4th Ala., Col. Jones (k), Col. S. R. Gist; 2d Miss., Col. W. C. Falkner; 11th Miss. (2 cos.), Lieut.-Col. P. F. Liddell; 6th N. C., Col. C. F. Fisher (k). Loss: k, 95; w, 309; m, 1 = 405. Fourth Brigade, Brig.-Gen. E. K. Smith (w), Col. Arnold Elzey: 1st Md. Battalion, Lieut.-Col. George H. Steuart; 3d Tennessee, Col. John C. Vaughn; 10th Va., Col. S. B. Gibbons; 13th Va., Col. A. P. Hill. Loss: k, 8; w, 19 = 27. Artillery: Imboden's, Stanard's, Pendleton's, Alburtis's, and Beckham's batteries. Cavalry: 1st Va., Col. J. E. B. Stuart. (Loss not specifically reported.) Total loss Army of the Shenandoah: k, 282; w, 1063; m, 1 = 1346.

Total loss of the Confederate Army: killed, 387; wounded, 1582; captured or missing, 13,--grand total, 1982.

Strength of the Confederate army.

In October, 1884, General Thomas Jordan, who was General Beauregard's adjutant-general, prepared a statement of the strength of the Confederate army at Bull Run or Manassas, of which the following is a condensation: <
p>So far as the troops of Beauregard's immediate Army of the Potomac are concerned, this statement is condensed from two that I prepared with the sub-returns of ail the commands before me as the adjutant-general of that army, September 25th, 1861, and I will vouch for its exactness. In respect to the Army of the Shenandoah, I have been obliged to present an estimate of 8340 as the total of the rank and file of Johnston's army, my authority for which is a statement written by me in the official report of the battle, and based, as I distinctly recollect, upon official documents and returns in my hands at the time, of the accuracy of which I was and am satisfied. The totals of General Beauregard's Army of the Potomac are:

Army of the Potomac available on the field.

Generals and Staff37
Infantry, Rank and File19,569
Field Guns27

Army of the Potomac actively engaged.

Generals and Staff10
Infantry, Rank and File8,415
Field Guns17


Army of the Potomac--Rank and File engaged8,415100288109,713
Army of the Shenandoah, Rank and File engaged (estimated)7,68430035068,340
Total Rank and File, both Confederate armies, engaged16,0991,3006381618,053

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